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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

McCully in Suva last night to talk with Kubuabola

The Fiji Sun is reporting that the interim Foreign Affairs Minister Inoke Kubuabola held a one-on-one meeting with his New Zealand counterpart Murray McCully in Suva last night.

The paper says Mr McCully is attending a Pacific Forum Line Meeting in Nadi and that he  flew to Suva yesterday afternoon to hold talks with Kubuabola as part of New Zealand’s efforts to re-engage with Fiji.

It quotes Kubuabola as saying: “This was the first ministerial meeting to be held between Fiji and any of the Pacific Island Forum Foreign Ministers since the Pacific Island Forum Leaders Summit in Port Vila early this month.

The Sun says Kubuabola revealed he re-visited some of the matters earlier discussed with McCully including the easing of travel sanctions and re-engagement with Fiji.

He also reiterated to McCully that Fiji is determined to carry out its reforms agenda under the Roadmap and holds true to its commitment for the 2014 Elections.

McCully was heading back to Wellington this morning.

Voreqe Bainimarama is quoted as saying he knew McCully was in the country but would not be meeting with him.


Anonymous said...

why Nz, Australia and the USA, UK are being so weak with their stance against Fiji , i will never understand..why are they allowing dialogue with these macawa, illegal ministers...place bloody serious travel bans on the whole bloody lot of them, so they cannot leave Fiji and enter these countries..tighten immigration laws, let fiji connect with China and India as their leaders are paving the way!! people will suffer, but it has to be done..INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY needs to make Fiji and the illegal govt SUFFER, they certainly are playing arrogance, seems like they do without these countries and make friends with ASia and India..i say let them do it!

Anonymous said...

Called The Rotumah Big Boat & Roap
Theory. Viti's not moving anywhere until both above criteria are met.