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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sayed Khaiyum's Final Solution thesis: read it for yourself

Bainimarama’s anti-Fijian policies driven by Khaiyum’s genocidal 'sunset clause' thesis on how to destroy Fijian cultural autonomy.

Many proud and self-respecting i-taukei Fijians have been asking Coupfourpointfive whether we have the interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum’s thesis, where he advocates the destruction of the very fabric of Fijian institutions, now being implemented by dictator Frank Bainimarama and his predominantly i-taukei Fijian members of the Military Council.
Yes, we do, and here we publish a few excerpts. In his conclusion, Khaiyum writes as follows: 

“As seen from the Fijian experience, cultural autonomy has a place within a nation-state to provide protection to a group at a particular point in time or for a period of time….To maintain one’s self-worth culture needs to be dynamic and vibrant. Capturing it in institutions makes culture parochial, irrelevant, prone to manipulation and servesonly the interest of a few….As seen from the Fijian experience the continuation of separate indigenous Fijian administration has restricted the growth of a coherent national narrative, in politics, myth or ritual...”
In his conclusion, Aiyaz proposed the following, akin to Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution: “Therefore cultural autonomy must have a sunset clause. Its prolonged continuation will place a stranglehold on the very members it seeks to protect and it will concomitantly disallow the critical cultural space in which a just, vibrant and coherent nation-state can flourish while embracing diversity.”
According to highly reliable military sources shortly before the coup, Khaiyum went up to Berkley Crescent with his own version of Mein Kampf. 

The dictator, hungry for power, and inebriated from free alcohol from the Officers Mess, thought it a great idea, and appointed Aiyaz as his new A-G to implement his anti-Fijian laws. He was to be assisted by a Kiwi, Christopher Pryde, the new illegal Solicitor-General in the genocidal crime against the i-taukei, and more specifically, against the Great Council of Chiefs which had stood in Frank's way after the 2006 coup.Click to read Sayed-Khaiyum's full thesis


  1. Thanks for continuing the good fight coup 4.5 site owner and bloggers!

    Just a note to thank you for your great work in keeping this blog alive to voice our opinions.

    Also, your link to the thesis does not work. Could you possibly correct the link so we can all have a look at that piece of toilet paper thesis? Did he even graduate from Hong Kong university? Now being a terrorist for the CCF who recommended him for that scholarship from HKU.

  2. In his preface to the thesis, Aiyaz states that Fijian/s is used for all the citizens of Fiji, and IT SHOULD BE. Now, editor, we see where that source has also come from / from The Final Solution. Thanks for allowing the common i/taukei solider from reading it and seeing for ourselves where all these anti/tauki laws are emanating from - great work!

  3. If Sayed's views are so well known, why are Fijians continuing to tolerate him and entertain his Evil destruction of a once proud race and its Culture ?

  4. What exactly is wrong with Mr Khaiyum's thesis? Pick and choosing parts of his thesis to paint him as some kind of Hitler goes to show that the real motive of this blog is to tarnish and demonised Mr Khaiyum.

    As an indigenous Fijian myself, I find Mr Khaiyum's thesis absolutely correct on almost all points.

    It is easy to see the strategy used by this blog, demonise Mr Khaiyum's character in order to sow distrust against him. This hit on Mr Khaiyum will not work. It worked against Mr Chaudary but won't work with this one.

    The military council is on top of your strategy coupforupointfive.

  5. Thank you C4.5. All those who may have believed that this man is just an incompetent baby lawyer can now read black on white what this man's vision for Fiji is: The sun setting over completely destroyed indigenous culture and tradition. It is actually quite incredible that he his still around. Assuming that at least a few RFMF officers are smart enough to see what he is about to do, his use by date may finally have arrived.

  6. Frank is pro-Fiji, not anti-fijian.

    Anti-Fijians are those racists whose actions have brought fiji to her knees.

  7. Anon @ 2:12 pm. Voreky is pro-lavo,& pro-saving-his-own-skin. End of story.

    Everything else is a lie.

  8. The Max should go and kiss Aiyum,s ass. The thesis is merely writing up on nothin to get a pass. But convincing enough for fools like you and Vore.

  9. Thank you for persevering with the good fight Coup 4.5 bloggers, you do a great service for Fiji.

    Can you please repost the 80+ page thesis in its entirety please since the mediafire link above does not work?

    Vinaka vakalevu and blessings to you and your families.

  10. Anon@8.45am We'll check that link out. Vinaka for your note. C4.5

  11. These people are hating Khaiyum because he is doing a great job which none of them can achieve.. levu ga ni yalo ca kei na loma qa....

  12. These people are hating Khaiyum because he is doing a great job which none of them can achieve.. levu ga ni yalo ca kei na loma qa....

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