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Monday, September 6, 2010

$1million destined for Fiji Bank stolen from Kings wharf

The Fiji Times is reporting that the police have launched a massive hunt for the robbers who stole $1 million from the Kings wharf on Saturday night.

The paper says the money, all fresh notes, was destined for the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

It says police spokesman, Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri, confirmed the robbery and said a special task force had been put together to ind the missing cash.

The money was in a container which arrived from the United Kingdom late on Friday. It is understood a special vault was in the container.

A missing carton contained $20 bills and was due to be cleared by Reserve Bank officials.


Anonymous said...

I am sure it must have been stolen on behalf of Frank and Aiyaz - why more in numbers were not deployed to guard that type of money - they could have been brought back from Lovoni Rd, where they are guaridng the house of a criminal and fraudster who has been making money through his Latifa Investments, even if the thieves are caught, I am sure the money will not be recovered. It is also possible more has been stolen but they have only put a figure of a million to reutrn some to the Reserve Bank..If it is the thieves, good luck to them.atleast it has gone to the people instead of a Government run by a bunch of thieves themselves

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.
Dr Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni legally elected SDL Member for Lami Open Constituency (deposed 2006).

TheMax said...

Sa dua la na madrai sakivaki e kau wavoki tiko qo. How about this "Those who live by the bread shall die by the bread". Isn't this bible verse used out of context here? The SDL party started off by abusing $8 million off government funds thru the Agricultural Scheme deceptively designed to buy votes as the political party's formation got set up under the raider.

Anonymous said...

Money is at Military Barracks as Military formed security company is providing security at ports.

Only military personnel could have walked in and out unchallenged.

Remember RBF has been bringing money into the country since 1970 and there has been no problems with private companies or ports own security staff.

Must be getting desparate if the Military has to rob the Reserve Bank.

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

Maxi, the Military Ghost writer,
For your info the quote is from the Bible Mathew 26:52.
And Jesus said ...
The meaning, as applied to this case is, if you embrace life stealing you will die a life from stealing.
Yes, I live by the Bread and will die from the Bread. But, in contrast to your interpretation, I am proud to say the money belongs to me and my children and their children, earned honestly NOT stolen.
Show your face so I know who I am debating. What are you hiding??
The evidence on the Agricultural Scam has put the guilty in jail.
In a free and democratic world, people are innocent until proven guilty, case by case.
Stop generalizing and adding to the problem.
Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni legally elected SDL member for Lami Open Constituency (deposed 2006).