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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ana Rokomokoti sacked as Chief Registrar for wanting to be Chief Magistrate

Illegal Chief Justice Gates chose his own Sri Lankan poodle for the job

Reliable sources have told Coupfourpointfive Ana Rokomokoti (pictured) has been sacked as Chief Registrar. 

Rokomokoti was once the darling of the dictator, running around in a mini skirt, raiding the offices of the Fiji Law Society, shredding key court documents in the Qarase v Bainimarama case,not to mention defending the regime's legal decrees.

We've now been told Rokomokoti tried to claim the job of Chief Magistrate by telling the illegal Chief Justice, Anthony Gates (the very tourist who is now in charge of the country) that an “indigenous person” must be Chief Magistrate.

What she meant by “indigenous” was probably not i-taukei, because she would not have qualified, thanks to her mixed heritage. But she was angling for a "local", meaning herself, to head the Magistrates Court.

But on hearing the word “indigenous”, Dictator Bainimarama flew into a rage. From Dubai, he told Brigadier Aziz Mohammed to remove Rokomiti at once as the Chief Registrar, a role which had allowed her to hold court over local lawyers, either parleying or persecuting them, depending on their personal views of Bainimarama and the illegal regime.

On hearing of the dictator’s Talibanistic fatwa from Dubai, we're told Rokomokoti began sobbing uncontrollably on the shoulders of Aziz, her chump from their days in the military’s Legal Department. Aziz called the dictator back but he was deaf to his pleas, saying it would be up to master henchman and illegal Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum to make the call. The general consensus was that if they wanted to retain Gates as the illegal CJ, then Sayed Khaiyum must have the final say in the selection process.

So it fell on Aziz to march his legal partner in coup crime from the Chief Registrar’s Office to the military barracks, where she is sulking and suffering – along with other abandoned supporters the dictator no longer needs to do his dirty work.

The very illegal President who had illegally appointed Rokomokoti as Chief Registrar, performed the act again in July of this year, appointing resident magistrate, the Sri lankan, Ganga Wakishta Arachchi, as acting chief registrar of the High Court. It was he who replaced Rokomokoti.

The appointment was made under the Administration of Justice Decree, in which Rokomokoti had helped draft. Epeli Nailatikau also appointed another of Gates’ Sri Lankan resident magistrate, Pamila Ratnayake, as acting chief magistrate. Both the appointments became effective from Monday, June 28, 2010.

Meanwhile, the illegal DPP, Aca Rawaya, wants Khaiyum’s A-G Job. The former traffic policeman turned illegal Director of Public Prosecutions has told colleagues and supporters that he wants Khaiyum’s job as Attorney-General.

Coupfourpointfive has been told there are a lot of backstabbings and Liu Muris going on with the coupists. It will be interesting to see if Rawaya gets his marching orders.


mark manning said...

Suck eggs Ana, you were warned and now you too are headed for jail.
Someone in Fiji please make sure these people are arrested before they board a plane or boat and if they manage to anyway, please make sure that they are arrested at the other end !

Hector F. Zinck said...

What goes around comes around and now its your turn.
The reality of a government that is lead by a dictator demonstrates the type of outcomes that is happening in the civil service.
The people of Fiji by now have seen the true adentity of government using a model of a communist regime and everbody will suffer under this leadership.
So wake up Fiji and do something about it or just sit back and suffer the consequences for the rest of your life.

Anonymous said...

Called the khaki ceiling...

Anonymous said...

I absolutely doubt that junta lawyer Ana Rokomokoti used the word 'indigenous' to mean 'local', when wrangling for the post of chief magistrate.

I've held this view from the start that when push comes to shove, u'll find the pretenders in Fiji's infamous military corp as no different from the extremist i-taukei of 1987 and 2000 coups.

Here we have a key player clutching away at loose straws. No one as any sympathy for them any more, their downfall is inevitable as day and night. Tik tok tik tok tik tok ...

I also doubt if CJ Gates reacted to the excuse of 'indigenous' as much as the glaring fact that Ana Rokomokoti is a military officer, she doesn't fit in on the bench.

As for Aca vs Aiyaz, I'm looking forward to the inevitable showdown. Is it better the 'A' we know than the one we don't? Go bubba! ROFL!

TheMax said...

Its the proverbial falling away of thieves

Anonymous said...

It's a case of "thanks for doing my dirty work, now get out I don't need you anymore" scenario. I wonder who's next on the firing line. The comedy in Fiji is getting rather interesting by the day.

Anonymous said...

Might not be sharpest knife in the drawer - but gotta admit her photo is a pleasent change from the rest of the motley & hidiously ugly crew?

Anonymous said...

Another nitwit desperately hanging on to the hypocritical tiger's behind for some semblance of relevance?

Yup, they've got her screwed and exactly where they want her to be. Haha.