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Friday, September 10, 2010

Smith-Johns fudges answers to decision to censor FLP

The junta's information mouthpiece has tried to defend her decision to control what the Fiji Labour Party prints on its website, following a letter to the party president.

Sharon Smith-Johns says some media outlets had questioned whether the FLP's website, which has been issuing daily press releases, is subject to censorship.

She reckons as long as the FLP website falls under the definition of “media” as specified under the Media Decree, and provided the organization has not been given an exemption, it must comply with the rules.

The FLP says it is seeking legal advice about the warning.


Anonymous said...

Be interesting too see what the newly elected Australian labour goverment makes of this - her?

mark manning said...

Sharon will probably be given a post in the Gillard Government.
A prerequisite it seems is you have to be a back stabber.
Poor Julius Caesar.

Joe said...

Isn't it interesting. A Palagi is effectively dictating to the Indos and the Taliban Aiarse is destroying the ethnics, and the mighty military, if I can call them that, is just dilly dallying in between.

Having said that, I think our neighbours should give Frank more breathing space by relaxing their foreign policies a bit so he can recruit credible administrators in his govt. to move Fiji forward.

Dimwit sharon said...

This idiot is totally out of her depth. At least in prison she will be doing something uselful....like cleaning toilets.