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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brigadier Aziz Moahmmed accused of securing tax discounts from FIRCA on behalf of businessmen

Reliably placed sources inside FIRCA, the Fiji Inland and Revenue Collections Department, are claiming to Coupfourpointfive that Brigadier Aziz Mohammed, the legal brain behind the 2006 coup with Aiyaz Khaiyum and Shaista Shameem and a few other Muslim laywers, has been using his contacts inside FIRCA for secret information on businessmen facing huge tax assessments to further his business and financial chest.

According to FIRCA sources Aziz (pictured right), the illegal chairman of Merchant Finance and deputy chairman of Fijian Holdings Limited, who has also acted as acting Commodore for the globe-trotting dictator, has been running a tax consultancy firm with a diagraced former travel agent, who acts as a stalking horse for the Brigadier, approaching these businessmen under the pretext that he can arrange a massive discount for a fee of approximately $30,000. The information of the  businessmen is obtained through their moles inside FIRCA.
Once information has been gathered, Aziz's business partner tax agent then arranges the so-called discount with FIRCA and collects the payment. The same agent has also acquired over 20 rental car permits through Aziz and the kick-backs are taken by the dictator's Brigadier, who also sits on the Military Council.

The Brigadier has also helped those facing possession of their homes by the banks and other defaulter's for hefty fees. FIRCA sources claim that the Brigadier's wife is also building a private hospital and the question that needs to be investigated is where has the finance come from for the health project.

FIRCA sources claim the frequency of calls and e-mails between Aziz and FIRCA could provide enough evidence for FICAC, the corrpution unit, to take Brigadier and the disgraced travel agent, in for questioning.


Tiger Balm said...

Hah! No surprise here, glad he is finally being exposed. This is one cunning ambitious Muslim - watch your back Frank!

Night Rider said...

Guess who is building his wifes clicnic.
Sanjay Kaba who is involved in Natadola / TappooCity and evrywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Can coupfourpointfive please confirm if a leading businessman who's defacto partner brother is manager legal in FIRCA was also assisted to reduce tax liability in millions? the bankrupt travel agent and conman Aziz was involved in this racket.

Anonymous said...

The tax consultancy firm is his and Kaiyum's lawyer Neil Shivam! Its sad to see that the writer delibrately uses the word 'MUSLIMS' - they are all not corrupt. These are opportunists that are getting old and were not getting any richer so are living in corruption. Let's all pray and hope that the hospital will never be built under these circumstances!

Lord Doppy said...

Yeah the military leads by example. While the sugar industry is collapsing around their years, they press on regardless. They make sure they have their own schemes going filling their pockets as fast as they could. The said part is the people will lose their FNPF contribution in this fiasco. I think when that happens, guns or no guns these blokes better run for their lives.

mark manning said...

@ Lord Doppy
Fijians generally, are either too frightened, don't care either way are just too dopey to bother to overthrow the Dictator.
It's easier to turn a blind eye, live in ignorance and just keep partying and eating, drinking and sleeping.

Anonymous said...

Fijians do care but don't care because its like chasing the wind. So lets eat drink and make merry for tomorrow we die.

Anonymous said...


Can only assume your mixing in the wrong company?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha- While Aziz, Khaiyum , Voreqe and other crooks fill their pockets the dumb fijian soliders are happy with their increase in ration allowances and field allowances.

Khaiyum and Aziz are very clever as they have Voreqe involved in their numerous schemes and the Military Council and dumb fijian soliders are shit scared of them.

Who would have thought that after the first Military Coup 23 years ago that a Indian is giving orders to the Military Council and dumb fijian soliders who shit in their trousers when they see Khaiyum barking out orders to them.

God bless Khaiyum and Aziz as you are the real Bati not like the boci and kaise bokola Fijian Military.

Anonymous said...

can coup four and half expose those emails as mentioned in this blog.