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Monday, September 20, 2010

Detention centre death sparks message to Frank

This was sent to Coupfourpointifve this afternoon, with the contributor asking us not to name her.

Josefa Rauluni committed suicide today at a detention centre in Sydney because he didn't want to be sent back to Fiji. The thirty-six year old leapt to his death from a roof just hours before he was due to be put on a plane and deported.

Rauluni had pleaded with the Australian authorities to let him stay, even as a detainee, saying he would be persecuted if he was sent back home. He even wrote a letter to the New South Wales Ministerial Intervention Unit warning authorities that if he was deported, it would be a case of  "send my dead body".
In his letter, which was obtained by The Australia, he said: “I cannot describe my utter disappointment with your decision."

Rauluni reached out to the President of the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement, Usaia Peter Waqatairewa, beseeching him to help stall his deportation. Waqaitairewa says Rauluni wanted him to tell the Australian authorities he'd rather die than go back.

He'd even told Waqaitairewa he was prepared to stay in Australia, even if it was in jail, until democracy was restored and there was a change of government in Fiji.

Rauluni had a nephew with him in the Villawood detention centre in Fiji, who was also supposed to be deported. Now that he's gone, it's feared his nephew could bear the wrath of the military regime. It's not likely the regime will welcome anyone who've sought refugee status in Australia.

But how many more Josefa Rauluni's will there be?
How many more lives will Frank Bainimarama and his regime take, directly and indirectly?

A few months ago, a report from the New Zealand Refugee Status Appeals Authority revealed that the number of people from Fiji seeking refugee status had jumped dramatically. The Authority said the number of people appealing against a decision to dismiss their application, had also increased.

It said Fiji nationals generated the highest percentage of appeals with 12.9 percent, compared to India and Iran with 11.8 percent, Sri Lanka 7 percent and Pakistan 5.4 percent.

Asylum seekers and those seeking refugee status in Australia was a contentious issue during the recent general elections.
Every year, boat loads of people try to get to Australia illegally, forcing authorities to establish a special detention centre on Christmas island.

Josefa Rauluni is just one of many Fijian refugees fleeing Fiji.
And as we can see, people are so desperate, they'd rather be dead than return to the rule of the dictator and his toy soldiers.

The regime has blood on its hands going back four years, and still they remain immune to the law and to the pain of Fiji, especially the little people trying to eke out a better life for themselves and their families.

Frank, if you were doing such a good job with Fiji, then why are Fijians, or i-taukei, as you like to call them, would rather kill themselves than come under your thumb?

This roadmap plan of your's is not working and you know it.


Anonymous said...

Condolences to the Railuni family and a shame to the Australian government for not fully understanding the seriousness by which people do not want to live under a military dictatorship.

A review of the refugee process ought to be undertaken to prevent such instances occurring in the future.If people would rather die than live in a misguided Bananarama republic then the immigration department should take that seriously.

mark manning said...

How does one convince Australian Immigration Officials, who, after-all, are simply Document processors, nothing more, that a persons life may be in danger if they are returned to their Country of origin.
Sadly, since John Howard's successful manipulation of the " Children overboard " debacle and his re-election as a result of that successful though dishonest and untruthful report and campaign, Refugees continue to be used by all the Political Parties, as Political footballs.
Kick it to me, seems an apt expression indeed.
And unfortunately, the Civil Servants of each new Government, become the front line in processing a potential refugee's application.
There has to be some of the burden placed on people from those affected Countries in ensuring that Australian Authorities are informed of the realities on the ground.
With Tourists going to Fiji in increasing numbers, it's difficult for these empty headed small minded and closed minded Civil Servants to fathom the dangers to the locals, so how can you expect them to understand the facts, especially when Refugees have been Politicised to the advantage of the Government of the day ?
Fijians really need themselves, to lobby T.V. Stations and current Affairs Programs, Newsrooms, Radio Stations, Newspaper Network, Governments, organisations, Unions, the International Criminal Court, the United Nations, the European Union and even Magazines where they feel inclined.

Anonymous said...

Aussie policy is only for self interest. They tend to preach to the world that Fiji is not safe under the military.

Yet they tend to lock up people to send back to Fiji sighting Fiji is safe for people to go back when it comes to their UN obligations.

Therefore Australia keeps talking false about Fiji as their action for refugee status is not reflecting those facts.

Maybe Frank will depart the PM's chair very soon with Aiaz and his cabinet, but Josefa Rauluni will not be there to see that it is all alright now.

However Fijian's cannot lobby against the RFMF as most are too closely related and are seen by different sides to be corrupt

Tiger Balm said...

Condolences to the Rauluni family, this is so sad.

Anonymous said...

When you go to another country, do the right thing. Respect the law of the land. When your visa is up, return to your homeland. After all you came to visit and a requirement is that you will honour the privillige given you. There is consequences if this privillige is abused. Don't join in with any group that advocates rebelliousness. Do so at your own risk.

mark manning said...

I;m getting Josefa was misled in regards to an application for refugee status and was unaware of the perpetrators fraud.
Either that or he hadn't applied for the correct visa once his initial visa was expired.
But either way, i don't understand why he wasn't able to get help once in Detention, does this reflect on Fijians in the Society in Australia who might otherwise have been able to help ?
Why wasn't josefa able to get immediate help through a group dedicated to helping Fijians in detention and will fijians living safely in Sydney, now put their differences behind them and start to take care of their own /
Remember, God is watching us, from a distance !
God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10.43pm is another callous idiot making another callous insensitive comment.

Having a visa or not does not change the conviction of a person seeking a better life in another country like Australia.

Take a look at the thousands of refugees who over the years have risked life and limb to get to Australia without visas and by boat.This is nothing new and has been occurring since the end of the Vietnam war.

Their courage and "rebellioness" are never forgotten by their appreciative families who were raised in Australia since, many of whom have led successful lives.

How do you know the pressures and personal dilemmas that Rauluni had endured? Have you believed in a personal value that was worth dying for?

Be careful when you sit in your high tower of misguided judgment because the fall always follows pride.

I think you owe an apology to this deceased man and his sad family.