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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Email alleges new police chief the real culprit behind FPF messes

WARM WELCOME? Email suggests otherwise

Two weeks into the job and the shiny badge of Fiji's new police commissioner, Joeli Baleilevuka, is already looking tarnished.

Coupfourpointfive, and presumably other blogs, was sent over the weekend a detailed email about the 'real' Baleilevuka, titled, "Is He Really who he claims to be or a Devil in disguise?"

The unsigned email from someone who obviously knows the ins and outs of the Fiji police force, alleges Baleilevuka is yet another in this military regime who has used his position to line his pockets.

The writer (or writers) says Baleilevuka was a lowly officer but rose in the ranks thanks to cunningly gaining the confidence of former police commander, Esala Teleni.

But he or she says Baleilevuka stabbed Teleni in the back and used his position as Chief Admin Officer to:

1) Get Teleni to sign off open cheques that he and another personnel officer used to purchase trivial and wasteful items that ate up the police budget
2) Make huge cuts for himself and two other officers by giving business to two key companies
3) Cheat fellow officers last year out of a pay rise thanks to a budget blowout of $ 6.5million
4) Buy weapons behind the back of Teleni and Cabinet 

The whistleblower also says Baleilevuka is as churchy preachy as Teleni and is listed as a senior pastor in the New Methodist Church. He or she also says the new police chief "bought a 580 hyundai tycun gold in clour with Souls to Jesus printed on it" and asks "where did the 49,000.00 came from?"

He or she says: "Joeli is the guy wearing the devil's good mask and trying to look like a good boy and trying to get support. The fact is he is the main cuprit behind all major incidents in FPF not Teleni. yes teleni because he trusted Joeli did sign the LPO's but Joeli made a contract with deluxe and Lotus so that meant that Teleni didnt have to sign and LPO's and Joeli had powers to make purcahses as he liked as CAO."

Click here to read for yourself the email on Baleilevuka:


TheMax said...

Give the guy time to prove himself because if he came up through the back door he is bound to get kicked out the front door. Long live the military regime.

mark manning said...

the plot thickens !

Military dancing girls said...

We understand you come through the backdoor quite frequently? Is it compulsory in the cowardly human rights abusing Fiji military?

ex Fiji tourist said...

So far this puppet has not ordered the arrest of those responsible for the firebombing of the house of the FijiTimes editor nor the sender of death threats to the Australian High Commissioner.

In summary, this criminal is just a continuation of the corruption in Fiji and he will NOT be recognized by other countries.

Joe said...

This is the real "clean up" campaign in its true sense ie, take the money and run. The $1M disappearance from the wharf falls in this category as well. Good luck, make hay while the sun shines.

Anonymous said...

There is no honour amongst THIEVES
........yes sure in deed Mark...the
plot thickens and it is sickening because of the stench that emmnates from within. As we say in Fijian.....SA BONA GA MAI NA ULU NI IKA SA CA KECE NA IKA......meaning once the fish head starts to rot and smell the whole fish is rotten bad.

Skid said...

Unsigned email?
Is it credible?

Anonymous said...

Fiji is turning into a real life soap opera

believe it or not said...

@skid not the ideal way to get information out these days but in absence of normal meedia and check systems it's what we have. up to you and your instincts to decide on the validity of the information.