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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Everyone at the Delhi Games but Fiji

Days out from the opening ceremony in Delhi, Fiji's suspension from the Commonwealth of Nations has been reaffirmed in New York.  The Ministerial Action Group of the former British Commonwealth has reaffirmed the suspension because of Voreqe Bainimarama's refusal to hold democratic elections.

Australian-based Fiji academic Dr Brij Lal, of the Australian National University, says the Commonwealth is right to stick to its guns. He told Radio Australia the regime continues to break the principles of good government: "The rule of law, parliamentary democracy, good governance, protection of property, sanctity of the ballot box, free and fair speech . . .These are the cornerstones of the principles that inform the Commonwealth. And their breach in any member of the Commonwealth is cause for concern."

Fiji's weightlifting golden boy, Manueli Tulo (pictured), was one of the atheletes who could've competed in India after winning four gold medals at the Oceania Weightlifting Championship in Suva earlier this year. The 19-year-old was a medal prospect but has been forced to look elsewhere for a shot at the big time.


  1. Ms Cassava Patch RunnerSeptember 28, 2010 at 9:59 PM

    Bainimarama dribbles down his chin at the UN again - and the same day both the EU and the Commonwealth extend their rejection of his illegal junta.
    Put some spin on that Ms Goebbels??

  2. The man from Kiuva is making leaders of te world sit up and listen. Good governance and development by decrees to achieve democracy i taukei style i.e. vudi republic

  3. Who cares about the Commonwealth Games? It's a waste of everybody's time because it is still part of that British empire expansion. The Olympics or World Cup is what matters because it's the ultimate challenge, not the Commonwealth Games, a game that is so irrelevant I don't know why it is still being held.

  4. @TheMax:
    Yes right but no one in Viti qualifies for the olympics, except, may be, the 7s team if they can play with breadfruits as balls.

  5. The Max do not dribble faeces from your mouth. Did you have a bad night....of course Commonwealth Games are important to Fiji....Fiji dded support to having Rugby Sevens in the game.

  6. @TheMax

    The games are still being held because free people with choices have decided to keep it going. Unlike your useless lots in Viti, where people have no freedom of choice. You must really enjoy sucking the Vore's balls.

  7. I peepeed my pants during cassa patch running practice today. Maybe i'm spinless like Miss Vore?

  8. @ Anonymous

    Do you know that we have to pay certain fees to be part of the Commonwealth? This is a waste of time and money when, at the end of day, we do not get any benefit at all except the usual "we are friends of Fiji" drivel coming from the British puppets in Wellington and Canberra. Take a very good look at this fact. Fijian soldiers who have been part of the British army since 1960s till today are never allowed to be British citizens even though they are dying for that country. Even the Gurkhas of Nepal are also in this category and lately, there has been concerted campaigns around Britain by former British soldiers to get these people naturalised as British citizens.

  9. Fiji supposed the 'leading' country of the Pacific but because of current leaders we are not represented at Comm Games but Samoa (even Niue) is in India with the big players. Disregarding Max's comment about the Games being a colonial gig, there aren't too many opportunities for Pacific athletes, except the South Pacific Games and what an uneven playing field that is.

  10. @ Doppy & Max.

    Not Kiuva - Gau.

  11. @TheNax:

    You moron, these so called soldiers who join the British Army are merely selling their skills to the highest bidder. If they die, thats part of the package...they are paid a fee to fight. Whether they become citizens depends on the relevant law not on whether they are willing to die.

    I guess if Fiji was not expelled they would have been in Delhi. Max your drivel is yoo predictable.

  12. If I'm right, Fiji has won 13 medals at Commonwealth games including three gold. According to Google at the Manchester Games the lone medal was won by Nacanieli Qerewaqa in the Men’s 100kg plus Judo competition, in which he defeated England’s Daniel Sargent in the gold medal bout. In 2006, in Melbourne, Fiji got bronze for sevens. Would hardly dismiss the efforts of our Viti sportsh people as colonial shenanigans. These proud competitors did well for thesmselves as individuals and for the country. Athletes now robbed of chance to participate alongside their peers and to see fellow competitors perform at their best.


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