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Friday, September 24, 2010

Freedom movement hits back at spying and Rauluni death claims

The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement has this morning issued a statement saying it strongly objects to claims made this week by the illegal Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office of the Republic of Fiji. 

The Sydney-based movement refers to an official saying it initiated claims that there are Fijian soldiers in Australia, who are spying on the Fijian Community there.

Its statement says: "The Movement would like to ask the illegal permanent secretary to indicate where or in which news article we have made such claims.

"As far as the Movement is concerned, the claim was made by one Livai Leone to Radio Australian journalist Bruce Hill."

The statement goes on to discuss the coverage over the death of Josefa Rauluni, earlier this week at the Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney.

It says: "As for politicising the death of Josevata Raukuni, it is the illegal mouthpiece and opportunist Sharon Smith-Johns who has politicised the matter with certain wild claims she has made in a recent Fiji Dictatorship media release.

"The President (Usaia Waqaitairewa) of the Fiji Democracy Movement has never met Josevata Rauluni but only got to know him through his plea for help via telephone while detained at Villawood. That did not stop our President from going all out to try and help him without any political grandstanding; something the Fiji illegal regime is now guilty of."

It ends the statement with the comment: "The truth will set us free and their (illegal Fiji Regime’s) lies will implicate them in a Fijian Criminal Court very soon."

The Movement says a planned memorial service this morning for Josevata Rauluni at the Villawood Detentions Centre has been cancelled by DIAC and has now been replaced by a peaceful vigil outside the centre.


Who is this foreigner? said...

The hysterical outbursts and insensitive attacks on Fijians by this foreigner and illegal member on an illegal military regime are disgusting. Who is this person to treat Fijians this way? This regime she is part of has committed terrible human rights abuses and murder of Fijian citizens. Is this the standard of human rights she supports? Does she want the same standards for her own children? This censor and spin doctor of the brutal military regime is disgusting and must be brought to justice when the clean up of the current military led chaos begins.

Anonymous said...

She must be eating one good vudi back home.

mark manning said...

If members of the RFMF are spying on Australian soil, shouldn't that be brought to the attention of the Federal Police and isn't that illegal under Australian Law.
Can someone run this past Tui Savu ?

Joe said...

When most Aust diplomats have been expelled, she must be eating a vudi or two to stay there.

mark manning said...

@ joe
and swallowing !