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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Justice Denied: Illegal junta judge rejects Takiveikata's application for Queen's Counsel

The regime's mouthpiece, the Fiji SUN, has reported that Naitasiri chief, Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, wants a Queen’s Counsel to represent him in his November 2, 2000 mutiny trial, which was to begin at the High Court in Suva on 8 September.

High Court Judge Justice Daniel Goundar, however, rejected the application saying he was given ample time to seek the assistance of a Queen’s Counsel, since the case was adjourned last November and that the alleged offence took place almost 10 years ago.

Lawyer Filimoni Vosarogo made the application before Justice Goundar saying that Ratu Inoke wants a Queen’s Counsel to represent him.

Justice Goundar also highlighted Ratu Inoke needs to be assisted by a senior counsel because of the seriousness of the charge.

The matter was stood down to the afternoon where Justice Goundar informed the Legal Aid Commission about the assistance that could be provided to Ratu Inoke.

Prosecutor David Toganivalu said they are ready to proceed with the case and a number of their witnesses were are in court. 

Ratu Inoke is being re-tried after the Fiji Court of Appeal found  the present illegal Chief Justice Anthony Gates, who presided at the original trial, had come to the Bench to send the Naitasiri high chief to prison - Gates had told a French couple, the Brodies, at a cocktail party during the trial, that he was going to put the Chief behind bars.

We wonder why Ratu Inoke can't be given more time when Goundar's illegal masters (the regime's salary is being paid after all by the illegal attorney-general Sayed Khaiyum's aunty, so they are calling the tune) say they won't be holding elections until 2014. And that is a big IF.

In any case, we believe it is Goundar who should be in the dock, accepting a treasonous post of a High court judge, and not Ratu Inoke, who is being persecuted for standing up for the Fijian race.


Anonymous said...

The Defence should just run with it.....the prosecutors are bluffing, they don't have all the evidence that they did have way back in 2000.....! Call their bluff and run with it Defence lawyers....this is an old case that won't stand the burden of proof!!!

Anonymous said...

Ratu Inoke will be acquitted given the visit to Voreqe by Naitasiri Chiefs.

Ro Teimumu Kepa's case thrown out after influence from the highest office in the land (President's Office)

Voreqe is running shit scared as indegenous fijians are fed up with what is happening and are ready to stand up to the Fiji Military.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:40 AM

I was talking to a Chief some two weeks ago and I asked him if they (the Chiefs) did still have some influence in changing the course of action that this illegal government was taking.

His reply was that even though there was no GCC, and no meetings of these Chiefs (not including these "macawa" ones who are coup advocates) were being convened, they were still communicating with each other and also with the military council.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: Roko Ului Mara has been given the boot alongside his cousin Tevita in the Police Force. Pse chase this story and publish for the world to read that this Coup is coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

Voreqe is scared of the Military Council that he is taking sides with the Chiefs...now we will see who drinks homebrew under the mango tree!

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