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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kings Wharf workers being questioned over missing $1million

The police and the Reserve Bank in Fiji are trying to get on top of the $1million heist from the Kings Wharf on Saturday night but have made no arrests yet.

The Fiji Village says the police are interviewing people who knew about the money coming into the country on Friday night.

It quotes assistant spokesperson, Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri, as saying the people who were rostered over the weekend will be questioned as the container was cut open from the outside, and someone working at the time must've known something about the theft.

But the FijiVillage says the Fiji Ports Corporation is refusing to comment on the internal investigation with acting chief executive, Waqa Bauleka, calling a brief meeting with media to say it would be presumptous to make comments this early.

Meanwhile the Fiji Times says the head of the Reserve Bank held closed-door meetings yesterday.

It says the RBF public relations officer, Mervin Singh, confirmed Sada Reddy had been meeting with his senior managers but would not divulge any more information.

The Fiji Times reported yesterday that robbers removed the money after cutting through the side of the steel container at the King's Wharf on Saturday.

It's understood that after cutting the side of the container the robbers then pierced a hole in the vault before removing the carton which contained the fresh $20 notes.

How the robbers made their way through the wharf unnoticed remains a mystery.


mark manning said...

whoever stole the $1,000,000 from the wharf is foolish!
They could have joined the Regime and never be held accountable !

Anonymous said...

How on Gods green earth would a container of money bound for the RBF be of public knowledge....thats
It should be a Top Secret shipment and secondly not left over the week
end. The governor of the RBF should be fired. The minister responsible for the border security should be fired, the whole bloody useless lot from the illegal pm down to the last security guard detail on duty should all face a firing squad.
This would be a good job for the FIRCA or whatever anti corruption unit.....the CID. The only problem I see here is that the security detail on duty will be the scapegoats and the big dogs go wagging their tails of a heist well planned. I just hope that the CID will do their job and release their investigations for public consumption.....reveal all those involve, from the top down.

Turaganite said...

Only in Viti under the ever efficient, security concious military junta.

Anonymous said...

may be money stolen on behald of taliban AG and butako, governor???

Too dodgy said...

Got to be an insidejob, pity the poor sod working that shift who might end up getting the blame....how hard to find fresh $20 bills in viti. i say look to the RBF trying to shore up its accounts after it was hoovered dry by Baini and co

Anonymous said...

Cmon military and puhleeeze, you have really dropped the ball. I don't think it has anything to do with 'criminal elements' more like 'political elements'

mark manning said...

The RFMF are funnier than " dumb and dumber " !

Der, who started this ?

Anonymous said...

I thought port security is done by ex military personal.

Anonymous said...

such secrecy about the investigation. they could have released the serial numbers to avoid the notes going into circulation.....tut!tut!..what idiots we have investigating the theft!

Anonymous said...

shame on FICAC...corruption id happening there..though u have no time to find the missing money...
vesu ga o governor...e tiko na kaiviti sega ni yali vakadua nai lavo...y now...baci kilavata..useless brain.