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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Illegal Attorney General Khaiyum given marching orders by the Military Council


 KHAIYUM: Marching Orders
The pugnacious and out of control Attorney-General Aiyaz, Sayed Khaiyum, has been given his marching orders, in the form of a resignation letter, from the Military Council.

As tipped by this blog earlier this week, he has been told in no uncertain terms that he must relinquish his post, and leave Goverment.

He has been booted out after a series of revelations by Coupfourpointfive that he has been allegedly involved in millions of dollars in kick-backs, nepotism in regards to jobs he's handed out, man of them with over-inflated salaries, to his cronies, including an expatriate High Court judge, not to mention his buddy John Prasad, who despite questionable qualifications, was handed the key to the nation's coffers. 

Prasad also raked in thousands of dollars in consultancy fees.

The fate of Khaiyum's side-kick, Christopher Pryde, the Solicitor-General, who had been drafting anti-Fijian decrees also hangs in the balance, with reports emerging that he is planning to flee back to his native New Zealand.

There is also widespread belief in the Military Council that Khaiyum and his cronies have doggedly pursued the selling of Fiji Times, so that it can be bought by one of Khaiyum's cronies. 

The Military Council also believes that Khaiyum has been launching a personal vendetta against the Fiji Times after that paper ran a series of hard hitting editorials against Khaiyum and his unbridled grip on the military establishment.

The Military Council is also convinced now that it was tricked into agreeing to the Media Censorship Decree so that Khaiyum and his cronies own shady financial dealings never came to light, especially after the Fiji SUN's exposure of his one-time ally, Mahendra Chaudhry's millions in a Sydney bank account.

Khaiyum could not be reached for comment.


The Maxi said...

Here we go folks...The Max and Kaiyum are in control, so peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

If not today ,tomorrow he is going , mark my word

Joe said...

I sincerely hope what I just read is true, and if so, those implicated should face the full brunt of the law. Demanding resignation is not enough. Their passports and properties should be ceased immediately till a decision is made by the court of law.

Anonymous said...

Well Aiyaus knew his days were numbered. Next one to go is Baini.
Time to organise and prepare for a real "ïnterim government" not this jokers who thought they could hang around till 2014!

Anonymous said...


Just drive up to 40 Lovoni Road, the police guards have been withdrawn from yesterday, which means the dictator's side-kick is no longer an important human being, if he ever was one

mark manning said...

If correct, this is wonderful news to wake up to, though it is late to be waking up !
Is now the time to approach those in the Military Council to return Fiji to a Democratically elected Government and reinstate Mr. Qarase as prime Minister, especially when you consider that from the outset, he never resigned his post ?
The Military Council has given an act of contrition, admitting it's faults and is thereby open to negotiation.
For the sake of Fiji's Children and Grandchildren, let's get this show back on the road and return Fiji to its former glory.
The time has come, to put the past behind you and to recreate that which can be!
God Bless Fiji and all who sail in Her !

Anonymous said...

When Millionare Mahendra Chaudhry was fired by the Military, Frank tried to sacve him but failed, we have seen full-chow teleni bite the dust and john." i know it all" prasad also sent packing not to forget Ram...something swarup who has destroyed FSC.

Now....its Taliban sponsored...AG who seems to have lost the confidence of the big boys in Nabua...will Frank save him or save himself? thats a $2m dollar question which only Chodory can answer???

Anonymous said...

You mean the barracks woke up to illegal AG's deception, but will he be made to pay for the millions he has syphoned that could be in the Swiss Bank by now? And dont forget that there are our local Fiji's own overnight power grabbers like the Ganilau(s), Nailatikau(s), Mara(s) who are syphoning slowly the Government funds via their make believe private companies and deals that they have setup, having taken advantage of the political positions they have given themselves. So we chase out the big time cookies who have embezzeled big funds (sitting at a swiss bank) and now we need to deal with the little wanna be chiefs (thieves!) within our little Fiji Islands.
Who in Fiji will now take advantage of this little window of opportunity - watch the space! Are they going to be in for themselves again like all those who have been on the political stage to date? Fiji needs an Individual who is not only genuinely tertiary academically schooled, had vast no of years of overseas work experience, but more importantly a current Holy Spirit filled, Holy Spirit wilderness-trained (like John the Baptist) and a Prophetic Intercessor that speaks the wisdom of God and surrounded only by a team of at least three Holy Spirit filled, trained by the Holy Spirit in the wilderness, prophetic intercessors who seek the Lord's face daily for His wisdom! Other than this, Fiji will only be repeating HISTORY!

Hector F Zinck said...

If this is true then the military council should fire Frank as well and return the country to a government of National unity led by people who were not involved in the interim government of Frank and Qarase's SDL.
A government who will see that an election is carried out within a year under the previous constitution with the mandate that the party that comes to power after the election will see that a new constitution is put in place to see that the coup culture is totally extinguished.
And make Fiji the way the world should be.
God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

All the rodents are in full flight for their burrows. John Prasad gone, Aiyaz on his way ,and now we here about the sugar con man Ramswarup Gautam. The day of reckoning has arrived and one by one they must be rounded up to account for their felonies.

tomasi said...

Yeah lets just see how you all feel when you wake up tomorrow and nothing has happened, and the day after and the day after. The AG isnt going anywhere, so get over it and move on. promise you he will be here for the long haul.

TheMax said...

@ Anonymous September 3, 2010 5:23 AM

A few days ago, I went to a house in Goodrum Place on the opposite side of the road where the AG's home is. I came through from the Lovoni Rd end where Filipe Bole's home is and there were these FEA workers digging trenches along the road right up to Mr Khaiyum's place. I think this was the reason why the police guards just in front of the AG's home were moved because of the digging going on there.

These rumor mongers and people like Victor Lal just make themselves a laughing stock for being caught out again with their lies. If people still believe in these liars, I'm lost for words to explain how really desperate these people really are in trying to come back to power.

The game is over guys. Fiji is moving ahead to a new day come 2014. Give it up for your sanity's sake.

Anonymous said...

false news guys, they are all still around sound and safe

Anonymous said...

anonymous and the rest of you are full of it ... aren't you guys tired of believing in your bull shit? Yes this government will eventually GO ... but not until they have completed the REVOLUTION ... which is simply the overhaul of all major institutions that have contributed to instability - GCC, Methodist Church, parochial political parties run by failed individuls, trade unions and the media. the military whether you like it or not is the last bastion of security. yes they failed us previously due to the machinations of the institutions above BUT with the present leadership nothing is going to be left to chance!!!!

Liu Muri said...

Victor Lal, a supposedly academic at Oxford University wrote in SDL Blogsite Coup 4.5 that Aiyaz Khayum has been sent home. This appears to be a load of cowdung from somebody who hitherto has been considered a credible source. This is what has been reported from Fiji this afternoon:

"Anyone caught spreading rumours that could destabilize the country will be prosecuted says the permanent secretary to the Prime Minister’s office Colonel Pio Tikoduadua.

He made the comments this afternoon dismissing widespread speculation of a split in government and the dismissal of the Attorney General.

“Recent speculations have suggested that the Attorney General and the Solicitor General have both been dismissed. Let me state this is absolutely not true. There have also been rumours that there is a split between the government and the military. Let me categorically state, on behalf of the office of the Prime Minister, that these rumours are not true.”

Tikoduadua says people need to put these malicious rumors to rest and focus on moving the country forward without such distractions.

He says in the last few weeks, there have been widespread rumors intended to undermine the government, destabilize the economy and create fear and uncertainty in the people.

Tikoduadua says there is no split between the government and the military and the government remains resolved in taking Fiji forward."

Hope this rests the case, and the lapdog of Samoan PM can rest assured that his load of cowdung has been regarded as such.

ex Fiji tourist said...

The lies coming from the illegal jaundiced junta are soooo predictable.

Remember when the military media cell went into overdrive to try and quash the stories of chodopu$$' demise.

Remember the hot air from the green goons when chodopu$$' corruption was exposed by Victor Lal.

Remember the arrest of a journalist for reporting that fullchow teletubby had got the flick. @ weeks later he resigns.

You see, all of you green goons in the media cell who are getting more irrational as the days go by, there are some very good sources of information from within the military itself.

The sources were correct before and will be again.

The fact that the green goons have gone into overdrive to deny that hairyarse is getting the sack means that there is a lot of truth in the story.

Next week, hairyarse will tender his resignation; same as chodopu$$ and fullchow.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon @ 6:56pm

The military have failed and continue to fail the people of Fiji.

They have done nothing more than attempt to remove all criticism under the guise of "national progress".

There is no "revolution". This is not progress. This is regression and is reflected in our current political and economic climate of hopelessness.

Anonymous said...

@Radiolucas 8.35pm,

Don't worry. In Dec 2012 the Land Mass of Fiji will be lifted up with becoming big as Australia as the earth tilts in favour of Fiji!!!

We shall have more Chinese to come and take the land from the Land Bank and give a new name to "National Progress"!!

Anonymous said...

nothng surprises me anymore!! with this nitwit gone...there are the real local ones..mara's , ganilaus (kana loto) crew, that need to BE eradicated and of course the dumb arse himself, vb, ....REVOLUTIOLN and serious international bans , just isolate the bloodY country..let them suffer..this is going ON too fricken LONG!

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