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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More losses and inefficiencies

It looks as though the illegal regime has lost its grip on the sugar industry, with farmers trying to get rid of the current board after news they're going to miss out on the forecast price of $45 per tonne of cane.
The latest dissapointment comes as the group representing cane farmers pleads again for help from the junta and the Fiji Sugar Corporation denies there'll be a drop in price for cane.

An angry Fiji Cane Growers Association president, Bala Dass, didn't mince his words when he said the Corporation has found it convenient to blame farmers for the ineffeciency at the mills, which is now at an appalling level.

"This is the worst we have ever had. The real problem lies with the FSC itself. Things were bad last year and promises were made that the mill would be improved this year with the upgrade program. Now things have gone from bad to worse."

Dass had no problem telling media members of the Fiji Corporation Board, which was supposed to have met this week but which has now cancelled two meetings, should resign.

An ineffective regime has yet to stump up with the answers to the ailing sugar industry.
Meanwhile, official confirmation this week the junta cleaned out the Reserve Bank of almost $40 million last year.

The Reserve Bank's annual report says the $39.2 million was made up of the bank's entire profit of $16.6 million in the financial year ended 2009, and one fifth of the balance of the Revaluation Reserve Account of $22.6 million.

The RBF Governor and chairman of the RBF board, Sada Reddy, tried to paper over the disquiet saying the first four months of 2009 saw Fiji going through a particularly tough period economically, as foreign reserves fell to a low of "$430 million and liquidity plunged to below $20 million."

There is no end to the ineffeciencies of this illegal regime.


Da Maxi Mix said...

Yeah; for The Max and his angel Kaiyum everything is under control and the council of morons are on top of the game. They are not fooled by this campaign to undermine the good work of the illegal Vore regime...relax folks Viti is on the way to the rubbish dump.

Another junta failure said...

Hey sharon
Have you or the sugar minister got anything to say about this junta disaster and its contribution to the collapse of the sugar industry?

mark manning said...

As I said 4 1/2 years ago, the results of this coup will be determined by Economic outcomes.
Are Fiji's Indigenous Land Right issues and Policies, as much Fiji's strengths as they are its weaknesses ?
Do these rights enshrined by Fiji's Constitution, reflect the reality on the ground ?
A matter of contention within the Community it would seem, would be that non Indigenous Fijians, though also Citizens of Fiji, are not afforded the same protection under the Constitution.
Can common ground be found, has it already in fact ?
What can be done if anything, to stop these issues being used as an excuse to implement coup after coup after coup ?

Anonymous said...

Who's the person in charge of sugar