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Monday, September 27, 2010

More revelations about military misspending including loans to senior officers

The scale of the misspending of the Fiji military was further revealed today with the FijiVillage detailing specific dodgy practices. And not only was there a huge scale of waste but purchases were signed off retrospectively by Cabinet and then Minister of Finance, Mahendra Chaudry.

It was found that:

1) The RFMF had preferred suppliers and did not use the normal tender processes. Nor did it get competitive quotes
2) Retrospective approval was sought from the Minister of Finance through Cabinet with the Major Tenders Board also approving waivers 
3) Suppliers were paid before hand and many did not deliver the goods or services, accounting for about $5.335 million dollars
4) Old stock was found still sitting in stores, while other stock went to waste because it wasn't stored properly
5) For example, Cabinet validated thousands be spent on  vaccines but these ended up sitting on shelves because there wasn't enough room for them in a domestic fridge
6) The vaccines appear to have been ordered in anticipation of additional troops for Operation Sasamaki
7) A lot of the medical supplies were bought from Budget Pharmacy and stored at the RFMF Pharmacy
8) The total cost of drugs that were not properly stored was $73,607
9) A Private Funds Fines Account contained fines paid by RFMF servicemen as determined by the Internal Courts of the RFMF and was used mainly to provide loans to Senior Officers from the rank of Captain and above
10) At the time when the $45.5 million over-expenditure in 2007 was highlighted in the budget accounts, the then Finance Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry and the military had highlighted that this occurred due to additional troops and operations after the events of December 2006.


Komai na Ceke said...

Suprise, suprise, nah! Thats the way it is with dictators. Now is the time Fiji...take it or be condemned forever. Make a stand, rise up and throw the pretenders into the sea.

Jimoni said...

I provide the following quote from Cisero in Rome more than 2000 yrs ago as food for thought.

"The budget should be balanced.The treasury should be refilled.Public debt should be reduced.The arrogance of officialdom kept in control...lest we become bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

What did you expect?
Tooth ache you see a dentist - car trouble - mechanic etc.

Right now there's a crew of armed pirates posing as finncial advisors - doesn't make sense?

Trust IMF are noting all this?

Things could be worse?
Wait till the 200k or so famine afflicted Sugar Fairies come knocking at the door?

Anonymous said...

Most people now sgree we should get rid of the Military totally. All we need is a professional Police Force

fiji always said...

@anon at 11.34pm Unfortunately, they just as corrupt. The acting police commissioner was exposed for the same things the military has this been exposed for ... misspending, inefficiencies and cronyism. this latest police comm was in a position to do good but decided to stick with the dictator and was rewarded with the top policejob in the country.

Jekesoni Saumaki said...

@ fiji always 8:43am, exactly my friend, I had high hopes for this commish, but he decided to go with the flow and now he is at the helm of the police, hopefully he will start a new page altogether and start afresh the investigations that are/were pending and also put a close on the Suva wharf heist.
I would be rather surprised should he reopen the CRW death files and do a thorough investigations and also the SDL complaint that was filed at the Raiwaqa police post.
A baton of honour graduate from Sandhurst I would have expected much more from him in terms of integrity, honesty, openness, morale dignity plus, plus and last but not the least to uphold the integrity officers corps of the once proud Republic of Fiji Military Forces.

Anonymous said...

One thing that we've tried to do was to get the Regimental Fund audited, but our efforts were to no avail because the former Comd didn't allow the funds to be audited, also there is another fund namely the Benevolence Fund that should be included in the audit.

Now we have this new fund that they have been giving to officers from captains and above the luxury of obtaining loans from, what a cheap lot these suckers are, What about the other ranks, the cpls and below, some greedy arseholes huh.

The Doppy said...

@Jekesoni : The Commish is Vore's side kick, no matter what happens he supports the cause. Sanbhurst is a mere memory the guy is guilty of treason and thats it.

Jekesoni Saumaki said...

Yeah doppy, I guess you are right sa maumau, I heard he submitted his resignation 3 months prior to the 2006 Dec coup, and slithered back when things died down, what a guy, so much for dignity huh. Maumau wale.