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Saturday, September 25, 2010

National Bank of Fiji Debtors List: Taito Waradi on the list

Victor Lal resumes his investigation into the collapse of the NBF and those debtors who were accused of costing the taxpayers over $375million when the national bank went bust

Dictator’s former Interim Commerce Minister Taito Waradi owed $8,000

The sum might sound small compared to that owed by the present illegal Minister for Defence and acting Prime Minister Epeli Ganilau, who owed $631,594 and the Ganilau family’s Qeleni Holdings Ltd, which owed $716,748 to collapsed NBF. But such small sums ballooned into millions, and the debtors walked away from the long arm of the law despite the publication of the Debtors List in 1996.

When Fiji was again plunged into the law of the jungle – military rule – many of the debtors re-appeared to help the dictator in his so-called ‘Clean up Corruption Campaign’.

Among them was Taito Waradi (pictured), who was sworn-in by the illegal President Josefa Iloilo as the dictator’s new Interim Minister for Commerce, Industry and Investment. Claiming to be humbled by the illegal appointment, he said his priority was to take the economy forward.

There was no mention in his speech of whether he had paid back his loan, which the debtors had set the country backwards, especially the chance of a better livelihood of ordinary people of all races, who didn’t have the same easy access to the NBF lending vault.

In 1996, Waradi was listed as owing $8,000 to the collapsed bank; how much he borrowed originally has never been made public, for the high and mighty debtors had made sure that the loans were written off.

Other illegal appointments came his way: he took reins of the Fiji Development Bank which resulted in the ousting of its CEO Tukana Bovoro. But, in September 2008, he got, what many say, his own medicine, when the dictator kicked him out as chairman of the FDB, and later from his illegal interim Cabinet.

Waradi was not being the last, to be used and abused by the dictator; many others followed, including illegal interim Minister of Finance Mahendra Chaudhry and countless others. The heads are still rolling, and more will follow, in Waradi’s footsteps. We have no idea if Waradi had ever returned to the NBF to clear his outstanding debt of $8,000.

We believe he is presently doing “consultancy” work – if only he had consulted his conscience, he might have never taken that treasonous oath before the illegal President Iloilo.

On 8 January 2007 Waradi had resigned the presidency of the Fiji Chamber of Commerce and Industry to take up the illegal position of Minister for Commerce, Industry and Investment. Like other opportunists, he got the sack in a Cabinet reshuffle – more aptly, his ‘sell by date’ had expired.

Editor’s Note: We will continue to reveal debtors names, which includes those of high chiefs, politicians, Indo-Fijians, Rotumans, Part-Europeans, business houses, including individual supporters of the present illegal junta in Fiji. If you or your family has paid back the NBF loans, please provide Victor Lal with evidence. He can be reached at vloxford@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

How is one to believe the mendacity of this person given his been paid to espouse crap.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Victor. Another crook exposed. We are overwhelmed by the revelations that those imposed on us by the dictator to assist him rule us without our say have hevy baggage on their backs...of frauds, thieving, stealing dishonesty and other f...n ill deeds..

I look forward to the day these bastards are brought to account for their misdeeds committed against us.

Anonymous said...

Victor Lal the hero of Fiji. God bless you my son, for pursuing the cause of honesty and justice.

Joe said...

Thanks for that Victor. It is now very clear that bainiboci is as corrupt as his ministers, hence no action against them, eg, Ganiulukau. The only fallout obviously is MC because he voiced his opinion. Waradi is happy with his $8000 freebie I guess.

Anonymous said...

@ "The Hero Of Fiji" should get his butt down to Fiji and do something instead of hiding in the UK.
Looks like a General that leads from the back.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous Sept 25 11.57 pm....Victor has a job in UK you and your father will never never smell it you idiot. Victor is our tagane, the hero, and a proud Kai Tailevu

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