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Monday, September 6, 2010

Police 'closing in' on $1million wharf robbery

The Fiji Times says robbers cut through the side of a steel container before removing $1million from the Kings Wharf, Suva on Saturday.
The money was in $20 dollars notes and was part of a consignment for the Reserve Bank of Fiji, which arrived from the United Kingdom on Friday.

It says police have mounted a massive hunt for the robbers and that they already have a number of leads and that raids were expeced in Suva as early as today.

A number of criminal elements and some homes in the Suva area are being watched closely by police in connection with the robbery.

The missing money was in a carton in a special vault inside the container. It is understood the robbers cut through the side of the container before making a hole in the vault and removing the carton.

Fiji Ports Corporation Limited officials were not available for comment yesterday on how it was possible for robbers to enter the wharf complex unnoticed by security guards. 

The corporation maintains a private company to provide security at the entrance and exit to the facility.
Sokomuri said it was not possible to reveal further information about the incident.
A special task force of detectives has been formed to hunt down the robbers and recover the money. This is believed to be the largest robbery of its kind in Fiji's history.

The police have appealed to the public for information.-Original story from Fiji Times, pic Fiji Village


Anonymous said...

The private security guard is no other than the one run by soldiers in the Reserve Force and led by Colonel Kurusuga. I smell a rot already.

Anonymous said...

Police are wasting their time and should go talk to Miltary Council and Voreqe to recover money.

Read between the lines and understand what Biman Prasad is saying people.

Security is provided at the port by Military formed company and only Military personnel could have walked in and out unchallenged so we all now know where the money is.

Some poor souls will be charged and convicted but the money will never be recovered.

Country has really gone to the dogs if the Military have to rob the Reserve Bank to pay their wages.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.......... what a coincidence
just when this illegal gov is trying to secure loans from around the globe and this happens......wow
where in the world were the security guards...or are they part of this conspiracy......no no no where are the border security, isn't this a port of entry....ahhh
minnister for defence, sounds like a repetion of the missing Fijibatt field allowance in sinai, remember in 1982......wow Iam not at all surprised with the present illegal minister of home affairs. Looks like a similar operation huh the MO you know.
I'll hold my breath on this one until thye cops catch up with the thievies and do a thorough interogation and also reveal the real culprits behind the scene.

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