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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rauluni was to be a witness against Fiji man in Sydney

The president of the Fiji Freedom and Democracy Movement, Usaia Waqatairewa, says yesterday's story by Australian media about the death of the Fijian detainee in Sydney quoted him incorrectly.

Waqatairewa says he did not say that Josefa Rauluni had leapt to his death because he was a witness in a case against Fiji's illegal military regime.

He says he spoke to the 36 year old but that in actual fact Rauluni had agreed to me to be a witness against a Fijian man in Sydney who has been targeting Fijians seeking protection visas and preying on their vulnerability, anxiety and ignorance by promising them protecting visas for a fees.

Waqatairewa says the mentioned fraud has nothing to do with the Illegal Fijian Government of Commodore Bainimarama.

He says he decided to tell his story to the media because he wanted to make sure that Rauluni did not die in vain and in his memory something positive would come out of yesterday’s tragedy.

Australian authorities are investigating the death of Rauluni but have been unable to end a standoff with the group of men who have camped out on the roof of one of the buildings at the Villawood Sydney detention centre.


mark manning said...

Assuming the Court case hasn't begun yet and given that Josefa cannot appear as a witness, unless posthumously, I don't believe it could be seen as Prejudicing the case or Contempt of Court if this man's name, who is fleecing the Fijian Community, is released.
That step would ensure that Josefa didn't die in vain and protect Fijians at the same time.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know Usaia Waqatairewas phone no?

I want to talk to him urgently.


Anonymous said...

Manning,sources say these conmen are known as "Joe Ba" also known as Joe Naliva.His accomplice is Maciu Navakasuasua also known as Peter Dauloloma or Chuck Norris

Joe is a fast talking career crim who has spent most of his time behind bars in NSW for forgery,drug dealing and of course conning people out of their cash.

He has reputedly "found God" in order to lend credibility to his image however the only King we know he is loyal to is the one that goes by the surname of Cross.

His sidekick Maciu has a name that should be familiar with everyone because he is the conman who was quoted by Chaudary and Bainimarama as to having inside knowledge of the 2000 coup.This propaganda blitz added to the excuse for Bainimarama to carry out the 2006 coup.

Maciu is also a career crim in Fiji and masquerades as a CRW soldier and to falsely claiming to be an explosives expert.He is a classic fake who credits himself for carrying out or to being an accomplice to many deeds.

Both these individuals are extremely dangerous in terms of conning people and everyone should take precautions when dealing with them.Innocent visitors from Fiji are vulnerable to these two deviants.

Frankly,they both should be given a royal buturaki to learn their lesson.