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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Regime tries to fight bad press over Rauluni's death

Hysteria or reality? The illegal government would have us believe it's hysteria and that the stories coming out of Australia about the death of Josefa Rauluni are hugely exxagerated.

There is certainly a lot of emotion, especially earlier this week when 11 men occupied the roof of another building at the Villawood Detention Centre, threatening to throw themselves off if immigration authorities didn't do an independent review of their refugee and asylum applications.

The standoff between the group, mainly Tamils from Sri Lanka, has ended (a second group has since taken to rooftops) but the interest in the death of 36 year old Rauluni, continues because of the highly publicised suggestion he was afraid to return to Fiji because he'd be persecuted by the regime.

Because of the public emergency regulations and the plethora of decrees that have been pumped out in the last year alone, everyone knows that those who mouth off about the illegal government and its noble efforts to morph Fiji into utopia, are in for it. 

With confirmation Josefa Rauluni had connections to the Democracy Movement and that deposed prime minister Laisenia Qarase wrote a letter on his behalf to immigration authorities, one accepts his fear of persecution is real.

The regime mouthpiece, Sharon Smith-Johns, yesterday tried to blame the Freedom Movement in Sydney for the reports that painted Fiji an unsafe country for its own citizens, saying the movement was politicising Rauluni's death. 

Smith-Johns today told the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Rauluni was "not known to them", but there was a suggestion in her comment that others are ARE known to them.

“He is not known to anybody in Fiji. He might have been known in Australian to the Freedom Movement but he wasn’t to us. I have checked several sources and this person wasn’t known to us at all. He would have walked into the country like anybody else walks into this country."

Colonel Pio Tikoduadua has also scoffed at the persecution claims telling Australia's Pacific Beat: "Those guys for whom the Australian immigration have not quite accepted their grounds for staying in Australia for asylum or for some other reason. Fiji is always a home, always welcome to come and then come and see for yourself. So don't go telling the rest of the world things that are not true. Fiji is always here. You are probably safer walking down Suva, than downtown Sydney for God's sake."

The stone cold truth is that the people of Fiji and their supporters know the country is not the safe place the regime want us to believeit is. People know this regime is vengeful and determined to crush anyone who does't obey them, hence so many decrees, the PER and the soldiers to enforce their will. 

The highly charged situation over
the death of Josefa Rauluni reflects the sad reality that is today Fiji. Fiji is not the Utopia Smith-Johns and Tikoduadua would have us believe it is. If it was, people would not be running away and neither would they be throwing themselves off roof tops.

Picture: Some of the Chinese nationals still camped on a rooftop at the Villawood Detention Centre, where Josefa Rauluni died on Monday just hours before he was to be deported to Fiji.


Ms Goebbels said...

Ms Goebbels can dribble down her chin as much as she likes. A coup is a coup and a dictatorship is a dictatorship. Along with gates and pryde she is a member of an illegal regime, a military junta which has committed horrendous human rights abuses and murder of innocent Fijians. This is her legacy - and it is not one to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

Does not matter jack shit what regime thinks or says about Josefa
Rauluni - what matters is that he believed he would br persecuted if he was forcibly returned to Fiji.

Keep in mind this gang has form in these matters - as the families of
the murdered CRW soldiers and others can testify - so please share us the rhertorical bullshit Col Tikoduadua.

Enjoy while you can.

Ocker overload said...

look 4ward to farewelling these aussie tourists smith-johns, gates and their kiwi neighbour chris pryde. nerve of them to dictate to us as though they have a mandate. public stoning too good for them but visions of them scurrying back to their birth countries, tail between their legs, keeps me amused.

mark manning said...

We don't want the bastards thanks !
Please keep them there and put them in jail with George Speight, Frank Bainimarama, Sayed, Chaudhry, Aziz, Driti, and the other useless cowardly mongrels that call themselves Soldiers.

real fijian said...

Tikoduadua is telling the same Australian media that Tevita Mara is on standard leave, doing his "other work as a board director" and not under investigation as everyine thinks he is. Whose reality are we living in?

innexile said...

ex fiji village this afternoon...

Don't try to mislead the Australian government and officials by giving false information about Fiji to try to get political asylum.

Those are the words of Fiji's Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister's Office, Colonel Pio Tikoduadua following reports that Fiji citizens on tourist visas in Australia seeking political asylum are now starting to allege to the Australian media that there are some Fiji soldiers in Australia who are spying on the Fiji community there.

On a panel discussion on Radio Australia, some Fijian overstayers assisted by a Pastor Livai Leone and the Fiji Freedom Movement based in Australia, in an act of desperation are now starting to make these claims with no clear and sufficient evidence.

The Immigration Department of Australia has rejected thousands of applications from Fijians on tourist visas who want political asylum, over the past year or so.

With no other option available these individuals are claiming to the media that the Fiji soldiers have somehow gone to Australia to spy on the Fijian community and report back to Fiji.

Colonel Pio Tikoduadua said the government has enough issues at hand, and the last thing on their mind is to spy on the Fiji community in Australia.

Methinks people are using what leverage they can, but they're not exxagerating about conditions in fiji. we must give people the benefit of the doubt if life is so good here in fiji why the major exodus, after every coup?

Anonymous said...

I think people should leave Fiji if they need to provide for their families in the immediate term and try to concentrate on that until they're 'out of the woods'.

Leave the anti-Fiji junta protest activities for the time being to those who are legitimately residing abroad e.g. Tui Savu et al, particularly if they fail to meet the asylum criteria.

Otherwise, please stay put, the fight has to be made here for it to count!

Tiger Balm said...

Anon@7.19pm Valid comment. I note Ms SSmith Johns quoted in the Australian paper today that Josefa was never on their radar. She says they had no record suggesting they therefore never had any interest in tracking him. She misses the point. Mr Rauluni's fear, percevied though it might have been, would've come from knowing that eventually this regime would've twigged that he was pro-dmoecracy and that Qarase tried to intervene on his behalf. They may not have known who he was at the time, but they would've certainly put him on their radar when he returned home. How could they not with the deportation papers etc etc. Let's not forget this.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness wasn't on their radar.

Whole network of committed anti regime operatives planning the overthrow of those currently masquerading as Fiji's legitimate goverment.

Now as things stand in their (regimes) delusional world -
anybody planning the overthrow of the (their) goverment will be subject to charges of treason - all that involves.

Ain't rocket science.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear... For once I can see Fiji's junta and the Aussie govt moving to the same side on this tragedy whilst your guys will be on the other.

Anonymous said...

Even if the late Rauluni was not on the junta's radar, did he play an active role in the Fiji Democracy Movement whilst in Australia? If so, and if that was fairly well known to a lot of people, then knowing how coconut wireless works, the news would have reached junta's ear in no time - hence, that young man would have good reason to fear persecution & prosecution when he gets home - maybe not right away, but in time.

Anonymous said...

Now apparently clear that Rauluni -like many others - was active in the FDM.

Lots of stuff going on that regime suspects - but doesn't know about.

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