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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sayed-Khaiyum's mother heads for NZ but not before one last good deed

More revealations today of the hypocrisy of the key lynchpin in the self-appointed government of Voreqe Bainimarama.

Michael Field's blog says the mother of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is leaving Fiji for New Zealand,  the country her illegally-appointed attorney general son has had no trouble attacking.

Field says Sayed-Khaiyum's mother, Latifa, has permanent citizenship and is heading to Mt Roskill in Auckland to live off the Kiwi taxpayer.

So much for Sayed-Khaiyum's diatribe that Fiji's friends are India and China. If relations are so collegial, why is she not seeking refuge in Beijing or Delhi?

What hypocrisy from the man who has revelled in hatching decrees that have helped him line his pockets but made life a misery for the rest of Fiji.
Luxury on Naisoso Island

Field says mother was able to do one last good deed for son. He says some last minute deals were going down - a couple of beach front plots on Naisoso Island were being purchased for a couple of million dollars a piece in Mum's name.

We do hope the Military Council is taking note.


The Max said...

@ coup 4.5

The military council is taking note of your motives, insinuation and lack of credibility.

What's funny is that you denigrate everyone in the military including the military council, their families, friends etc and expect them to believe in your propagandist bullshit, think again. The very people you want to do something, you attack with venomous negativity everywhere.

Don't you see how hypocritical you are? Gracious lord.

Joe said...

"We do hope the Military Council is taking note."

I hope the NZ govt is taking note of this before dishing out tax payers' money to the undeserving.

mark manning said...

Call me suspicious if you like, but don't call me late for dinner.
Has it occurred to anyone that the Military Council is not only already aware of all of Sayed' and his family's questionable acquisitions, but has probably encouraged them as they themselves no doubt, have also partaken of the spoils of this coup.
They have collectively, deliberately destroyed the Economy of Fiji in order to devalue it's overall worth, as the Fiji Dollars value has plummeted, so has the ability of Investors within Fiji, to manage their mortgages and other expenses.
Thereby, they have had to sell for a much undervalued price, their prized land and homes.
The Military council, in my view, is part of this scheme, for the same reasons that Frank and Sayed are.
I wouldn't be surprised, that once you start digging into the Bank Accounts etc. of them and other ranking Commissioned Officers, that their accumulation of wealth since December 2006, has been equally exponential as Sayed's Mother and others.
While your at it, you should be checking out the all the Soldiers investments and property . As I said, call me suspicious !

Anonymous said...

this low life should never see the light of day when we throw him into naboro for life....together with is buddy. vorecke.i would not write vorecke out all of the dealins and stolen cash stashed away by his kissass attorney general.i would also get the max to join them for life.-this comment was edited-C4Ed

Anonymous said...

Here we go again .... for *!%#@ sake man can't you get it into your numbskull...these people are stealing from right under your nose yet you still smell their fart ... Comment edited-C4Ed

Anonymous said...

@ The Max.
Say more immediate problem for MC is its currently strained relationship with Loftus St.

The Maxi said...

@ The Max

You can go and kiss the balls of the military council...you moron.

The Maxi said...

@ The Max

You and your military council are being taken for a ride. I hope they bury upside down when you die.

Confused said...

im confused. I thought you all hated the military because they took over the country. but now you like the military because they are getting rid of the AG, but you liked the AG to begin with because he wasn't military, but now you don't like him? have i got this right so far, and you don't support coups but you are asking the Military to overthrow their own coup? see my confusion here.

im sorry but the only 'cracks' i can see here are you guys (max excluded) you really are a bunch of lost and lonely souls.

V6 said...

@ The max i like your style mate. There are about 700,000 supporter of this government and we have all decided to support The Max. you have been a lonely voice on here, not to worry we will soon take over this pathetic site and close it down, just like all the others.

And don't you admire the way they 'censor' comments but are the first to cry 'media freedom' lets see what they censor from our comments.

leave the AG alone, at least he is doing something for this country while you armchair critics do NOTHING.

Da Maxi Mix said...

V6 and The Max daru yavu masi polo.@Confused:we don't give a hoot about the military council nor Kaiyum...they can wipe each other's ass.

TheMax said...

@ Da Maxi Mix

You are showing how much of a loser you and your anti-Fiji bloggists really are. When you get discredited, all you do is resort to name calling. I really feel sorry for the likes of all of you. I suggest don't waste your time writing and exposing your stupid brain on blogs.

Anonymous said...

@ the max.......who are you calling stupid.....the last time I checked it was someone who supported this idiots, who are now stabbing each other in the back.
Well I huess you of all people who have been brain washed will never be convinced otherwise huh, you idiot......the facts are staring at you in the face and you still don't see it.......hmmmmmm, please check again who you call stupid.

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