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Monday, September 13, 2010

Sycophantic Fiji Sun shows its true hand

The pro-regime organ, the Fiji Sun, has finally admitted it wants what it doesn't have, the Fiji Times.
Some pundits picked it would try to grab the prized Rupert Murdoch owned Times when the Media Decree was introduced, but it was only today the Sun was publicly exposed for its deviousness.

Sun chief executive Peter Lomas insists the two papers would've had two distinct entities but, thankfully, the chairman of the Commerce Commission, Mahendra Reddy, had the balls to say No. Otherwise Fiji would've been in for more of the limp Sun's sycophantic coverage.

Lomas boasted yesterday in a story headlined "Rising Sun", the paper had ended the Fiji Times long circulation and advertising dominance.

He said “Our Saturday paper is now the biggest. Not just the biggest newspaper in Fiji but the biggest throughout the region", adding an expansion plan now allows a much bigger printing capacity. Was this with the Fiji Times takeover in mind?

Mahendra Reddy today said he had "made it very clear to them that we cannot allow any clearance or any merger or takeover or buy-outs which lead to a dominant position." (ABC Radio)
Pity Rupert Murdoch has not had the stomach for similar forthrightness. A spokesperson for the company today said the sale process for the Fiji Times was "well advanced".

A Coupfourpointfive reader has keenly wondered what Murdoch would do as the deadline for it to find a local buyer starts to run out - stay and fight or do a runner? We seem to have our answer.

Our reader had even floated the hope the United States president, Barack Obama, would show interest, asking "Would the US really let an unelected dictator make a mockery of the US democratic core beliefs, by illegally seizing a valuable corporation's overseas asset?" It would seem that democratic ideals and objectives are less valuable in Fiji.
NB: Why the Fiji Sun should never be allowed to monopolise Fiji media. Because this is the crud we'd get:
Fiji Sun Editorial 9/102010
Where’s Mr Pryde? Don’t believe the rumour mongers
If you believe the malicious rumour mongers, our Solicitor-General has fled the country. The rumours are rubbish.
Here’s what is actually happening. Solicitor-General Christopher Pryde is from earthquake-hit Christchurch.
He is now back there helping his family in the aftermath of Saturday’s devastating earthquake.
He will then be returning to carry on his continuing good work helping the reforms to build a better Fiji.
Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and Solicitor-General Mr Pryde have been recent targets of the anonymous rumour attacks.
This is probably because Mr Sayed-Khaiyum and Mr Pryde are so effective in their work.
The anonymous cowards who start these rumours do not like this. Their personalised attacks have only one intention. They want to hurt Fiji.
Treat them and the rumours they spread with the contempt they deserve. Ignore them.

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Joe said...

Who reads this sh*t of a paper, the fiji sun, anyway. Most people I have spoken to around the grog bowl have instead invested in shortwave radios to get the real local news from abroad.Perhaps the biggest losers are the patrons of the classifieds.