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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Talk of another coup revived

Coupfourpointfive understands there is tension and a lot of meetings among military officers - but what will eventuate remains to be seen.
Meanwhile, Voreqe Bainimarama continues to roam freely and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum continues to get police protection outside his residence on a 24/7 basis.
Everything about this illegal regime is about who is making money and who is not. 
So there is certainly smoke, with key people fuelling it, but where the fire is burning only time will tell. 

Insight Report – By Tupuola Terrence Tavita, in Apia.
There could very well be a third coup in Fiji very soon, this time from inside the barracks. The word from reliable sources in Suva (who wish to remain anonymous) is that the powerful Military Council – most of them from Fiji’s chiefly families – have become disenchanted with how Commodore Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama is running things.

The Military Council is maneuvering to call the shots from inside the barracks. One name that has come across more often now – and remember this one – is Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba – or popularly known as Roko Ului – a son of the late president Ratu Sir Kamasese Mara.

Roko Ului sits on the Military Council and more importantly, is the commander of the Fiji military’s Third Battalion. This battalion holds the guys who carry the biggest guns in the military and look after the national armory.

Unlike Frank Bainimarama, Ratu Tevita has very strong traditional alliances. One of his sisters – Adi Koila is married to current Fiji president Ratu Epeli Nailatikau and another, Adi Ateca, is married to the current Minister of Fiji Home Affairs Ratu Epeli Ganilau.

Fiji sources say there is significance in changes made to some powerful positions within the Military Government. They say, departing Police Commissioner and Christian fundamentalist Esala Teleni was removed from his position. So was the recent permanent secretary of Finance, John Prasad – who holds a New Zealand passport and is believed to be heading back to Auckland this week. Sources say both calls came from inside the barracks – from the Council – for these two to get out.

Our sources say the Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum – who has been designing those draconian emergency decrees – will be next. Slowly the Council is cutting Bainimarama’s support from under him.

The plan will eventually remove Bainimarama as well. Our sources say he definitely will not last till 2014 where he has promised Fiji will go to the polls. In fact, they tell us, Frank won't last 12 months.

The criticism suggests Bainimarama made the perennial mistake of leaving the barracks and went running around pretending to be Prime Minister. Flying off to China, to the Emirates and Burma among other places to solicit international support for his junta. This while others in the military – in the Security Council – have been slowly asserting themselves in the barracks.

This is the reality of military governments and military dictatorships. You suppress the media, scurry the opposition, leaving you and your military ilk at the top. But then as best illustrated in William Golding’s award winning book Lord of the Flies, you start to turn on each other.

Tupuola Terry Tavita is the editor of the Samoan government newspaper Savali news.


siti said...

Well i can tell you from a very reliable source (me) who witnessed first hand that TTT spent most of his time in O'Reillys bar getting drunk, in fact he didnt make most of the conference in Suva, turned up late wearing dark glasses and suffering from a hangover! so obviously his 'source' of information was a drunk at the bar at O'Reillys!!!!! nice one

Tomasi said...

Another day another rumour of a coup, YAWN, we have heard it all before, time and time again. But this one is particularly juicy because some 'hack' journalist spent a few days in Fiji so therefor knows EVERYTHING that is going on. I called my source in the Military and guess what they said ' ha ha ha ha ha' and then i called government and guess what they said 'ha ha ha ha'
So the same rumour has been doing the rounds for the past 4 years and NOTHING ever comes of it, dont you think you people would give up and go back to the village.

Anonymous said...

OMG I've met the writer!!! we partied together in Suva last week..he came for a meeting or something..he's a nice guy and kept buying drinks for all of us....the only problem i had with him was his body odour and the fact that he kept trying to pull some tranny..a Miss Venezuela or something..someone from a gay pageant...weird but apparently a mate of mine that was in Samoa reckons that's how they like it in Samoa..on top of that though, the guy's a good drinking buddy!

Military Spy said...

News just to hand. Roko Ului read this blog and printed it then wiped his ass with it. And that seems to be the general consensus of most of the military regarding this rumour, its crap!

siti said...

Ah yes, Tupuola Terry Tavita, the mouth piece for the fat PM. I hear from a very reliable source (who wanted to remain nameless) that he was paid very well for this piece on Frank, it came straight from the Fat PM himself. Well here is another piece of news that is 100% fact, he is now banned from entering Fiji, but he joins the ranks of other great journalists (thats called sarcasm) such as Michael Field.

Anonymous said...

Good on you. Such bull shit belong on Samoan toilet paper (i.e the Samoan Government newspaper).

Anonymous said...

@ military spy........sa dina, sabusabu sa qai wananavu saraga qori, me sa i caracara ni matanidei roko ului na blog qo.....LOL hahahahahahahaha sobo o sa qai vakatoro sobu taki roko ului sara la o kemunani......ia da sega ni tukuna rawa e dua na ka vei kemuni na dau cara da wavoki eh.
Waraka namaka tagane... vavei mo biuta mada mai e dua na nomuni vadidike mo vaka lasuya nai tukutuku matanidavui qo.
Keimami sa wawa tu ga qo na lewe ni vanua moni vei liumuri taki.....manuma vinaka tiko na vosa ni veibeci a cavuta o voreceke na komai cekelevu.....mera lai gunu home brew na Bose Levu Vakaturaga ena ruku ni vuni maqo......waraka namaka tiko....e teri ni ura me sa tei damu tamana.
Keimami nai taukei dau kila ga ni rawa ni kalawaci na kau....sa tu soti mai vei na viavialevu....sa lai vosa beci ira sara na Turaga Bale kei Viti.......sa keimami na sarasara madaga. Sa na vakarau mo ni vei carawai taki qo hahaha.
@ siti waraka ga tamana me sa sivi sara na koro da qai kalu se kuvai.

Anonymous said...

@ Military Spy...then he ate the paper because he did not want Driti or Frank to read it!

Anonymous said...

Well the writer was in Fiji recently and had to be thrown out of Dragon's Niteclub after he kept following this young Tongan girl to the toilets...he ended up in Birdland and got thrown out after starting a fight with some Samoan USP students...some of my samoan friends were pissed off because he was paid by the samoan govt to attend a meeting in suva but he ended up late every morning with dark shades and then back at it again in the arvo at the USP CRC Club!

Anonymous said...

To my dismay, Pacific Scoop seems to be loosing its credibility as a news siite - to entertain unsubstantiated articles verging on blog posts.

And @ siti...being a well- rounded Pacific woman myself, I take offence that you would dare refer to our PM as 'fat'. Pleasantly plump is the preferred term thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

pleasantly plump and pleasantly round.....either way you see it, the guy's fat!

Bhudda Balm said...

Third coup? Doesn't the writer know there has already been four coups in Fiji!

Tells a lot about the credibility of this story.

As you say, there's been talk for 6 years about people going against Frank Bainimarama and we're tired of hearing it, because no one has guts to do it.

So yea ....yawnnn ...heard this one before!

Da Maxi Mix said...

If nothin else it makes Komai na Ceke look over his shoulders more frequently...he may soon run down a cassava patch again but this time running away from his own shadow.

Coup 4.5 said...

Comments on the social manouverings of the writer while gathering information in Suva for this story for Pacific Scoop, will not be posted at this time.-C4Editor

Anonymous said...

Isn't four and a half hence this blog?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see that the personality and the flaws of the writer (terry tavita) is impinging on the message, ie there is turmoil in the midst of the illegal regime. Was he really the best person to deliver such a story? From talk about his adventures in the haunts of suva, it would seem he was not. Or is that typical journo behaviour for you? Wjatever the real story has been blurred by the fact TTT has no credentials covering Fiji, thanks to him being at the bid of the Samoan PM and its newspaper. Perhaps Samoa but not Viti . too many enemies anyway so he should've kept his nose clean while on assignment. Comment edited-C4ed

The Maxi said...

Do you need a special qualification to write about Fiji? Nah! Anybody can and why not this Samoan dude...he may have his own source...so no big deal people. Jest wait and see what develops in the future.

TheMax said...

@ The Maxi

That's what this is all about eh? Write an illusion then wait and see whether it develops into a reality. You are as pathetic as your Samoan dude.

Anonymous said...

Reality is Roko Ului is part of problem - not solution.
His traditional and personal links to all those mentioned needs no explanation.
His role as leader of the infamous 'bash boys' (amongst others things) - however does?

Anonymous said...

I think Terry is doing his work as a journo.The big issue and the fact is that there is truly something brewing in the camp judging by the sequence of events for the last week or so.The fact is that its part of living in a country run by a dictator.There will always be a fear amongst the leaders that anything can happen. So guys cool down go with the flow because none of you can make a differece. All can talk for the whole day but nothing will come out of it.If we join hands and fight the military then something might happen.Otherwise our country will always be run by those goons with guns.Sa dri yani.

terry tavita said...

a friend just directed me to this site..well of course i was at o'reilly's, of course i was at dragons, of course i was at birdland and traps, millenium, the chinese place at the corner of victoria parade and others you people didn't mention..i have to work every night..and a journalist's second office of course is the bar ya know..that's where you get the scoop..not some blo-ody workshop..the truth is i did meet a few nice birds during that trip, but i don't remember following them to the toilet or ever getting kicked out of dragons..hihi
as of the story, well, ului's gone, teleni and driti's gone..so i wasn't too far off the truth..

cheers mate,