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Saturday, September 4, 2010

We stand by our story ... the Military Council wants Sayed-Khaiyum out

Coupfourpointfive stands by its story the Military Council has given the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, his marching orders.

The illegal regime of Voreqe Bainimarama is panicking, thanks to the hypocrisy and the corruption within their midst - all of their own making.

More to come on this story with Coupfourpointfive leading the coverage as per.


Anonymous said...

The first sign of corruption within Bainimaram'a ranks appeared pre-coup when they were trying to justify a coup as a means to ending corruption.

After the coup,corruption was like a snowball that increased in size as it rolled along.We saw murders,tortures of innocent citizens and a shameless grab for power, positions and money along with the countless empty promises to the people of a cleaner and prosperous society.

Another sure sign that corruption within the illegal regime is thoroughly entrenched is that more decrees are now in place to protect them from the Police,the courts,the media and public scrutiny.

Dictators and the devil have something in common in that they are dedicated to the temptation,corruption and destruction of our free society.

So it is no suprise that so called leading citizens like Chaudary, Jokapeci Koroi and FLP stalwarts ,Father Mataca & Barr, John Sami, Nawalowalo, Ahkoy, Kubuabola,Shameem sisters, Driti,Sada Reddy, Serulagilagi, Nailatikau,Ganilau and many others are classic examples of the duped.

But God moves in mysterious ways because like the plaques he visited on Egypt,corruption of the Bainimarama regime is his and nature's way of restoring our faith in democracy.

God also knows that like the king of Egypt, Bainimarama has been ruined by pride and has a hard heart.Therefore God will allow corruption to destroy this illegal regime and bring all of its evil participants to justice.

Siti said...

Another day, another prediction that Khaiyum is going, but it just never happens which kind of questions the information on this site, you have been saying this for months now, and still a big nothing. And he will be here in another years time and we will still be hearing the same crap.

he has not been given his marching orders simple as that.

Anonymous said...

there's none so blind like those who refuse to see ... Bainimarama is the WILL of GOD personified ... it is the refusal of anti-government supporters to acknolwedge this that reflects on the hardness of their hearts, their pride their inability to accept that Bainimarama is put here to for a purpose ... as a methodist preacher i now accept this as God's will and now see the shakeup of the church as timely less the hidden whole church within corrupt the whole church

Joe said...

When will we know for sure? I hope we are not disappointed. If the military council pissed him off, why is the dickhead still around, as per Fijivillage.com

Anonymous said...

Who would have believed it in 1987 - 23 years later a civilian Indian giving orders to a once proud military who will destroy the indegenous Fijian race, their traditions and cultures through the power of their own guns.

You are the man Aiyaz getting all those so called tough men (90% who are gay) to follow all your orders especially the biggest Bhaini Voreqe and the Military Council.

The Indian Community are proud of you for grinding their nose in the dust 23 years later through non violent means as we sit back and watch the indegenos fijians fighting amongst themselves and destroying each other

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 7.11am,

Stop bringing Indian Community into Aias's ambitions and mischief making.

Indian's fought the abrogation of constitution in 2000. It is the silent majority of Fijians who are supporting the current abbrogation as they have not fought back as the Indian's did in 2000.

So their agenda as a whole is questionable as the 1987 crooks are back on the steering wheel. So it also suits the Aias's style of ruling to allow them to take back the government for long haul, but this time with false propaganda of multiracialism!!!

Where is Chaudhry's thousands he collected overseas to fight constiution tooth and nail? What has happened to those money from USA and Canada in excess of US$100K as this is apart from the $1.5m from India???

Why pretend to write in FLP page of press releases. Put those money to fight democracy Mr Chaudhry; or give Victor Lal a breakdown of those money collected and where are they now.

Anonymous said...

get your facts straight!

ASK is a taliban not indians. Indians are peace loving citizens and they have no intentions to destroy their host brother,the taukie, like the talibans......the kayium, shammens, khans, aiziz and others who are busy destroying fiji.......even chodory was better....then the taliban netwrk of thugs and criminals...

Anonymous said...

Stop bullshitting yourself. More than 95% of us Fiji Indians support this coup and right now Aiyaz is the man standing up for our rights.

He is fighting for us Indians and stop kidding yourself that he is only there for Muslims in Fiji.

What you sow is what you reap and this so called tough men and women who call themselves indegenous Fijians and the Fiji Military are getting it back through a Indian through non violent means.

Aiyaz you are the Mathmha Ghandi to Fiji Indians as you have shown that you do not need violence to defeat your enemies and get them to bow down to all your orders.


Anonymous said...

Bula all;

Its no big secret. Chaudary did it so what's new about Aiyaz frauding the tax payers.

If you have not caught up with modern politics then its sad. Chaudary got rid of highly qualified and experienced, competent executives to justify his existence and cover himself from the $millions he hide away and his tax evassive tactics, he even fooled the regime with his promises to lift fijis economy. Its easy sack financial institution heads so he can easily access $$$$ to cushion his bull-shit economic theory, so why hasn't he sent to jail.

Aiyaz defended chaudary aggressively - so what does this tell us? he too like chaudary have fraud the nation. He was smart while some were dump and fooled. From past experiences of coups, the rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer, innocents become scapegoats and sacrifices. Now lets ask ourselves a few things - where is John Samy, John Prsad & Co - they came to see, milk, leave dirts and fly.

Aiyaz is smart in the sense by pulling out decrees (assisted by who? easy to check and know who is behind this - another money making fraud by big aunties)for his benefit. If you had brains you could have seen this right from the start of the coup. So Aiyaz was smart in blaming others for corruption except himself and his selective cronnies - militay council should act now and stop the rot and restore some employment for innocent instead of a few rich bastards making more money fro themslves in such situations. This guy should should be sent to jail and await his trial from behind bars - no doubt.

Joe said...

Bula tacina anon. @ 5:05 pm
How can you shoot at someone sitting on the barrel of a gun? Poor Chaudhary, disembarked from the barrel and got shot straight away. It is sad indeed that modern politics is the way it is now. It is also sad that the once brave and courageous RFMF is now a bunch of eunuchs effectively under a taliban control.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz is the MAN directly in charge of Fiji now so everybody just please shut up and follow all his orders like the Military Council and Voreqe are doing at the moment.

Chaudhary charged who gets sacked -Teleni.
FICAC getting closer to major scandals involving Khaiyum who gets sacked - Langman.

Khaiyum I decide - Voreqe you sign and implement or else......

Get used to living under Khaiyum because nobody can anything about it including Voreqe as there is too much dirt on them that Khaiyum has in his posession.