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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where to now Fiji: the choice is yours

By Jone Baledrokadroka

In reviewing Fiji’s Security Development nexus since Voreqe Bainimarama and his military regime usurped power on December 5, 200 the question is simply this - ?

What do you think is better: To live in an orderly society, even though all your liberties are limited, or to respect all of the rights and liberties, even if this causes some disorder?

If your preference is for the first, then the future of democracy in Fiji is grim. Indeed, you have fallen victim of the ‘Boiling frog syndrome’ as the military regime has made you a captive of ‘democracy denial’, and enslaved you to its monthly Public Emergency Regulation Decree extensions.

In many Latin American countries, where disorder and crime were persistent in the 1950s to the 1970s, it was fashionable to support strong-handed rule instead of popular participation in politics.

Today, the phenomenon has been totally overturned with the wave of democratization. Preference then was linked to, as suspected, education with the less well-educated being more likely to be willing to sacrifice rights for order than the better-educated.

The simple logic used by many dictators, hence, has been the perennial linkage of security to development.

With the Fiji media censored, regime propaganda has embellished  the achievements of regime decreed “order” that have translated into decreed “progress”. This is contrary to many suspicions of the true situation, as voiced by Fiji Women rights activist Shamima Ali (ABC Radio 1/9).

The hard question then is this: If security was championed as the fundamental benefit of a dictatorial regime is not translated into development - or better still enjoyed by the acquiescent people, then what use is that regime in power, especially if it didn't have  popular legitimacy in the first place?

This is where the Teleni and Prasad ‘resignation’ comes into play.

Apart from all other SNAFU’s, this is why former Police Commissioner Esala Teleni and Finance Permanent Secretary John Prasad had to exit the stage before another annual United Nations Assembly ‘have- pity- on- me’ address by Bainimarama. 

Teleni and Prasad's ‘resignations’ is a clear admission of ongoing failures, not to mention all the other botched half-baked police and fiscal strategies.

The two all-powerful state appendages, the Police ( headed by Ganilau) and Finance Ministry (headed by Bainimarama)  have failed miserably. 

The dictator finally realized that the finger was also pointing to him and his Defence Minister. So he had to spite his nose to save his face. High hypocrisy was exposed by him failing to live up to his own publicly-espoused rhetoric, “Only the military can bring about change”.

Both of the fall guys were the face of the present state of security and development – the stick and carrot of the regime after four years in power. 

Yet another cruel hoax has been played on the people. We have all been the victims of the abject failure of strategic policy and operational management of an almost bankrupt, confused government led by the blind. 

Who’s next? Don’t ASK me ..... ASK the military council.

Jone Baledrokadroka is a PhD in politics candidate at ANU Canberra


Seize the time said...

reasoned thinking...let's hope the pople on the ground take the message to heart and think about what they want and what is good for fiji.

Anonymous said...

Bound to be more fall guys

Not a victim said...

Sorry, Jone I think the people have allowed themselves to be hoaxed but I heard what you're saying.

tiger balm said...

you guys see this out today: Press Release – Citizens Constitutional Forum

18 months ago the Citizens Constitutional Forum called on Police Commissioner Esala Teleni to resign after reports he convened a meeting of Indo-Fijian officers, and issued threats if they continued relaying dissatisfaction with his leadership.Response To PM’s Comments On Teleni, Fiji Sun 31/8/2010

18 months ago (February 2009) the Citizens Constitutional Forum (CCF) called on Police Commissioner Esala Teleni to resign following reports that he had convened a separate meeting of his Indo-Fijian police officers, and in that meeting issued threats of their removal if they continued relaying their dissatisfaction with his leadership to the media.

We felt that the basic human rights principle of the Right to Equality and Freedom of Religion and Belief were endangered when racist rhetoric was allowed to go unchallenged. CCF believes that leaders in state institutions should set a good example to their followers on the basic principles of human rights. Freedom of Religion and Belief is a core human right entitlement which intends to achieve peace and harmony in the world through religious tolerance.

Now that Teleni has stepped down voluntarily from the post we think that any reappointment to other working places in Government should be made through normal PSC procedures and proper and transparent processes. Due consideration should also be given to the fact that all civil servants and military officers of Fiji need to set a good example to the nation by strict adherence to principles of human rights.

A diverse multi-racial and multi-religious country such as Fiji needs civil servants, and particularly those in position of leadership, who are unbiased towards race and religion.

Tiger Balm said...

Nice one Jone. Let's hope the people of Fiji wake up. I doubt it though - it's been six years and nothing.

Fiji is no more, look at what has happened to Viti in six years, imagine the next 20 years!

My home land is no more. It has become another victim of a dictator and will go down in history as such.

In the future, school students will learn in schools about the Fiji before and the Fiji After, Frank Bainimarama.

Fiji died on December 6, 2006.

Da Maxi Mix said...

Calm down everyone; The Max and his idols, Vore, Kaiyum & Co are working overtime to realise that elusive dream of being self dependent...whatever that means. It is a paradigm shift...whatever that means.

Anonymous said...

Jone Baledrokadroka would do well too ponder an old Napoleonic maxim?

"Never interupt your enemy when they are making mistakes".

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon @ 5:42pm

Very apt.

Anonymous said...

yes, let them make their mistakes and hopefull that's the end of them.