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Monday, October 25, 2010

Bainimarama's spin doctoring double talk for more shafting

By Jone Baledrokadroka former Land Force Commander 

According to Bainimarama his once annointed and die-hard partners in high treason, Commanding Officer 3FIR Lt Colonel Roko Ului Mara and my  successor as Land Force Commander, Brigadier Pita Driti, have simply ‘taken all outstanding leave’ and have not been suspended from military duties.

So goes the regime’s official media release. Sounds quite familiar as the dictator’s axe dropped, oh, so close to him again. The succession plan that we all thought had been so  meticulously put in place by our self-installed strongman Prime Minister, seems to have back fired in recent weeks. 

To close military regime watchers, the media release gobbledegook masked the Commodore’s double speak for shafting his once two most powerful lieutenants before sending them off to Coventry, just like his former best mate Esala Teleni.

If there is one thing Bainimarama is consistent on, it is his despotic and crafty way of despatching senior military officers, all in the name of power!
Bainimarama’s favoured method of booting out  a whole generation of  officers from the year 2000, has been to suspend those he suspects of being  ‘disloyal’ by ordering them to take up all leave entitlements,  pending investigations.

The list is long and some might even venture to say noble: They are Colonels: F Tarakinikini (pictured right, with George Speight) U Vosabalavu, J Kadavulevu, A Tuatoko, J Koroi (N), Raduva,J Koroi (Army), A Buadromo, J Baledrokadroka, S Raravula, S Vatu, E Caucau, M Saubulinayau, Majors: Vosaki and many more.

Once leave is taken, and with doctored investigations conducted, none of these officers have ever returned to duties or, similarly, have ever been charged. All have quietly disappeared from the RFMF payroll with no redress of wrong.

In the past, all of these ‘suspended’ officers have been nonchalantly discarded with the final nod from a pliant senile President as Commander-in-Chief and in consultation with a conspiratorial Colonel of the Regiment, Colonel Paul Manueli (pictured left).

Many other senior officers resigned quietly in disgust at the unprofessional leadership on display from 1999 onwards. This batch included: Lieutenant Colonels:  L Korovavala, V Seruvakula,M Manulevu, P Hennings, S Pickering, S Senibulu, O Rabukawaqa, J Pickering and Majors: Waqabuli, M Bulivou, M Nawaqaliva D Chang,Captains: R Narayan, M Dreu, Lietenants: B Hong Ty, E Tuivanuavou and many more.

It seems the only officers now capable of replacing  the nervous dictator is the over eager Police/Prisons Commissioner Ioane Naivalurua, his brother-in-law, Commander Kean, and a gullible chief of staff/CO 3FIR Lt Colonel, Jone Kalouniwai.

The only other plausible successor(s) the El Supremo is banking his legacy of decay and deceit on, is Brigadier Aziz Mohamed or Attorney General Aiyaz Khaiyum judging by the recent axing of ex military officers: Director Public Prosecution Captain  S. Rayawa, former courts registrar Major A.Rokomokoti and former deputy director FICAC, Lieutenant colonel  G. Langman.

But it's a move that would not go down well with the 99% Fijian military.

The reality of the dictator’s situation is that his only political constituency - the military - will need to be well-fed and purged, simultaneously, to keep him in power everyday he awakens.

Because no doubt he will need eyes at the back of his head or sleep with one eye open in the weeks to come. It goes with the territory, they say.


mark manning said...

The more people Frank deposes from the RFMF, the more there is a chance that he will be overthrown.
Frank and Co.'s reign of terror is nearing its end.

Joe said...

How come Frank cashes in on his outstanding leave whereas others are forced to take them? If this is the "Fiji for all" as promised by the man himself, then God save Fiji. There really is no hope now. Radio Fiji is reporting replacements for Driti and Ratu Ului, rather casually. Consequences may turn nasty, lets wait and see. People should seriously consider migrating overseas.

Jake said...

JB is not in the same class as the eager beaver Naivalurua, Commissioner of All.

bitter and frustrated lord haw haw said...

Tick tock....tick tock....time to dig holes and run...run...run down the cassava patch....get your nappy reafy frankie..

mark manning said...

@ Jake
I agree with you, J.B. is too honourable a Soldier to associated with the murderous Frank Bainimarama and Co.

@ b n f l h h
It's really becoming another " Gilligan's Island " with no one at the helm !

sara'ssista said...

Where's Croz Walsh's pipeline into the regime's info in all of this , can we expect a robust denial from the treasonous aussie PS of misInformation and an equally robust defence of the lie from Croz Walsh suggesting others need to be more 'positive' and 'constructive' and that we should be focussed on the sporting news or bus fares for school students. Will they never learn.

Anonymous said...

@ sara'ssista.

Can't figure Croz?

Fool - opportunists - anarchist?
(personally favour latter).

Anonymous said...

Not naming names.

Respectfully excluding author - 3 obvious standouts - 1/ 8/(k) 12.

Anonymous said...

If any military officer is capable of returning to barrack amid his purported sacking is non otherr than Brigadia General Driti.

While Brigadia position may have been a carrot to shut him up, for the time being, that title may cost Aias big time.

Driti is a very loyal person, and at the same time he may be the only soldier who may still be able to command his battelion even after he gets the boot.

Or is this no nonsense Bai getting rid of all capable soldiers to the cleaners is part of the clean up campaign to not have any military personal ever be capable of conducting another coup.

Does this now show us that this coup is really the one to end all coups afterall?