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Friday, October 8, 2010

Bainimarama pay out: the biggest rip-off in Fiji’s 40 years of Independence

BAINIMARAMA: Playing nation for a fool with outrageous back pay claim. Payout authorised by Chaudhry (below).
Frank Bainimarama’s fraudulent back pay of thousands of dollars does not add up on paper and from his CV

He began life as an ordinary midshipman on a paltry pay in 1975 but after his 2006 treasonous coup ordered Warrant Officer J. Degei, a low ranking officer in the military and the RFMF’s chief clerk, to hand over to him a cheque, authorised by his then illegal Finance Minister Mahendra Pal Chaudhry, of $184,740. In total the military leader and self-appointed Prime Minister stole a whooping $205,147.29 from the taxpayers of Fiji under the guise of leave pay and other payments he claimed was due him for thirty years.

In order to make sense of his controversial and daylight robbery back pay, we need to look at his 2004 Terms of Employment Contract, and his own CV which he provided when he demanded that the then Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase re-appoint him as Commander of the RFMF in 2004.

As I noted in a previous instalment, the above documents are contained in the Cabinet files that were made available to me from inside the Military High Command at Queen Elizabeth Barracks shortly after the coup.

According to the documents, Bainimarama was born on 27 April 1954. He attended Marist Brothers High School in Suva. On 26 July 1975 he joined the Fiji Navy as a midshipman, an officer cadet or a commissioned officer of the lowest rank. He was twenty-one years old when he was put to sea. On 28 November 1977 he passed his Midshipman Fleet Board Certificate, which qualified him to become a commissioned officer.

Let us begin with the RFMF Leave Computation Form (RFMF LCF) in our possession titled “21915 Commodore J. V. Bainimarama PM/COMD RFMF – Last Tour Commenced from Date of Enlistment: 26 July 1975”. We will then compare with the other above-mentioned documents, also in our possession. His backdated leave pay begins in 1978 but there is no mention of the date or month in that year.

According to RFMF LCF, Bainimarama claimed the following for 78/79: Annual Leave: Total, 37 days, Taken, 16 days, Balance, 21 days. But what was this mediocre midshipman up to in the years 1978-79?  According to his CV, on 23 January 1978 he was attending a midshipman supplementary course in Australia. And, between January-June 1978 he was attached to HMAS Jervis Bay for Navigation Training. The following year between January and June 1979, he was attached to Le Esmeralda, the Chilean Navy Training Ship.

Esmeralda – The Ship of Death and Bainimarama’s sojourn on Board
As a digression, the above Chilean Navy ship has a brutal and bloody terrifying history. In 1973, in the aftermath of a bloody coup, supported by business leaders and the CIA, against the democratically elected government of President Salvador Allende, the Chilean Navy helped the new military junta led by General Augusto Pinochet, to be used as a prison and torture chamber.

According to testimony collected by Amnesty International and the Organization of American States, at least 110 political prisoners - 70 men and 40 women - were interrogated aboard the ship for more than two weeks without charges or trial.

The former Mayor of Valparaiso, where the ship was stationed, described being tied to one of the ship’s masts and subjected repeatedly to electric shock. “I couldn't sleep for six days because they woke me up every six minutes, night and day,” he said. “We could hear how the others were tortured right where we were.”

According to a Chilean lawyer held on board, military officials stripped and savagely beat the prisoners and shot them with high-pressure jets of water that produced “an unbearable pain in the head, ears, eyes, and lungs”. At least one of those tortured on board La Esmeralda, a British-Chilean priest named Michael Woodward, died as a result. His body was thrown into an unmarked mass grave. The ship was under the Command of Jorge Sabugo Silva and his Eduardo Barrison. In 1979, Bainimarama had a taste of the ship of death.

Meanwhile, according to the RFMF LCF, Bainimarama earned 30 days Long Service Leave in 1980/1981, 56 days in 1983/984 and 56 days in 1987/1988. Amazingly, given that he joined the Navy in July 1975, he had already in thirteen years of service earned 142 days of LSL.

What was the dictator up to during these years? Again, let us turn to his CV. In December 1980 he passed his Second Mate Certificate Pacific Island Vessels; January 1981, Junior Command & Staff Course, RNZAF, NZ, October 1981 NBCD Course, NZ, March 1892, Completed Short Navigation Course, HMAS Watson, September 1983, attached to the United States Coast Guard Training Centre, New York, March 1984, EEZ Surveillance Familiarization, NZ.

As noted elsewhere, according to the RFMF LCF, Bainimarama did not take a single day’s leave in 10 years between 1983 and 1999, and again in the 8 years between 2000 and 2008.  What was Bainimarama doing up to 1999 before he took up the Commander’s post, which he did not deserve, according to highly classified Military and Cabinet documents? Let us, again, allow his CV to guide us.

Bainimarama: Promotions and Appointments, 1976 – 1999
On 9 August 1976, he was promoted Able Seaman, 12 December 1976, Appointed Midshipman, 1 November 1978, promoted Sub-Lieutenant, June-December 1978, Appointed Navigation Officer HMFS KIRO, June 1979 (NB: in 2008 he claimed annual leave at $263.77 per day for 21 days on so-called $96,276 per annum salary and throughout his career until 2008: what was his salary in 1979?), Appointed Executive Officer HMFS KIRO, August 1981, Promoted Temporary Lieutenant, 1 November 1984, Promoted Lieutenant, February 1985, Appointed CO HMFS KIKAU, 17 February 1986, Promoted Temporary Lieutenant Commander, September 1986-September 1987, Served with 2FIR [MFO], Sinai, as Company Second in Command [2IC], October 1987, took delivery of FNS LEVUKA, LAUTOKA from US Navy, 19 April 1988, Appointed Commanding Officer [CO] Fiji Naval Division, 4 October 1988 Promoted Temporary Commander, 1 November 1991 Promoted Substantive Lieutenant-Commander, January 1992, Resumed Command of Fiji Naval Division, 3 October 1994, promoted Acting Captain [Navy, N], 1 September 1995, promoted Temporary Captain[N], 10 November 1997, Appointed Acting Chief of Staff, 18 April 1998, Appointed Chief of Staff, RFMF, 1 March 1999, Appointed Commander, RFMF and promoted Commodore, on the recommendation of a co-kana loto Epeli Ganilau, his predecessor and raider of the RFMF Regimental Funds and the collapsed National Bank of Fiji.

Meanwhile, in 21 December 1990-21 December 1991, Bainimarama was attached to the Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College, October-November 1992, Maritime Surveillance Course, Warfare College, Newcastle, Australia, May-June 1993, Disaster Management Course 15, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, June-August 1994, Exclusive Economic Course, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, and January-June 1995, with the Australian Joint Services Staff College.

The Swindler’s Other Payments
The RFMF LCF reveal that Bainimarama collected another $29,139.11 in expense and ration allowance.  His service allowance came to $3,832.02, duty allowance was $23,013.92, gratuity for one year was $24,069 and for another 10 months was $20,057.50. The RFMF LCF shows a FNPF deduction of $20,406.71 which went directly into his FNPF account. What the RFMF LCF did not disclose was that the taxpayer had to fork out a similar amount ($20,406.71) to FNPF as the Employer’s contribution to Bainimarama’s account.

Tax Fiddler Chaudhry endorsed his Master Swindler’s Payout
Probably as a favour for protecting him from his own tax fiddling and secret $2million in Australian and New Zealand bank accounts, the then illegal Finance Minister (and in previous incarnation a Government Auditor) Chaudhry claimed that there was nothing sinister about the leave pay. In July 2008, he said he was not aware of any irregularities regarding the payment of $184,740 paid to Bainimarama for leave owed from 1978.

Chaudhry said while some people criticised the payout they could not produce evidence there was some impropriety in the 698 days. “All they are saying is that Commodore Bainimarama is not owed the leave,” he said. Chaudhry said previous governments should be asked why they allowed the leave to accumulate. He omitted to include his own short-lived FLP-NFP Coalition government from 1999-2000. “We are trying to clear all liabilities and that is why we paid it out,” he said. Chaudhry saw nothing sinister about the rate of $263.77 per day based on Bainimarama’s basic salary the payment was made on. “Every day you carry this forward it will be claimed on higher costs,” he said.

2004 Terms and Conditions of Salary and Other Allowances
We wonder if Chaudhry had enquired or had even seen the Terms and Conditions for the post of Commander that was signed between Bainimarama and the Government on 5 February 2004, before signing off the cheque to Bainimarama. As pointed out elsewhere, it is clear that simple arithmetic throws up glaring arithmetical errors in the RFMF LCF, let alone the justification of the entitlements. For instance in 1985/86 the schedule shows that Bainimarama used up all his leave but Degei allocated 8 days of outstanding leave, and Chaudhry turned a blind eye to it.

As noted above, Chaudhry said while some people criticised the payout they could not produce evidence there was some impropriety in the 698 days. Well, did he recall the Terms and Contract of Bainimarama’s appointment? The RFMF LCF of February 2008 states the following calculations: Basic salary, $96,276.000, Daily $263.77, Days 698, Gross $184,441.46; Service Allowance, $2003.05, Daily 549, Days 698, Gross $3,832.02; Duty Allowance, $12,034.50, Daily $32.97, Days 698, Gross $23,013.92; Gratuity (1yr) Annual $24,069.00, 10mths $20,057.50, Gross $44,126.50; Expenses Allowance, $12,5000, Daily $34.25, Days 698, $23,904.11, Ration Allowance, $2,737.50, Daily $7.50, Days 698, $5,235.00. Gross taxable $255,083.90, Tax (31%) $79,076.01, FNFP, $20,406.71 Net $155,601.18, Expenses Allowance 23,904.11 (Non-Taxable), Ration Allowance, $5,235.00 – Net Total: $184,740.29.

Like his own fraudulent tax returns to FIRCA, Chaudhry and other defenders of Bainimarama’s back pay of $263.77 for 678 days can not defend their position. Bainimarama’s basic annual salary is stated as $96,276.00 on 1 February 2008 in the RFMF LCF. And yet, on 5 February 2004, from his Terms and Contract, Bainimarama was hired on a basic fixed salary of $89,352 per annum. In four years, in 2008, his salary has jumped by $7,000. Even setting aside the sum, how on earth was Bainimarama paid a consistent amount of $263.77 per day for 678 days when his salary in 2004 was not $96,276? His CV also reveals his various positions in the navy – are we to believe that the midshipman’s salary in 1978 was $96,276? He was, after all, in that year, a navigation officer on the HMS KIRO. 

Again, from the RFMF LCF of February 2008, Bainimarama is cited as being owed annual leave of 29 days each for March 2004, April 2005, and May 2006, before the treasonous December coup. How, on earth, can those defending Bainimarama, including Chaudhry, claim that in March 2004, a month after he was appointed Commander, he was owed $263.77 per day for 29 days on a salary of $92,276 when Bainimarama had, on 5 February 2004, agreed to take command of the RFMF on a basic salary of $89,352.00.

Maybe, it is time those over-paid Sri Lankan lawyers with FICAC should be called in to look into the scandalous back pay, and investiagtive Bainimarama, Chaudhry, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and all others who colluded in robbing the taxpayers of over $185,000. According to foot soldiers at Queen Elizabeth Barracks, Officers and Other ranks have been corruptly known to sell back leave owing at HQRFMF.

They claim that prior to the Dec 2006 coup, Bainimarama gained a lot of officer support by officers cashing in on outstanding leave. The practise has been highlighted by previous audits of RFMF and all ranks have been always told to always take annual leave owing when in the country. It is plain corruption what Bainimarama did - order a low rank in the RFMF pay office to make out his annual leave entitlement, the foot soldiers claim. Did Bainimarama sell his own annual leave and went on to pocket $185,000?

Other Allowances in Bainimarama’s 2004 Contract

For the record, here is what other allowances Bainimarama had agreed to in February 2004. Ration Allowance of $2,737.50 per annum; Housing, a rent-free Government housing from the RFMF Institutional Quarters; Reimbursable Allowance: telecommunication, a telecommunication allowance of $1,200 per annum, Official Expense (An Official Expense Allowance of $1000 per annum), Professional Subscription (Professional Subscription Allowance of $1,000 per annum; Vehicle, a fully maintained vehicle for official purposes; Superannuation (A Superannuation contribution in accordance with the FNFP Act at the rate of 8% by the Employee and 10% by the Employer); Insurance, (1) A 50% Government contribution towards a life or medical insurance cover of the Commander’s choice subject to the insurer’s terms and conditions, (2) In lieu of overseas travel insurance cover the death of the RFMF Medical Scheme will apply to the Commander; Overseas Travel, A Business Class Overseas Travel package with a Per Diem of 10% loading on the United Nations prescribed and applicable rates. Local Travel: Hotel Accommodation, Hotel Meal Allowance and Subsistence Allowance.

As pointed out in an earlier story on Coupfourpointfive, Bainimarama had agreed to retire at the age of 55 when he signed the 2004 Terms of Contract with the Government of Laisenia Qarase. He was, however, reminded in no uncertain terms: “You are aware that in accordance with the Constitution and the RFMF Act, the Commander RFMF is responsible to the Minister in exercising executive command of the RFMF and in the proper management of public funds approved for the RFMF by Parliament.”   

The $44,126.50 Gratuity Payment on back of 2006 Coup

On 11 March 2004 Bainimarama acknowledged the letter of his appointment but he touched on the issue of a payment of gratuity and the required age to retire at fifty-five. “A common provision that has been provided to the Chief Executive Officers of Government Departments and Constitutional Office holders is a payment of gratuity, recognising the services of the office holder,” he wrote. “The position of Commander is much different in that, whilst other Constitutional Office holders or Chief Executive Officers are permitted to work until they reach the age of sixty, the Commander is required to retire at the age of five-five. We are of the opinion that it is only appropriate that the Commander be paid a gratuity at the end of his service the sum of two times his annual gross salary,” he stated in his letter.

In other words, he agreed to the terms and conditions regarding the retirement age as well placing himself under the control of the Minister and to properly manage public funds approved for the RFMF by Parliament. But four years later, in 2008, he not only refused to retire under the State Services Decree (exempting himself), but collected nearly $45,000 in Gratuity payments, while providing a park to the 55 plus whom he has thrown to the dogs.

Leave Pay Unlawful

In the end, it took one of the supporters of the Peoples Charter, Akuila Yabaki of the CCF, to call upon Bainimarama and the regime to reverse the “unlawful, flawed decision to award leave pay for 698 days dating back to 1978”. Yabakii said the normal practice was that all outstanding leave had to be used before the end of any contract period. “As far as CCF is aware, Bainimarama's previous contract as army commander ended in January 2004. Therefore, all leave prior to January 2004 that had not been utilised by Bainimarama would have become null and void," he said.

Yabaki said Commodore Bainimarama's new contract as army commander began in February 2004. “As such, he can only claim for leave not utilised after the February 2004 date. Even for the post-February 2004 period, Bainimarama should not claim for leave pay outstanding beyond one year, unless he can provide good reason why he did not utilise his leave,” Yabaki asked. He said if Bainimarama did not want to use his leave since 1978, then he should accept that was his choice. “To claim for that leave now is bad governance and shows poor and non-transparent leadership," Yabaki said.

But Yabaki’s comments fell on the deaf ears of Bainimarama, the self-appointed Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, National Planning, Public Service, Peoples Charter for Change and Progress, Information, Sugar, iTaukei Affairs, and Multi-Ethnic Affairs and Provincial Development.

RFMF should hang its head in shame on Independence Day

As Fiji celebrates its 40th anniversary of the independence on 10 October, the master “Indian Rope” trickster has come out with a message to the nation: “Our post-Independence history has been dissimilar to some other countries. We have had events which we could have done without. We have had politics which we could have done without. These situations led to regression as opposed to progression. It led to stagnation as opposed to modernization. Today, however, is not a day of condemnation or recrimination. Today is a day of celebration. I wish you all a happy Fiji Independence Day.”

The biggest thief in Fiji’s history will be flying the national flag on the country’s 40th independence anniversary, with other crooks and kana lotos singing his praise. We say, instead of saluting their thieving army chief, the soldiers should be hanging their heads in shame. For they are led by a crook and swindler who, after joining as a midshipman four years after Fiji’s independence in 1970 now, forty years later, has swindled the nation of $205,000 in bogus back pay.

In his 1971 New Year message, the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, as Prime Minister of independent Fiji, described 1970 as the “year of hope fulfilled”. The peaceful transition from colony to independence for him was “a pearl of great price which can perhaps be shared with the world at large.”

As we celebrate Fiji Independence Day, we must ask ourselves what price needs to be paid, in sweat, toil and even blood(for there is no easy walk to freedom), to return the country to democracy, to free ourselves from the economic fraudster and his supporters, who have made corruption and oppression their plaything – and giving themselves obscene salaries forty years after independence under various illegal decrees.

Fiji, The Way The World Should Not Be! Independence means FREEDOM.


Jake said...

Freedom! oh what a wonderful word I love freedom it makes a jolly good fellow.

But it helps with a bit more cash.

Onya Bai.

Jake said...

The man deserves the back pay for all he has done 4 Fiji. Give him some more as advance leave pay and Fiji will be on the way to prosperity.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect?
Man's a pirate not a leader.

Wonder how much of the missing $200m he got his hands on?

Anonymous said...

One thing is not showing. Did he or did he not take those purported leave all those years.

We speak about money component and are arguing why the $$ per day calculations.

One must check this fact to see how many days he indded did not take leave in those years as claimed.

Then is the fact that it had been govt practice to pay any outstanding leave at the current salary at the time of payment.

This had been the practice prior to the Dec 2006 coup. Ask Qarase he should know as FDB had paid people on similar situations outside of the annual contract clause that one must use their leave anually.

When you go on leave today, you will go on the value of current employment wage rate. I think this is the basis.

BUT did he REALLY not take those days leave is the million dollar question?

and why did he decide to take it or raise it after he took command of the parliament? Why could he not raise this issue before that and provide a running total of leave outstanding days? was there no such procedures in the Navy and RFMF in their Human Resource Section??

Jimoni said...

You can't simply carry leave forward for 30 yrs, simple as that. You cannot culculate it on current salary.

Anonymous said...

Disagree its the'biggest rip-off in 40 years'.

Say missing $200m that nobody wants to talk about deserves that ranking.

Anonymous said...

If Frank LOVES Fiji, why didnt he take gradual leaves for the so-called 678 days owed to him - he still has 2014 to go - but no, the greedy crook wanted CASH on the strength of the coup

Anonymous said...

Just plain and simple......day light robbery. NA BUTAKO VAKA SIGALEVU.

Torture of another kind said...

Victor Lal often comes across as obsessive but his detailed account of events on the Chilean sailing ship Esmeralda during the Pinochet era really takes the keke. What on earth has this got to do with Frank Bainimarama? Or does he think that by telling a gruesome account of torture on the ship the dictator once trained on, the ordure will somehow rub off on his enemy number one? This is one more example of the main problem with Victor's work - lots of painstaking detail to make the wooliest of conclusions. There's nothing wrong with him "investigating" the circumstances of Frank's back-pay. But you have to wonder whether he had to use the Esmeralda yarn to bolster a pretty weak case that the PM has corruptly raided the national piggy bank. Whether or not you think Frank deserved his back pay, the amounts Victor cites were all signed of on by the normal custodians of the national accounts. Wake me up when he starts going down to the Reserve Bank, like all the other dictators, and leaving with truckloads of cash.

Anonymous said...

There are lots of people who find Victor's detailed account of events surrounding Bainisona's movements interesting, and informative although extrenuous to you and others.

It is relevant to describe the background of those training Bainisona. Their morals, philosophies, beliefs, attitudes and culture will certainly rub off Bainisona.....would you send him to train in the Communist Russian Navy then...of course not as Govt would fear Bainisona would be tainted with Communisim ideologies. So carry on Victor with your excellent detailed reporting. Vinaka vakalevu.

Anonymous said...

If Fiji is possessed of the likes of Torture of another kind, than God help the country - the fact remains that of all things, the frist thing Frank wanted to settle was his leave pay, which he claimed he was owed for thirty years - I challenge Frank to produce evidence that for thrity years he had been knocking at the doors of different governments asking for the settlement of the leave pay. If we dont stand up to Frank and the gang Fiji will have its own Esmeralda - whatever happened to the pilot who allegedly drowned when his helicopter went down - he had ferried Qarase out of Naitasiri for FB was blood thirsty - Frank is a crook and no amount of support will change our views of him

Anonymous said...

The overriding issue is that Frank needed to use the power of his position as Interim PM to obtain the payment. That, in itself, is pure self-serving corruption, inexcusable under any system.

Jake said...

Its a bit rich to tar Bainimarama with the same brush as Rabuka and Qarase and their bent beneficiaries.

Most of the beneficiaries have managed to slither their way out to a foreign land just in time before they were apprehended who can trust such vultures.

As far as I am concerned what you read is predicated on lies.

Its only one persons opinion and nothing more.

All you guys need to know is Fiji will never be the same where self pilferage of public funds is the thing of the past.

Happy Independence Day all and all the best in securing a bright future for the people of Fiji Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Without any support for Frank and his leave pay,

I must ask do you support an enquiry or public listing of all debts written off above $5000 by FDB since 1988?

Who knows we may find many more of FB's that should be exposed with the old crooks and the new crooks.

Who knows there maybe a common names coing out over and over again?

Anonymous said...

I'm of the same mind as Torture of Anr Kind 7.39a.m. Best to keep the story line simple & leave out unnecessary facts that gets everyone lost on what really went down - i.e. iPM Bainimarama robbing the people's treasury with an undeserved leave payout, whilst pointing his thieving fingers at others.

That's his sorry legacy unfortunately - a common thief and a murderer. Boidada clean up!

@ Anonymous 2.47p.m. YES! PLEASE LIST THEM ALL! I don't understand how people can simply refuse to pay their loans/debts? Particularly, all those who have been exposed on these freedom blogs - we see them breezing past in their flashy cars, at flashy places, in their flashy gear - so why are they not held accountable for their thieving actions?! They must be made to pay back every single dollar stolen - even as far back as 1988 - NBF, FDB and wherever else. We now realise how these thieving rats got an early headstart - a sorry bunch of butabutakos, sa vakamadua....

Tiger Balm said...

Victor I like your stories but they are too long. Please write shorter and if you can't then write in parts. Remember we are reading on the internet not a newspaper. Otherwise keep up the good work.

TheMax said...

Yeah jughead no one will pilferage Fiji but the Vore. So begone son of Satan and stop polluting the environment.

Anonymous said...

@ Jake.

Offer you a spooky insight?

Qarase was offered an oppurtunity
to leave Fiji - take up a position
for which he is well qualified.
Admit it would have meant tough financial times - making do with pittance currently paid to
international bankers - relocating to backwaters such as US -Switzerland.

All he had to do was consider some really simple basic fundamentals - lifes too short - family comes 1st - don't need this - I'm outah here etc.

He didn't - wouldn't - & won't.

Now put yourself in the very same position - what would you do?

Answer will reveal a lot about yourself - & him?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.53pm; I like your opinion at anon 2.47pm; particularly where you state "we now realise how these thieving rats got an early headstart".

This is why the old NFP politicians were adamently supporting free education to Fijians as they were lagging behind. This was to allow them to have their own mind and able to make their own judgements on thieving politicians so that they can vote freely and not based on falsely campaigned racial propaganda.

Now you see, the rot has settled down so deeply that it is very difficult to get support for opening the books from all sides!!!

TheMax said...


Its a bit rich to tar Bainivore with the same brush as Rabuka and Qarase both of whom never got any leave pay backdated 30 yrs.

What read is predicated on lies, yeah whose lie?

A bit too stupid jughead...your position that is. You should go and pray more to your Kalou Vu.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 12.09p.m. - why thank you! And whilst I agree with you that the rot has settled in deep, i think we should still open the 'black book of written off debts' from all sides and from all angles. All is not lost dear, I'm always an an optimist :)

People need to face their demons, the truth should be revealed and dealt with appropriately, only then can true healing take place in this country, and we as a people can move forward, peacefully - having understood fully who did what and why it happened - I think those lessons learnt will stay with us as a people, in ensuring that impunity is a distant memory of the past.

So true, education is KEY even though it obviously produces some rotten apples in the barrel but doesn't fate have an uncanny way of shining the light on these rotten apples that have used their education and power in mischievous, evil ways, eh?

Funny I liked both the policies of NFP and Labour. In 1999 I voted for the NFP/SVT coalition because I believe in 2nd chances (for Rabuka) and I love JR Reddy. In 2001, I voted for Labour, simply because they fully deserved to complete their term in govt that Speight (supported by the military)had wrestled away from them!

Anonymous said...

@ the spooky Anonymous 10.24a.m.

Not that I'm supporting that idiot Jake BUT what exactly does you statement about Qarase not taking up the offer to move abroad prove - nothing really!

Oh! If he knows the extent of likes of Jake's dipping their fingers in the treasury pot, please make sure all that evidence is safely RECORDED, Qarase should not be made to go down alone!

Anonymous said...

anon 4.52pm; I like your way of thinking. I know you are a "female" from analysing your comments!

I also agreed to give Rabuka a second chance in 1999, because he had offered to renew all leases, but after the elections; although he was using this to gain vote for NFP coalition.

However no Fijian chiefs, GCC or landowners rejected his governments call, but since SVT was no longer GCC's Party, Fijians for the first time were not subjected to pressure from the Vanua to vote, hence they voted freely to get fresh politicians into parliament.

But when it came to 2001, they were put back into the same basket, but this time under the banner of Provincial Councils choosing candidates for them and for their choice of political party.

Once again, that political voting rights were taken away from the Fijians by having the vanua to decide their free votes.

So it was Fijians who never had real voting rights. And one man one vote will stop that as no party will have vanua support, at least not openly they can campaign as those councils are government machineries.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 8.20p.m – does it matter whether I’m a female or male? Or is it really the substance of what I say that is important? Agree - it’s the substance, but the fact that you’ve pointed out that I’m a “female” makes me feel special – and that is because we are very special :)) A wise person recently said, ‘when women suffer, all else suffers’ – so profound, I thought!

Anyway, back to our depressing “politics” which I’m not even an expert in so here’s my 2cents worth : I see nothing wrong with having independent candidates (one vote one person) but I also see nothing wrong with having party politics either – these are a collective group of individuals with similar ideals and vision on how they think Fiji should be governed - and have freely gravitated towards each other to form a party and campaign on a shared platform - shared ideals – shared resources, what could be so wrong with that?

The problem lies (and I agree with you) in them using the government machinery (i.e. provincial councils, the ministries through the agricultural scam etc) to get a buy-in from vanua (made up of a people who hold a strong sense of traditional loyalty to their respective vanuas and whose lack of education (for the majority, and esp. so in its leadership) only exacerbates their inability to discern the true motives of these politicians and campaigners who have no qualms and shame in taking advantage of the situation – I think therein lies the real tragedy). As someone recently said in another blog – 'o keda tiko ga' - isn't that so apt in this context as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey 'TORTURE OF ANOTHER KIND', of course Bainisona got his money signed off by the right people (or whoever the fck it was that did it). The point is he had to make it look legal so the public could see that he did it the rite way. So that the people of Fiji will say "oh thats allrite, he did it the rite way" just like what you saying rite now.

You know, I wont be surprised that the people that dealt with the approval of the money were burdened with the thought that if they don't give it the green light, their lives are in danger. In other words, they are fucked.

Im glad the Chilean warship was mentioned cause its just information. I agree with you that its got nothing to do with the subject at hand but for your information, its the first time for me to hear about the Ship of Death, and it does not even contribute the slightest of effects to this daylight robbery by Bainisona.

Tell you what, you better WAKE UP NOW. Bainisona does not need to send trucks to the Reserve bank. Why should he??? He controls the guns, the bullets the guns fire and the fingers that pull the triggers. As long as hes still in charge, all his cheques will be approved by WHOEVER THE FUCK THAT DOES IT.