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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Call for another look at the Pacer Plus agreement

By Jemima Garrett, Radio Australia

A meeting of Pacific Island trade officials, non-government organisations and business has called for comprehensive consultation over the PACER Plus trade agreement.

After years of lobbying, officials from 13 Pacific Island nations, Australia and New Zealand met with NGOs and private sector representatives in Honiara, in an historic consultation on PACER Plus.

The Chair of the event, Fiji's former foreign minister, Kaliopate Tavola, said the meeting would recommend to the region's trade ministers that consultation continues throughout the preparatory phase for PACER plus, during the formal negotiations and right up until a final agreement is signed.

Despite criticism of the lack of funding for delegates to attend, Mr Tavola said the tone of the meeting was very positive.

He said the meeting recommended resources be put aside at national and regional levels to ensure all stakeholders are able to participate. 

Australia and New Zealand will be asked to contribute.


mark manning said...

Personally I think that it's time the Governments of Australia and New Zealand pegged their financial contributions to results, rather than just handing over our tax funded contributions to failed States, just for the sake of it.
Result Driven, that should be the basis on which we continue to contribute.
At the moment, there seems no obligation on the part of donor Countries and their respective Governments.

Jake said...

PACER Plus cannot function withou Fiji.

sara'ssista said...

@ Jake

Aus and Nz don't need PACER, Fiji does. we can afford take all the time in the world. Fiji appears to have th attitude that everyone owes it something and that even aid is some sort of 'entitlement'. How is that working for ya?