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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chaudhry interview over but no charges have been laid

The son of Mahendra Chaudhry says the police have finished interviewing his father but he hasn't been released yet.

Rajendra Chaudhry is legal counsel to the former prime minister and Fiji Labour Party leader.

He says his father is still at the Rakiraki police station after being taken into custody with five others yesterday afternoon, but no charges have been laid.

Chaudhry has told Fiji media his father was taken to hospital yesterday afternoon because he was sick and was brought back to the station after receiving medical attention.


Anonymous said...

That serves him right the coup supporter, tax fraud, serial liar, law breaker etc. Don't feel pity for the man because he uses ordinary Indian farmers for his own gain in his political career. Now he can use the millions he collected in the name of displaced Indian families in Valelawa, Muaniweni, Girmit center after the 2000 coup to fight his case that is stashed away in Ozzie banks. This is while such families which he arranged to be moved to such centers are still waiting for the financial assistance he promised! God knows what lies he was trying to tell the poor Rakiraki farmers when he got arrested. It would have been better if he distributed the money he has in the Ozzie banks and the tax he did not declare to help sugar cane farmers in the drought affected areas!

mark manning said...

Frank and Co. are going to be facing a lot of law suits when Democracy is returned in Fiji.

I was thinking last night, what motivates Chaudhry, apart from his ego and greed, to keep confronting everyone and the only thing i could think of was that because of his near death experience with George speight, he is invincible, in his own traumatised mind and that perhaps Frank is in the same mental state.

Radiolucas said...

@ MM

Frank left his sanity and logic in the cassava patch. All we have now is a man hell-bent on retaining power at all costs.

Anonymous said...


Why are you asking Chaudhry to break another law by asking him to give out the Aussi millions to drought farmers or to Valelawa displaced families?

Why not give them to the Lautoka Refugee Camp for those victims as they were the only identified victims in the eyes of those to whome Chaudhry named as victims of 2000 coup.

As for Valelawa displaced farmers, it was really the NFU members only and were funded by subcription money collected by Labasa branch which they purportedly had arounf $100k in their bank that was used to form the Valelawa Camp.

If you want military to open the books, then NFU should show the path by oipening their books as they too are public funds.