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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chaudhry under surveillance - case adjourned

Mahendra Chaudhry and five others charged with one count of unlawful assembly under the Public Emergency Regulation, have pleaded not guilty in the Rakiraki Magistrates Court today.
A new magistrate, Usaia Ratuvili, presided over the case after Tavua Magistrate Faizal Koya excused himself on Monday saying he was a close associate of Chaudhry's.
The five were defended by Rajendra Chaudhry.
The case has been adjourned to November 11.
Until then, Chaudhry is under surveillance and has to report to a police station near him once a week.
If found guilty, Chaudhry could be fined $1000 or two years imprisonment, or both.


Jake said...

Save the Goat, sent them to jail.

Hurrah for the boys in Green.

God bless Fiji and Bainimarama.

TheMax said...

Save the goat and kill the snake Jake

TheMax said...

The boys in green will soon be wearing yellow as anounced by Bai to mark the yellow ribbon progress.

Anonymous said...

Onya Mahend. You are the true champion and hero of the silent majority.