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Friday, October 15, 2010

China currency traded in Fiji

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Fiji Broadcasting Corporation: Fiji and China have discussed the possibility of including the Chinese currency - the (Renminbi) RMB - into the basket of Fiji’s trading currencies.

The issue was discussed at a meeting between Fiji’s Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola and his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi in Beijing.

Ratu Inoke says the initiative will help facilitate Fiji’s trade with China and is also part of Fiji’s ‘Look North Policy.’

The two ministers also discussed bilateral exchanges and cooperation.

China will be establishing a Confucius Institute in Fiji and will also explore the notion of establishing sister cities with some of China’s fast growing metropolitan cities.

Ratu Inoke also acknowledged China’s desire to help in improving the public service by offering places to the Fiji Public Service Commission for training opportunities in the China Executive Leadership Academy in Shanghai.

Further, Fiji is now seriously looking at the prospect of purchasing weapons from Chinese manufacturers to assist Fiji’s participation in UN Peacekeeping and Peace building Missions.


Mastiff said...

Mmm. Interesting development. Worrying times. Smokes and Mirrors.

Do we know who is going to invest in the FSC?

- PM oversees sugar - FSC collapses

- Mahen Jumps off bandwagon of IG. Does a few dances with the cane famers. Not taken to camp but charged. Court case to be another tactic to keep us occupied?

- Land Grab decree (Pm to have last say on land usage). Maybe so that he can grab land for machanised farming with his Chinese friends?

- Possibility of free labor, provided by prisoners. Maybe for the planed venture with our new Chinese friends?


A few question we might want to think about.

Joe said...

A simple unarmed Ballu Khan made you military eunuchs look like fools and idiots. What do you think the chinese will do to you? It will happen before you know it. It is a thin end of the wedge. Suva will be renamed "CU- VA" or "CU VEI AU" and Nadi, "NA-CI". Kubuqalana and Bainisona are other prospective names. Bainivuaka for the taliban.

Jimoni said...

Here we go people, Fiji is fast on the way to becoming a China setalite state. Unless of course the struggle begins now...peaceful or otherwise. Better than sitting around waiting for it to happen.

Anonymous said...

PRC Embassy.

Be alert anybody attempting to exchange freshly printed Fiji $20 notes bearing serial numbers EB 450001 5000 for Yuans. Latter part of hijacked $200ml shipment.
Caution advised handling said currency - possess as yet un -identified mystical qualities - somehow navigated passage
from Suva to outback Australia in time frame that simply doesn't stack up? (in Toowoomba before reported stolen in Suva).

Anonymous said...

It becomes clearer by the day: What Frank has in mind is a society modeled after Chinese blue prints: Allow the private sector to do business, take your cut in bribes, do not fool around with elections and free speech, keep political control within the military and hope that the rest of the world will come to party. But wait a moment. While the governance systems of China and Fiji have become very similar since the coup, there is a very significant difference between the two new friends. One is a political and economic giant, led by very smart people the other is, well an opera state led by a moron who cannot help awarding himself medals. If we look at trade figures between Oz, NZ and China and compare them with trade with Fiji, the picture becomes clear. The Chinese on the other hand know quite well, that in an very unequal relationship their chances to raid Fiji's resources for a song are great. A guy like Frank is dumb enough to sell the country for a couple of million as long as he can have his share. And in the meantime trade and co-operation between China and the Western countries goes on. It is just too big a market to miss.

Anonymous said...

Game Change.

More about avoiding future legal consequences than having his share.

Anonymous said...

Someone please give this man a crash course in the fundamental protocols' of diplomacy - international & otherswise.

Invitations conveyed personally & privately are not public newspaper press releases - photo oppurtunity shoots or political stunts.

mark manning said...

Welcome to Chindia !