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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Credit where it's due? Chaudhry arrest sparks a paradigm shift


I have deep political differences with Mahendra Pal Chaudhry - the Old Cunning Fox. I have exposed his hidden millions in Australian and New Zealand banks. I have publicly accused him for the strained race relations in Fiji. I have accused him for creating the environment for the 2006 treasonous coup. You name an issue, I have blamed Chaudhry for it.

So, you might ask why am I saluting a man whom I hold in utter contempt? I am saluting him because he seems to have woken up to what he was respected for - standing up to injustice and dictatorship. I am not interested in the charges against him for tax evasion and money laundering that could still see him, if convicted by a pro-regime stacked judiciary, land in Naboro Prison.

What has attracted me to him is what I have always believed should happen - someone - either a dictator's former friend or a rabid foe, should stand up to the dictator and his Indo-Fijian Goebbels, Aiyaz Sayed Kaiyum, and bring the whole roadshow to its final end.

It seems Mahendra Pal Chaudhry could be that MAN. "Men at some time are masters of their fates, "Shakespeare reminds us, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings". Chaudhry might be rotten to the core, but he has re-discovered that old fighting spirit, Again, to quote Shakespeare:" There's a small choice in rotten apples".

I am acutely aware that Chaudhry was in Rakiraki, for his own selfish political end - but if the end justifies the means - the removal of the present dictatorship, we should give Chaudhry that support - as dictator's friends, the Chinese say, "Its better to light a candle than to curse darkness".

We hope the people of Fiji will, like Chaudhry, disregard the obnoxious and oppressive illegal Public Emergency Decree. He has lit the way - lets follow him and defy the dictatorship.

I am not saluting Chaudhry, I am acknowledging his realisation that one cannot remain silent against oppressive laws as Fiji burns! The time for dialogue is long gone; demonstrations by thousands is the only language the dictator will bow to - as for the military, they will be on the demonstrators side - for they have also woken up to the treachery the dictator and his cohorts have played on them and the nation.

Long live the fighting spirit!


Anonymous said...

Again you are absolutely correct Victor. Most revile Chaudory but all know how our hate for dictatorship and trampling of our rights and dignity forcefully imposed on us are much more unbearable in an environment where we seem to be helplessly lost for direction and courage to do anything. Our normal leaders including especially in Fijian society the absence of so called tradsitional leaders courageous enough to lead us fight the dictator.

Definitely i as a Taukei admit that i admire Chodaury's courage in standing up against the dictatorship. I just ask the other Taukeis to join MC resist the dictatorship full on with courage....kua tiko na lamulamu

mark manning said...

The Regime in Fiji knows full well that the slightest protests in fiji amongst the populace, could snow ball into an uncontrollable, unstoppable avalanche from which they will never recover and the fact that they are harassing an old man like chaudhry, has simply highlighted Frank Bainimarama and Co.'s fears.

My enemies enemy, is my friend !

Jake said...

Victor my friend Fiji aint burning quite the contary.Fiji for the first time in its history is on righteous path led by a man of unblemished princples.

As for your mate Chaudhry the sky was his oyster it appears thats no longer the case.

This man isnt standing up to the chosen one but was in the process of serving himself.

Anonymous said...

The people prefer Chaudhry than uneducated casava patch coward Frank and Talibam AG Aiash..Shame on Fijian Leader on not leading the fight like Hon Chaudhry...all SDL and NFP leader wants to lead from the back but only Chaudhry can take the bull by the horm...he has proved to be worthy pf Prime Miniter's job no one else can claim that anymore including Qarase

Four eyes said...

@Jake it's actually the sky is the limit, brudda but i hear what you saying. Chodri is not standing up because he has seen the light but because he's been shat on from a high.

TheMax said...

Jake falla you must be Satan if you think Fiji is being led down the righteous path. As of unblemished record...you must be blind.

Radiolucas said...

@ Four Eyes et al:

You mean that he has now seen the light given that the military used and abused him for his influence?

Frank will use and burn up all his advisors until there is noone left but him and his closest criminal allies: they become his excuses and scapegoats in his mad grasp for total control and all power. It is just a matter of time before the tyrant becomes another of history's examples of treason, corruption and abuse of power.

Joe said...

I think you got it wrong this time Victor. Chaudhary and his son have schemed this one smartly, in that this is a ploy to get sympathy from the very people he robbed, the poor displaced farmers. It is designed to divert attention from his money laundering case. His unsuspecting mates who were arrested with him got sucked in again by this master con artist. IMHO this issue should not be given any publicity and the case should be thrown out of court immediately, and lets concentrate on his money laundering issue, which is more important and genuine.

ex Fiji tourist said...

joe how can the alleged money laundering be genuine when hairyarse, 2 years ago, had an impartial 'enquiry' and found no wrong with chodopu$$

Anonymous said...

Who Knows with Chaudhry. He must have orchestrated to leak information to Police of his plans to the grog session, to be arrested for media attention. Another come back campaign strategy to be one above SDL and NFP.

Will he really get Fijian votes or will remain with the insignificant 5% only after 25 years of FLP in existence.

Or is this a joint strategy with Aias to help planned heroism campaign to have Chaudhry win next election as to help save Aias from the D day if FLP become the govt come "surprise early elections".

In politics have an open mind to understand politicians and their strategic moves to retain sympathy and support.

Victor if you are supporting Chaudhry for defying the obnoxious oppressive public emergency decree, and not supporting tax evasion and purportedly taking ownership of public money which was for purported only refugee camp at Lautoka Girmit Centre, then don't you think that those Tax staff Chaudhry fired should first be reinstated as treasonous chaudhry started the obnoxious behaviour.

And also treasonous Qarase for the vote buying scam and defying the constitution by not forming the multiparty cabinet in 2001.

So my advice to you all is that let us agree to treasure the Chinese saying "Its better to light a candle then to curse the darkness".

Give Frank this olive branch and everyone march forward with accepting the undemocratic past. Only then you can have Frank and his boys feel safe to allow an early elections without fear of seeing the cells of Naboro.

Anonymous said...

To ex-Fiji tourist, the money laudering is genuine on the basis for the prosecution to state to the court that the original enquiry was limited on terms of reference and was therefore "flawed in process" as it did not address all matters in question.

It is for Chuadhry to show proof that the money belonged to him when he claimed in tax return through his Accountant that it belonged to the public, when his speeches overseas raised emotions for people at Lautoka Refugee Camp and not Valelawa Camp as it did not exist, nor were they coup victims. So who really are these so called public??

Then comes if he takes the path that money belonged to him personally, then he lied in his tax claim that it belonged to the public. So either way he has to be found guilty unless he gives part of that money to the identified victims relevant to that collection, which is really the Lautoka Refugee Camp.

Anonymous said...

Reckon both Cobra's getting ahead of themselves.

Say immediate problem is beating serious corruption charges?

Anonymous said...

Give credit where it is due...and Chaudary deserves none other than the gallows.

However,I can see that Victor's reasoning is that of last resort and though unpopular is a valid point.The saying,"an enemy of your enemy is your friend" is apt in these circumstances and a recent classic example is the use by the Americans of Osama Bin Laden's Al Queda in the 70"-80's,to defeat the Soviet occupying army in Afganistan.

Lets deal with Chaudary later,the point is that right now we all need t bury our differences and unite against the great Satan, Bainimarama. This idiot will have absolutely no public support if all the Indians and Fijians populace unite against himg.

Lets also dangle the "immunity decree" carrot at every subordinate military officer and soldier who abandons Bainimarama's misguided coup and lead to arrest all of his corrupt command and corrupt failed politicians who support him.

This is a chance for these servicemen and women to redeem their and the FMF reputation in the public's eyes and save the country from these greedy self serving hooligans in the junta.

The Commonwealth Games are on and its sad to see Fiji miss out.Our country and especially the future of our your people are being held to ransom by the corrupt Bainimarma and other criminals like Voreqe, Driti, Naivalurua Natuva, Qiliho, Mason Smith, Ganilau, Nailtikau, Driti, Khaiyum, Aziz, Vunibobo,Kubuabola, Ah Koy,Bole,Gates and so forth.

We must welcome the troops who are being misled but all those corrupt opportunists in the junta must face justice first before reconciliation.

fiji ruse said...

A enemy of your enemy is your friend is a SDL premise

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.51pm;

Why then was immunity decree not o.k. for Bai for 2000 mutiny declared on the "State" as US President Bush would say "friendly fire"?

If likes of you had brain then, we would not be seeing him and his goons outside the barrack today.

So you are now asking for others to committ the same crime 10 years later and that they will be given the immunity to the subordinate military officers?

Why are you wanting to put them at risk? what about you do it yourself and those subordinate military officers will look after your interest!! Everyone wins!!!