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Monday, October 18, 2010

Defence and Immigration ministry pushing National ID cards

POLICE STATE: Fiji junta aiming to oppress citizens even more.
The illegal government has started an outrageous campaign - to introduce national identification cards for the citizens of Fiji.
The Ministry of Defence, National Security and Immigration  begun consultations today regarding this horrendous idea with senior government officials of several departments and ministries putting their heads together to see how they can make it work.

The Permanent Secretary for Defence, National Security and Immigration, Jale Fotofili, is said to be driving the idea and has been quoted as saying the regime believes Fiji needs the card.

“We made a presentation to Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama on the issue, he has accepted the idea despite other issues pertaining to its implementation. These ID cards, once in place, will expedite the elections within a day – and thus the reason to carry out the exercise."
A Fiji Village story says the proposal was put forward during a briefing at the Airports Fiji Limited board room, where Senior Defense Ministry official Joji Washington told Dictator Bainimarama the card would contain critical personal information of an individual and could be used for identification requirements.

Washington is reported as saying the ID card will strengthen the work of law enforcement, immigration, customs, bio security, border police, AFL security, airline and port security and outsourced security personnel.

He says the prototype national ID will contain a micro chip containing personal bio data, picture, fingerprint, passport system, ID number UID number machine, barcodes for TIN and LTA list verification.

It's believed the ID card will not replace passports
The ID cards are further signs of abuse of citizens by the junta, as it continues to try and control every facet of life in Fiji. It is time the people of Fiji realised the enormity of the dangers they live in because of this corrupt and evil self-appointed government. 


Anonymous said...

Good idea - assist people such as sailors & soldiers remember basics - such as occupations.

Kalavo said...

What on earth has id cards gota do with election? Well I suppose democracy in Fiji depends on nationa id cards.

Jake said...

The id card system will certainl boost the economy and bring about a speedy return to democracy.

mark manning said...

Tragically, Fijians, well many of them at least, wouldn't know their arseholes from their elbows, even if it bit them !
Perhaps this race of people deserve to be taken off the face of the earth.
Survival of the fittest isn't it really ?

mark manning said...

What next, Star of David stitched onto your clothes and an identification numbered tattooed onto your forearm ?
Hasn't this all been done before somewhere ?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another waste of tax payers money.

Anonymous said...

signs of worry?...and insecurity...

Anonymous said...

Na tamani vaqara i lavo levu. voreqe mo vakacegu ga. mo saumi taro ena nodratou mate na CRW kei na butako i lavo o cakava. Gonei sa sega saraga vei iko na madua.

Anonymous said...

The whole idea is to liquidate bible believing christians.