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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Defence White Paper – Part Five. The RFMF: A dysfunctional Institution

Editors Note: As debate on the role of the Fiji military in the affairs of our nation intensifies, we have decided to reproduce excerpts of the highly controversial and secretive Defence White Paper whose contents contributor Victor Lal had exposed shortly before the 2006 coup. Coupfourpointfive argues the Report was one of many factors which prompted the dictator to seize power and to plunder the nation.

In the Defence White Paper’s opinion, the RFMF was disoriented after years of policy neglect, the 2000 events and their aftermath, and withdrawal from Lebanon. Though the RFMF restored order in Fiji, it did not display cohesion throughout the events of 2000.

The Committee noted in its Report: ‘Fiji has a strategic interest in the cohesion and professionalism of the RFMF. The RFMF is widely credited with ‘saving the nation’ in 2000 but in doing so it exhibited internal strains based on provincial rather than national loyalties.’ Provincialism also undermined the unity of the RFMF in the 2000 crisis.

Several key personalities shared their time, knowledge, and experience to provide the background and information on which the review was based. The Committee also consulted the then Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes. The DWP concluded that the principal decision to be made was whether the police were to be given full responsibility for maintaining order. If so, judgements were needed as to when they would be ready to assume those responsibilities.

To recapitulate, the Government, the DWP recommended, needed to give the RFMF a clear and defined role, an external focus – peacekeeping and cut away anything not associated with the role which might provide an excuse for the RFMF to involve itself in domestic politics.

Editor’s Note: In his conclusion, Victor Lal had added the following to the above in his 2006 expose:
Commodore Frank Bainimarama, on the other hand, was still maintaining after the election that no one can remove him because he is not a civil servant but the military commander. And he refused to rule out martial law as commander of the RFMF. Let us hope that we do not provide him the opportunity to indulge in his flight of fantasy.

And if he continues to make unwarranted threats, the duly elected Government of the day must be prepared to charge him with insubordination or simply sack him from his dismissable post for terrorizing the nation in peace time.

The Constitution of the Republic of the Fiji Islands 27th 1998 affirms the continued existence of the RFMF and provides for the military commander to be appointed by the President, on the advice of the Minister for Home Affairs, and for the commander to exercise executive military command subject to the control of the Government Minister.

It also provides for Parliament to make laws relating to the RFMF. These provisions are a firm base for civil control of the military. Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has, for too long, been a law unto himself. He must be held accountable by the legal and constitutional bootstrap. The people of Fiji have spoken at the ballot box, and presumably his taukei Fijian foot soldiers, with them.

The President, as his Commander-in-Chief, must read to him the riot act or alternatively, throw him and those who want to follow him, out of the military barracks. No democracy is safe from a raging and erratic ‘military bull’.

Editor’s Note: The dictator however went ahead to carry out the 2006 coup, and has emerged as the most corrupt leader in the 21st Century.  He refused to abide by the RFMF Act and the 1997 Constitution of Fiji, which he later abrogated to rule (with the help of the then ailing president Josefa Iloilo, seen at left and right) Fiji by various illegal decrees.


Jake & Jeke said...

On the button ...right on da spot.

Jake said...

What’s presented for consumption is purely scatological literature and has no bases either in reality or fantasy in fact the authors of this report must of being smoking Navosa Gold courtesy of the most corrupt past government that has ever rule Fiji.

mark manning said...

I still can't believe that the RFMF is being run by a criminal who is Navy in the 1st. place.

Uh? said...

Frank "the most corrupt leader of the 21st century"? Come on. When you guys say something like this, it makes me wonder about everything else I read here.

Anonymous said...

Prior to the coups the military in Fiji were viewed with awe. The coups have permanently tarnished that image.The Rabuka and Speight coups drove a wedge thru the Fiji Community. The non Fijians lost their admiration and respect for the institution. Now with Bainee's effort - the indigenous Fijians have also joined up with the masses who view them as lowlifes out to plunder and bully the nation. Get rid of the army, get the police to function professionally and be responsible for Fiji's internal security.

Anonymous said...

The single biggest problem associated with the FMF of recent years has been that of weak and corrupt leadership.When officers and NCO's turn to criminal activities and then issue illegal orders,what hope is there for the ordinary ranks who follow them and for the country?

Every trooper within the Fiji military and Navy understands that the orders given by their senior officers and NCO's which help maintain this coup are all illegal.Yet even until today not one of them are game enough to say that what they are doing is wrong and to do something about it.

There seems to be a collective culture within the FMF of criminal indulgence,subsequent cover ups and sadly turning a blind eye.The sad case out of all of this is that the victims are the defenseless citizens of Fiji.

We hear of many cases where unarmed ordinary citizens who are forcefully taken up the camp for beatings and harsh interrogations, by officers such as Mason Smith, Driti and lately Vulaono, tell of other soldiers who were there and did nothing but look guilty.

How can these soldiers choose to walk around silently carrying the burden of guilt for the crimes that their deranged bosses and fellow soldiers are committing? How can they sleep at night knowing that the uniform they wear is being dragged through the dirt and stained with blood of the innocent? How can they continue to follow illegal orders that are contrary to ethical and professional military conduct?

By doing nothing, every military personnel is guilty by criminal association and in particular guilty of not carrying out their proper duty to the nation.

All I can say is shame,shame,shame to all you gutless individuals who are walking around in uniform and are afraid to stand up for what is right.

My grandfather and father served valiantly and proudly with the RFMF during the war and I can say that every single service person serving today has brought shame to that memory.

Anonymous said...

Only one way things can go when a land army begins a campaign
with a naval officer in command.

Somebody obviously didn't think this thru?

Jake said...

Its amazing to see how people can be blind to the honourable work being done by Bainimarama. Don't be swayed by petty half truth right ups, lets support our leader for the betterment of Viti.

mark manning said...

The Soldiers in this picture look constipated !