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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dictator Bainimarama twitchy over mill closure

Where is the illegal regime going with its latest move regarding the sugar industry? Does is know what it's doing? Where will it all end?

The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation is reporting that the  self-appointed leader, Voreqe Bainimarama, says consultations need to be carried out first before a decision is made to close down the Rarawai Sugar Mill in Ba.

The closure was recommended by the Fiji Sugar Corporation acting Chief Executive Officer John Prasad at a meeting of the FSC board held in Lautoka on Thursday.

Bainimarama said wide consultations with stakeholders will determine the impacts of the proposed mill closure.

Prasad had recommended the Rarawai Mill close down because of high overheads. 

He says farmers in the area can be given the opportunity to build the volume of sugar cane which can be transported to the other mills for processing.

Prasad says FSC has faced some significant problems and the closure of the Rarawai Mill will help alleviate the situation.


Jake said...

While most of you inveigh against this regime it would be imprudent to suggest the current interim government is illegal.

Here is one of the reasons why, when Qaraese and his cronies chose to scarper from the halls of power Fiji effectively was without a government the saviour then upon realising Fiji was with government stepped in to effectively take control.

Granted they only ran because they were confronted with military arms but nevertheless their leader ought to have done the honourable thing and remained in office to await his fate.

The other reason is a lot more complicated in that immediately after Qarase and his cronies ran from office the military declared they were in control at that very point it was a treasonous act however since the abrogation of the toilet paper constitution the very law that deemed such an act illegal was contravened thereby allowing or make legal all illegalities.

Anonymous said...

Good job after 4 years you have a con man in charge and now you want wide consultations, a freakin idiot how can you after all these years you are just a simpleton surrounded with idiots/fools and con man.
You are worthless piece of s@#t. A uneducated commander, a con man is a good mix equals fuck ups big time.

mark manning said...

If the mill is closed, the machinery won't break down, now that's progress Fiji style.

zakir said...

i think Mr Prasad does not know what he is doing. A mill is vital for this area of operation which produces the most cane. It shows his lack of knowledge and shoot from the hip stuff. He should be sent back cleaning swimming pools. He is fooling Mr Bainimarama

Anonymous said...

Is John really fooling Bai? or is it that he has been given the task by his bro Aias to be the one to initiate this closed door proposal. Is it his idea or Aiaz's with John Prasad as his mouthpiece?

They both are dump when it come sto mill closure.