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Friday, October 1, 2010

Dictator in Sinai as third sugar executive bails

The self-appointed leader, Voreqe Bainimarama, is still in Sinai, today paying a call on Force Commander Major General Whiting from New Zealand of the Multinational Forces and Observers.

Bainimarama has been visiting Fiji troops stationed with the 2nd Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment, which has been  in the Sinai since 1982.

Meanwhile, back home the Fiji Sugar Corporation has lost another senior executive - the general manager of operations, Annamale Naicker, who resigned yesterday.

Naicker is the third executive to bow out. Board chairman, Gautum Ramswarup, was first, followed last week by the CEO, Deo Saran, allowing the former Permanent Secretary for Finance, John Prasad, to come in as acting CEO.

Eyes are on the sugar industry as the regime moves to  implement the Deloitte report, aimed at improving mill performance, reducing operational costs and getting the industry back on its feet.

It is being suggested the Deloitte Report reveals what  Dictator Bainimarama should have known: that the FSC was heading for disaster and that Saran covered up the problem so he could hang on as long as he could.

Picture: Bainimarama in Sinai with New Zealand MFO