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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dictator’s Deputy Secretary for Development Eliki Bomani on NBF Debtors List

Despite laws ring-fencing the National Bank of Fiji from unscrupulous customers, many managed to breach it, running away with thousands of customers’ dollars, and to date, we have no idea if they re-paid their loans, especially those who were identified on the NBF Debtors List of 1996.

Among the hundreds of debtors listed, the dictator’s Deputy Secretary for Development in the Prime Minister’s Office, and former Deputy Secretary for Information, is among them. Bomani, the son of Solomoni Momoivalu, the elected Member of Parliament in Ratu Mara’s time, and who moved to the dictator’s office in 2008, is listed as owing to the collapsed bank $38,124,000.

Ironically, the NBF debtor Bomani (if he has yet to clear his loan) is now overseeing the fencing of the Great Wall of Fiji – the Government House - illegally occupied by Mara’s son-in-law. The ‘Great Wall’ is being built by a group of 20 imported Chinese workers, for the $2.3million funding (kick-backs excluded) is coming from the dictator’s friends in the Chinese Government. 

In a cleverly orchestrated move, to ensure that the unemployed i-taukei youths did not erupt in anger over the imported Chinese workers, he got the Chinese to send a Tai Chi instructor to calm the unemployed of Suva, who are unemployed because of the dictator’s coup.

Bomani says the Government House fencing project is progressing and should be ready for commissioning in January next year. “The walls have gone up and it’s almost complete. The only thing to start in a few days is the laying of the underground cable for the lights. So far, the project is on schedule. With the weather permitting, it should be ready for commissioning in January,” he said.

The fence, made of steel and reinforced concrete, is used for the foundation and columns. Bomani said the fencing project involved three types. The first involved a decorative fencing which would run along the frontage from the Great Council of Chiefs (we thought the dictator told them to go and drink home brew under a mango tree) complex to the entrance to the Botanical Gardens through to Cakobau Road to the British High Commissioner’s residence. “The fencing perimeter will be about 2.4 metres in height,” he said.

The second type of fencing will serve to separate Government House from the Botanical Gardens and the third will cordon off the properties at the GCC complex and behind Government House. Bomani said 20 workers had been brought in from the China Railway Number 5 Engineering Group and were housed in Government Quarters at Domain.

Coupfourpointfive would want to know from Bomani as the ‘Great Wall’ goes up, whether he paid back his $35,000 loan to NBF, which brought down the national bank. He should also be served notice, that no matter how high he climbs in the illegal Prime Minister’s Office, he and others will be pulled down when democracy returns to the country – to answer unanswered questions about the collapsed National Bank of Fiji.

As the English poet Richard Lovelace wrote, Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make, Nor Iron Bars a Cage. The wrath of the oppressed peoples of Fiji is fast reaching a crescendo point, and no matter how high fence the treasonists are building to hide from the raging mob, it will be torn down, and they and the NBF debtors will be brought to justice in a free Fiji. 

Even a million Tai Chi Chinese instructors will not come to the aid of the dictator or his army of supporters from the raging mob.

Editor’s Note: We will continue to reveal debtors names, which includes those of high chiefs, politicians, Indo-Fijians, Rotumans, Part-Europeans, business houses, including individual supporters of the present illegal junta in Fiji. If you or your family has paid back the NBF loans, please provide Victor Lal with evidence. He can be reached at vloxford@gmail.com 


Anonymous said...

Suggest C4 has got this inside out?

Of belief Wall constructed as protection for surrounding residents without - from current occupants within?

Anonymous said...

Can someone please enlighten?

Anyone know current whereabouts of former Presidents very expensive vehicle? (imported US one)_.

Jake said...

More like a decrescendo something the few who are so vociferous in reciting the same old mantra.

Jimoni said...

The gud old Jake who has taken on the mantra of defending the so called saviour of Fuji.

Jimoni said...

I note in passing dat Boumani is the son of Momoivalu, who had a fisti cuff with Butadroka in parliment. He like other debtors in the list are from the elites of Fijian plotiki of old...the Maras, Ganilaus,Leweniqilas, Vakatoras, etc. Ironic that little has changed, even under this clean up regime...the same old names are running da show.

mark manning said...

Welcome to Chindia.
Come and see the last of the fijians in our Museum.