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Friday, October 8, 2010

Dictator's hogwash Independence Day speech

Fiji's self-appointed leader, Voreqe Bainimarama, has predictably, used the 40th Independence Day celebrations to try and justify the way he forcibly took control of the country, and the introduction of subsequent public emergency regulations and decrees to strip people of their rights.

Ignoring dissent, he yesterday proclaimed that Independence Day "... heralds a change in guard, a new political system." It is a manifestation of the desire of a people to stand up on their own feet. It signifies maturity. It signifies a vision. We have had events which we could have done without. We have had politics which we could have done without."

He said "Today is a day of celebration. A celebration that says that despite the colonial legacy, despite post 1987 Fiji, which resulted in the absence of true nation-hood and political and institutional systems that were replete with discrimination, prejudices, chauvinism and marginalisation, we Fijians today are able to overcome these challenges. We have tenacity and indeed we now have a vision. A vision to modernize and liberalize."

He claimed the People’s Charter for Peace, Change and Progress and the guiding principles of the Strategic Framework for Change sets out legal, constitutional, economic and social change for a fair, just and modern Fiji for years to come.

Bainimarama boasted about his one Fiji policy saying "this means a common name for all, which the past politics could not deliver ..... We today, the citizens of Fiji, must be all proud Fijians, bound in our common allegiance to our country."

And despite the sanctions by the international community, including being suspended from the Pacific Leaders Forum, he claimed "we now have more diplomatic relations than ever before. In all of these reforms, the people of Fiji, have shown a willingness to embrace and support these initiatives. The people of Fiji have shown an open mindedness."

Pity the dictator isn't so 'openminded' himself - he refuses to get rid of the public emergency regulations, he continues to oppress citizens and media, he continues to turn a blind eye to corruption within the ranks, to ignore the crippling poverty and the shattered sugar industry and to withhold democratic elections.

Picture: The ungodly Bainimarama repeats lie after lie.


Jake said...

You keep up the brilliant work Bainimarama.

The nation owes you a debt of gratitude.

One Fiji One Love One Nation under the watchful eyes of the Kalou Vu.

You will be blessed.

TheMax said...

Jughead you can take your idol Bai and kiss your kalou vu in the bum.

Jimoni said...

Baraka Jake the only thing the nation owes Bainimarama is a kick up de ass.

TheMax said...

Kuku Jake you and your Kalou Vu need a gud poo.

Anonymous said...

Max - you changed your name to Jake?

Anonymous said...

Suggest his holiness check both his rings & fingers after shaking hands with this one?

Jake said...

The Pope didn't realise he was shaking da hand of da devil himself.

Anonymous said...

No Jake, its the other way round. They are both slaves to the real devil. Bai is shaking hands with his boss. The junta is subject to the man in white. This is where their systematic orders come from. You all still don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Famous handshake of two freemasons Frank's thumb on the back of the hand of the man in white.

Anonymous said...

Pope & Frank both Freemasons!
Quick - somebody notify Nadi police!

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