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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dictator's naysayer musings fail to hide the lies

DICTATOR: Things were not functioning before I came along!

By Jone Baledrokadroka former land force commander

My best critic and old mate the illegal Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, has stirred himself to issue more propaganda after the Coupfourpointfive revelations about Pita Driti and Roko Ului Mara and their supposed leave.

Trying to step deftly over the cracks that have been exposed, he seeks to discredit the revelations and subsequent debate as coming from "the same group of people who criticize everything the government does."

Finding easy converts in local media and in particular a pro-military blog, me old mate continues to insist the country was going nowhere before he seized power in 2006 and seems incredulous that "many people, including the overseas media listen to these same old critics rather than making their own assessments on the situation on the ground in Fiji".

He also wonders whether "they really know what has been happening to the economy over the years." 

The PM Berates Naysayers piece trundles on: "Many things were not functioning and the country was going nowhere with the way things were done in the past. Roads were not being constructed, electricity was not being connected to rural areas, and not much development work was carried out in the past, but his government was now changing this."

And still: "Speaking at the launch of a new electricity power service at Natoaika Village in rural Naitasiri, he said people are being mislead into thinking "everything was okay in the past. He told the villagers that while his government is not an elected one, it is working hard and has a definitive plan to hand over a better Fiji to a new government in 2014. He called on people not to be swayed by the lies that are spread through by those working to undermine his government."

Well, Well, where is all this money for rural electrification coming from folks? It certainly is not accounted for. Maybe China? Read on, folks, and make up your minds!

The International Budget Partnership today rated Fiji at the bottom of its global list on budgetary transparency.

Radio New Zealand International says the organisation has recommended Fiji publish budget information on government websites as the country has plummeted to the bottom of a list of 94 countries in its 2010 report.

The organisation is  belived to provide the only independent, comparative and regular measure of budget transparency and accountability around the world.

Quote: "It says Fiji scored zero points out of 100 as it is virtually impossible for citizens to hold the government accountable for its management of the public's money."

The report notes that in the 2008 survey Fiji scored 13 points but since then, the interim regime has clamped down on information. It notes that there are no pre-budget statements, no year-end reports and no audits.

By comparison, the report gives Papua New Guinea a score of 57 and New Zealand 90. Apart from Fiji, the only countries with a zero score are Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome e Principe."

Here is something for the people of Fiji to ponder on as to who is really undermining their country and lying to them. The rural electrification has been going on since the Alliance government Bainimarama!

Parting Note: Trade unions in New South Wales announced today that they will be making representations to the ACTU and the Federal Government about the violation of human rights in Fiji.

On the LaborNET site, they denounced the "circumvention of human rights" saying it is a problem for all citizens but particularly to those involved in civil society, such as trade union officials."

The regime's continued stranglehold on ordinary citizens was well noted. Quote: "Consequently the people of Fiji are now subjected to 'Public Emergency Regulations', draconian regulations imposed by the military regime that curb the rights to freedom of expression, freedom of association and the freedom of the media.

"The circumvention of human rights in Fiji is a problem for all citizens (abridged) ..... and must stop immediately."


mark manning said...

Frank Bainimarama I suffering what I call the " Ostrich Effect " !
He puts his head in the sand to escape the reality, a bit like that guy in Iraq who was denying that the Americans were in Baghdad while bombs were going off behind his tent during the live broadcast !

Anonymous said...

Bainee has taken Fiji to the level of world's worst performers and poorest found in sub Sahara Africa.There was no period in Fiji's modern history that was worse than what it is now.When all returns to normal the army must be dismantled. But despotic institutions and practices which are barriers to improved democratic government must also come down. The only way forward is to work together based on laws. Integrate into the normal world and find our place back in the sun.

Union stalwart said...

That's a pretty significant move for the NSW trade unions to be taking. Fiji's unions have a history of bdeing quite fiery, so it'spossible the people of Fiji are rallying at last. It may not just the barracks who rise up.

Tiger Balm said...

Fiji zero out of a hundred! And Bainimarama's supporters, most of whom are Indians and the Muslim league ...still think he has changed a lot in Fiji since he illegally took power.

TRUE FIJI said...

when are we going to see the end of jon'es old mate? bainimarama is a pimple on the ass and should go. wakey,wakey at the barracks!

green beret said...

It will be a test of how organised this military is if this gang here is to do anything. Vore's got them by the short and curlies. They took the money and nowtaking the eeezy way out.

Jake said...

It has been said words have no power to impress the mind except where words are designed to facilitate the inner desire of the person.

Whatever that desire is, if for a moment the person is on destructive mission to vilify a great man than it has also been said it is the readiest way in which little man can himself attain greatness.


Anonymous said...

TF, pimple is putting it mildly and downplays the serious malaise of what Vore really is. He is one humongous festering boil in the a/h that is causing major disquiet in Fiji. He has to be lanced out immediately to relieve us of our unberable misery we are suffering right now.

Anonymous said...

Talk talk talk,,,,,,driti and ului hav collected their leave pay and gone.
Vore and Kaiyum will last longer than the Third Reich and the Roman Empire!
Go Frank you the man.

Anonymous said...

Jake you must like Frank, eh? How about you two go and bang....

Anonymous said...

We may as well just hand over leadership to the Indians! FB cant make a decision without consulting big poof Aiyaz & his other dodgy mate Aziz! If FB even had half a brain he could've avoided all this drama by giving up his position as Commander & carried on as PM. Greed has obviously got the better of him & now karma has come back to bite him in the ass. That's what happens when you want to do everything & have as many portfolios as one can possibly have/handle. Its a shame that FB doesnt have a clue of how to handle the actual task at hand. Too busy entertaining the bribing indian businessmen who have endless pockets to shower him with gifts all the time. Its such a disappointment that FB had done the total opposite of what he had promised to do from the start!

Jake said...

For all the spurious comments levelled at the warrior soldier (Bainimarama) he still is encouraging chiefs of different persuasion to be part of the new Fiji.

For this warrior would rather be thrown into the lion’s den with a sword to defend himself rather than being sycophant and a coward.

No matter what is said the journey is just beginning.


sara'ssista said...

it is not 'enrouraging' when you have no choice and are dealing with a military regime. This thug is very big fish in a very, very small pond. he is not Napoleon for christs sake. These are the same chiefs that have also been wwildly discredited over corruption, fraud, and illegal oaths etc ?? The only reason we even notice him is that he is forever craving support and legitimacy and needing money from other countries to sustain his illegal regime.

Mastiff said...

Speaking about needing money from other countries. The big question is where are the missing millions? Why hasn’t the Army/Illegal Government kick up a big fuss? Or is it a non-issue? The lack of urgency is suspicious don’t you think? The lack of transparency and accountability with government accounts. Illegal PM popping up at project here and there, boasting it as the work of his administration. . This is tax payer money and money earned by the previous governments. Its common knowledge that all his administration did was sabotage the economy. Maybe some on this missing cash will pop up in future projects. It’s funny how the plot to assassinate Voreqe was swiftly handled and how detailed the media releases were. But what of the missing millions?

Anonymous said...

@ mastiff, I doubt very much that the missing millions will ever in any of those projects, but they will certainly pop up in someones oversea account with the swiss bank huuh. Thieves thats what they are blood cold blooded thieves good for nothing idiots.

Anonymous said...

Well written JB,however he has been spewing out this garbage from day one. The problem is though is the gullibility of people. People actually believe him or are just indifferent to this whole fiasco.