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Monday, October 11, 2010

DPP's conviction success a pack of lies

The Director of Public Prosecutions Office claims it has so far had a record year in the number of cases that have been disposed off successfully and they have also had a record conviction rate of 94 percent for the first eight months of the year.

Coupfourpointfive says it is false, misleading, inaccurate and a pack of lies. And we say so for the following reasons:

There has been no proper record keeping in the office for years
There has been no statistics from previous years to match the statistics for 2010
There is no figures for 2000 to 2009
There is no proper records or statistics for Magistrates and High Court cases.

The report says 44 High Court trials:
But it fails to mention how many cases out of this 44 were proper trials, how many were guilty plea's and how many were cases were withdrawn due to lack of evidence
This is misleading, false and lies put together by the current acting DPP (former Traffic Cop and not even qualified to be a senior legal officer).

The report says 152 Magistrate trials:
But it fails to mention how many cases out of this 152 were proper trials, how many were guilty plea's and how many cases were withdrawn due to lack of evidence.

This is misleading, false and lies:
These figures and statistics have only been put together to hide and cover-up the major mess and chaos in the Office of the DPP at the moment.

The figures also forgets to mention how many cases were dismissed due to no prosecutor turning up in court.
Also forgets to mention how many cases were acquitted to due to prosecution not able to prove its case.

This is all a cover-up by acting DPP, trying to show his military masters that he is the right man for the job; he is highly incompetent, does not have any legal understanding of issues and is rumoured to be suffering from double personality syndrome - this has been confirmed by legal officers who said that he has constant mood swings.

The distorted figures have been put out because Aca Rawaya, the acting DPP, is after the illegal Attorney General Aiyaz Khaiyum’s job. 


Jake said...

Well the nation can now breathe a shy of relief with the high success rate of convictions this is due in part to Bainimarama’s zero policy on corruption.

The people of Fiji owe our hero bigtime.

Anonymous said...

what a joke @ Jake...you need Jesus bro!

TheMax said...

Yes jughead the nation owes your hero a kick in de ass for the corupt system in place now. What shambles.

Dictatorships never work said...

Are you suggesting the dictator Bainimarama controls the courts and their decisions? That doesn't say much for the rule of law?

TVM said...

The lies continue unabated from all the Ministries. I work with the Ministry of Health and I can tell the people of Fiji that there is unreported and deliberate suppression of stats about the typhoid and AIDS epidemics. In addition, the budgets we have been told to work by are so depleted that the govt pharmacy are now not ordering or carrying basic supplies such as syringes, colostomy bags, and cotton wool.

In addition and weighing heavily on our workload and stress levels, and affecting our population in need is the lack of skilled personnel which no one mentions - hundreds of our nurses were either forced to retire or have left Fiji to meimei in the USA , Ausralia and NZ. The importation of Indian and chinese doctors into Fiji is increasing the problem as many of these people lack experience , skills and are not motivated beyond the 8 - 5 syndrome.

NadroKid said...

Vinaka Vakalevu TVM!

Tukuna tiko na dina. Lets keep on speaking the truth to friend and foe (in love) wherever we meet them. The truth will set us free.

Vinaka vakalevu na veiqaravi kei na vosota TVM. Kalougata tiko.

Jake said...

The next time I visit Bai I will let him know of the problem TVM. Nadro Kid, what is truth? na cava na dina? There is no truth in dis world but lies, lies and more lies.

Anonymous said...

Jake you sound like someone I know. Loki is that you!!!

Anonymous said...

Dina says...

Jake is one of the masi polo's. we all know that.

If the DPP stats is something we can trust..? then what the hell on this earth is Frank, Aiyaz, Gates, Pryde,Maueli, Nailatikau, Koila, Ateca, Epeli, Naz Shameem, Shaista Shameem, taito and other ohorts are still roaming our streets freely.

Jake you must be dreaming.

Besides, how can we have a constitution being planned when there is no rule of law in Fiji. So the masters of coup, murderers, law breakers all of a sudden becomes law makers too.

Yadra mada nomuni mona Jake...sa kua so na vakaboboci wavoki tiko, vucesa, waiting for a golden kanaloto opportunity.