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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Epeli dreaming about returning to the Commonwealth

By Tevita Sami

The illegally appointed President of Fiji Ratu Epeli Nailatikau says Fiji intends to rejoin the Commonwealth and plans to reopen doors that have been closed to Fiji.

He made the comments during celebrations to mark Fiji's 40th year of Independence.

Is Nailatikau deluded in thinking that Fiji can decide to join the Commonwealth when it wants to?

By saying Fiji intends to rejoin the Commonwealth he is giving the impression that Fiji made the decision to leave the Commonwealth when the truth is it was kicked out.

The Commonwealth, the European Union, the United Nations, Australia and New Zealand - they all asked Fiji to abide by one rule - return the country to democracy as soon as possible.

As a result, Fiji has been shut out of opportunities like the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, Commowealth scholarships, millions of dollars in aid money from the European Union and Fiji's two neighbours - Australia and New Zealand.

Frank Bainimarama said Fiji needed to fix up a lot of problems and make preparations before it could go to the polls.

Does a country with less than a million in population really need 8 years to prepare for elections?

With the international community ready to help Fiji return to democracy, Fiji could have easily asked for help and it would have been granted.

Why now, all of a sudden, on Independence day, (which I still don't know why Fiji is celebrating since it's not Independent at the moment with an independent government!) does Fiji want to rejoin the Commonwealth etc?

Does it think that the international community is at its beckon call? Maybe ...

Sorry Nailatikau and Co ... the international community gave you too many chances already.

Since you all are celebrating Fiji's Independence and giving messages left right and centre, my one to you and your gang at the interim regime is,
with the four coups it has experienced over 20 years .... Heck, Fiji would have been better under the Queen!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately wannabe Vunivalu's & self proclaimed saviours Franks legacy to Viti's sportsmen & woman will always be remembered as their exclusion from the games.

Anonymous said...

Just watched Viti play via Eng v NZ in 7's.

Hopefully Nailatikau watched it also - hung his head in shame.

ex Fiji tourist said...

I was just watching the rugby 7s at Com'wth games; Australia v NZ.

The commentators were talking about the teams that didn't make the finals when one mentioned Fiji.

The other one said that they weren't here because' Fiji has been kicked out of the Commonwealth'.

Perhaps the illegal pretender to the role of president could reflect on that statement which has gone into millions of homes around the world.

Actually this character is worse than the previous senile fool.

Viti Kiwi said...

Just watched the NZers win gold in Delhi ....arrrghhh if Fiji had been their we would've given them run for their money! Damn shame for politics

Hail Fiji said...

No surprise Fiji's media hasn't covered the Comm Games and Viti's absence. No reaction from Fiji athletes, maybe they don;t care enough anyway to stand up for themselves. As we read on blogs these days we are either giving way willingly or begrudingly to the military regime. The might of the guns is holdind us ransom with Viti Indians rejoicing they free at last, free at last as they rip the country off saying it's our time and Vore and his lot line their own pockets and turn a blind eye. As they say Let the Games Begin

Jake said...

People may not realise that Fiji is the hub of humanity under Bainimarama’s leadership unlike previous leaders who through their greed have led Fiji up the garden path where they were all morally bankrupt.

The international community know of Bainimarama’s intensions hence the reason why most are now refocusing their somewhat inoperative sanctions.

In the community of nations Fiji will undoubtedly be reinstated into their brotherhood.

Tiger Balm said...

Where are Fiji athletes? Haven't heard any of them come out to say how sad they are not being able to go to the Commonwealth Games!

Ahh yea shame NZ got all the gold medals, if only Fiji was there.

Frank Bainimarama and co have %$^^%^ the country in every way

Anonymous said...

Voreqe should have to India as a sole athlete from Fiji

TheMax said...

Jughead you begin to bore me to sleep with your rhetorics you blind soul. Cum up with something new!

ex Fiji tourist said...

Sorry anon, there wasn't a cassava patch sprint in Dehli in which bananasinpyjamas could compete.

sily billy said...

ex fiji tourist@ 11.16am and anon@10.33am one legged sack race in the event the coupathon?

Anonymous said...

That's a not silly idea silly billy hehe Jake will come second to Voreqe, in a time of over 2 hours....

Jake said...


Th difference between you and the saviour of Fiji is thus Banimarama has shown the nation that he has the perspicacity not only to govern a very sucessful government but also is astute enough to treat the people with the utmost respect.

While you sleep you heart out in a whitemans land Fiji is moving full steam ahead.

The commonality with you and your ilks is you all want an equal slice of the bread without having to work for it.

Those days are well and truely over the free handouts and all the other nice things.

Time to pull your fingers out and work towards an equal and just Fiji for all.

Jimoni said...

Fiji has cemeted its place in the brotherhood of the jaina republics.

Anon. E. Mous. said...

Know someones definately writing shite when they start disecting people via colour pigmentation - use sleep in same paragraph.

TheMax said...

Jake you the one who spent the better of your life in white man's land. You come to Fiji now and you seem to think that you know it all. Nah the likes of you are only gud with spining lotas of bull over a jug of beer like you do.

Bainimarama has done nothing gud for the country. He is looking after his own interest...finto.

Anonymous said...

Reckon Frank not concerned about Com Gold Medals.

Just been admitted into Hall of Fame.

"Most people & land ever stolen by a Pirate".

Anonymous said...


Also fear driven - has as they say - crossed his Rubicon.

Even prospect of indemnity clause
will not reassure - don't overlook? Some pretty serious human rights abuses lurking in his (their) increasingly shaky future?

Ask yourself this?

How are are military personal trained to react when placed in such unenviable situations?

Unknown said...

to evryone..instead of critising y dnt u pipol go do sumthing...full of rubbish cums frm stinky mouth.

Jake said...

Kava: You gota a stinky mouth from drinking all dat you are named after.