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Friday, October 15, 2010

Fear of China stepping into Aust and NZ's territory driving push for solution to Fiji crisis

More misguided thinking this week from a former New Zealand diplomat and two Australian academics about the way ahead for Fiji.

Gerald McGhie, an ex-director of the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, says New Zealand and Australia's strategy have failed and it's time to change tack, quote: "Australia and New Zealand can impose costs on Fiji but they cannot impose their will."

McGhie goes on to say that if the United States can seek talks with the Taliban, "it’s time to demonstrate diplomatic skill in dealing with a festering and unacceptable Pacific problem". He suggests an immediate return to the table with negotiators approaching Fiji in the 'fa'a Pacific way' with Melanesia leading the powerbrokers.

Quote: "The Pacific Negotiating Group will require a leader.  To date Sir Michael Somare has spent considerable time and much reputation coaxing Bainimarama back into the fold. He should at least have the right of first refusal. Appropriate support for his activities is vital. He must have a new and well-qualified team."

Not to be outdone, two Australian academics have also this week released their keen observations and solutions.

Richard Herr, the author of Time for a Fresh Approach: Australia and Fiji Relations Post-abrogation, of the  Australian Strategic Policy Institute and Anthony Bergin, the research director at ASPI, think Canberra should head back to talks with Fiji's junta post haste.

Herr and Bergin make much of the so-called lost 'brothers in arms' closeness between Australia and Fiji, saying the principled Australia is the only one losing out from its decision to isolate Fiji.

Quote: "Our closest Western allies in the region, the US and France, haven't gone as far down the military sanctions path as has Australia and have maintained routine contact with Fiji's armed forces. Our leading Asian allies, Japan and South Korea, have undermined travel sanctions by allowing all personnel banned by Australia to travel abroad via their countries."

Herr and Bergin go one better than McGhie and try to scare Cabberra back into conciliatory talks with the junta, with the notion China is getting too strong in the region, thanks to disaffected countries like Fiji seeking new alliances. Scary, scary.

Let's hope the old Yellow Peril scare tactic doesn't panic folks in Canberra into rushing to renegotiate terms with Bainimarama. This trio is misguided in thinking that Michael Somare and Co can affect an outcome, or that Canberra and Wellinton should succumb to the junta after four years of consistency.

There should be no negotiating with this illegal government, which continues to have the upper hand because it has the guns and soldiers on its side and because it has oppressed most facets of people's lives via the public emergency regulations and illegal decrees.

The Bainimarama junta has been able to control citizens ordinary lives because it is corrupt to the core and because the hierarchy are profiteers. The regime has bankrupted the country to pay the military, its illegally appointed government ministers and public servants, they who are supposedly making life better for everyone under the Roadmap. 

Things are not ideal in Fiji, but renegotiation is not an option.


mark manning said...

Wasn't it China that was caught monitoring google account before it left China, despite originally agreeing with their censorship Laws in return for doing business in China ?

Any chines currency in Fiji should be kept because it will be worth a lot once the coup is over.

If these soldiers are going to arrest Frank and throw his sorry Communist arse into jail, they had better hurry up before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

How come they have all come out at the same time with these loser ideas. They have no mandate to speak for people of Fiji.

Hector said...

China is confident that Fiji has the wisdom to govern its own country for the benefit of the people.

This message was relayed to Fiji’s Foreign Affairs Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola from China’s Vice President Xi Jinping at a meeting today in Beijing.

He told Kubuabola - each country must be allowed to determine for themselves their own path to political, social and economic developments without bullying and unwarranted pressure from outsiders.

Jinping says Fiji is the jewel of the Pacific and China considers all countries, great and small, rich and poor, developed or developing as equals.

Ex FBC.....The Vice President also inquired the status of mushroom cultivation in Fiji and assured Kubuabola that he has instructed the Governor of the Fujian Province to pursue the project with Fiji authorities.

In thanking the Vice President, Kubuabola said as a very tiny nation, Fiji has a lot to learn, gain and benefit from China.

I say magic mushrooms all round!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like the Yellow Peril to put the s*** into the regional superpowers. Just look at the Pacer Trade agreements. China not that much of a threat to the region so let us not give these dorky academics too much credence.

Anonymous said...

Need to establish their agenda, just why they're pushing that line at the moment. Are they trying to influence the governments of the day and who hasput them up to it. I see that some of them have actually worked as advisors for VB. We know regime has screwed the Fiji Times but that should make us fight even harder to get this lot of government. Rise up Fiji!

Anonymous said...

forced sale of the Fiji Times is cause of the current fear the regime has firmly entrenched itself as all omnipotent ruler. R Murdoch got a shite deal but he was quick to leave Suva with fond farewells. methinks he gave in too easily. they and their carrot top megaphone must be basking in stupidyt that they are invincible. big fall on the way.

mark manning said...

China only wants the resources and perhaps even to use Fiji as a bargaining chip at some of it's own deals yet to be negotiated.
Fiji is just a big pimple on Beijing arse, an irritant, nothing more.
Frank and Co. are deluding themselves if they think for one moment that China is serious about helping them out of the poo.

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