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Friday, October 8, 2010

Fiji academics explore credible political solutions

Some of the gruntiest specialists on Fiji come together in Australia today to provide an analysis on the issues that have affected Fiji since its Independence. 

The Fiji at Forty workshop is being held at College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University, in Canberra.

The speakers, and issues covered, include:

Stewart Firth Introduction to the Workshop
Jon Fraenkel Critical Junctures in Fiji;s Post-Colonial Journey
Robert Norton Fijians and the State - Ethnic Nationalism versus Muti-ethnic Nation Building: From Sukuna to Bainimarama 
Robbie Robertson Contextualizing Fiji's Coup Culture
Steven Ratuva Coerced Transformation: The Coup Culture in a Fragile Democracy
Padma Lal BitterSweet: The Unenviable Fate of the Fiji Sugar Industry
Jone Baledrokadroka The Military in Postcolonial Fiji
Nic Maclellan, Trade and Labour Modalities
Brij Lal Where Has All the Music Gone? Reflections on the 40th Anniversary of Fiji's Independence

Organisers hope the workshop will generate credible academic solutions to the present political situation, saying rigourous discussion and debate is anticipated. Pictures: Lal (top left), Fraenkel's book (right) and Baledrokadroka (bottom left).


Jake said...

Everybody seems to have an opininon on Fiji, everybody appears to be an expert on Fiji except the Fijians themselves.

Well it could be said these buggers are on the level they are literally dribbling from both ends.

I have more nous in my little finger these bunch.

TheMax said...

Yeah the jughead is the expert on Bai's crusade of doom.

Vulagi said...

@Jake: Hey man even a Kaivalagi RT Paula Gereti is teaching you stupid kai vitis your own language.

Jake said...

The Kalou Vu bless's Getrude and you.

Now begone satans child.

Jimoni said...

I wanna pee on your Kalou Vu...levu na i vuvu

Anonymous said...

Yet another useless talkfest for Canberra's far away warriors.

Short talkfest said...

"Gruntiest" specialists on Fiji? Are you kidding? Talk about a gaggle of the regime's strongest critics. They say they want "rigorous discussion and debate". If so, why didn't they invite anyone with an opposing view? All these guys will have done is sit around nodding in agreement about how awful everything is in the new Fiji. The best thing you could say is that this workshop would have been mercifully short. The worst would be having to sit through the session on "Trade and Labour Modalities". Fascinating.

Jimoni said...

The invitation is open but there is hardly anyone out there with an opposing view. Accept for the Vore's pupeteers, who cannot go to Oz anyway, there is none worth listening to.

sorry ass said...

Give 'em a break, it's not as though they can organise the analaysis in Fiji is it. Imagine the workshop being raided by the goons from the barracks. The invite was there for us to attend so we should've got ourselves there if we had something to say. At least this gang here have the courage to put their name on their work, unlike us annoynmous blogsters, 'jakes,jimonis, the max (or is the mex?), joka and jughead, eh

Anonymous said...

@ sorry ass.

Lots don't realise that regime currently dictates what is legal & what is not. Right now they
believe they are the legitimate gov & anyone who disagree's can be subjected to the full force of the law - as they interpret it -eg:treason.
So don't be overtly critical of those who choose anon?
OK for people who enjoy the protection offered by open societies such as AUS & NZ to publicly state their opinions - this is welcomed - for other's its different.

sorry ass said...

Annonymous@10:22am Vinaka for the reminder

TheMax said...

May be Jake should give a public lecture on the Road Map to nowhere, at the Lami Rubbish Dump