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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fiji regime's Poverty Eradication Song hits a sour note

Sing your way out of poverty!
That appears to be the answer according to the illegal regime to one of the biggest challenges facing it and the nation.

The regime has released a "Poverty Eradication" theme song called “Working Together out of Poverty”, which it describes as "a musical encouragement emphasising the need to be proactive about one of the country’s biggest socio-economic challenges – poverty."

In a statement, the Director Poverty Eradication Unit, Dr Tokasa Leweni, says the song "imparts the powerful message that the utilisation of resources, hard work, self reliance and togetherness are solutions to reducing poverty."

She says: “It hopes to encourage everyone to participate in getting the solutions to fighting poverty for instance utilising our resources and working hard."

The Poverty Song has rightly struck a sour note with freedom advocates like Suli Daunitutu who says: "Can Fiji get any more ridiculous? I guess not! Or are we in kindergarten with a song for every task? Right, a song will really inspire the poor.

"Walk out of poverty, out of jail, out of the coup culture etc etc. It's absolutely ridiculous and just shows the shallowness in policy-development. They cannot formulate and implement an effective policy, so thus we have a song."
Daunitutu says there is an icky penchant for orchestrating songs for national occassions or days but as with this latest one, they usually only provide a Fijian translation!

Here is the "Working Together Out of Poverty" anthem that can only be described as crass propaganda:

 Friends we can’t ignore there’s poverty around
 Shout for joy because solutions can be found
 Let us all join hands in our communities
 Rescue suffering people out of poverty
Let’s hold hands and walk away from poverty
We must all toil hard and do not rely on alms
There are still untapped resources can’t you see
Stand upright, work hard, straight out of poverty

2.Do not wait for aid sometimes can be too late
There are endless pains when we procrastinate
Let’s aspire for better things to own and share
Working out of poverty, our hope, our prayer
Vaka itaukei
Na veileqa wavokiti keda tu
Marau kaila kedra iwali bini tu
Da veitauriliga yabe ga ki liu
Vakasavuliga wele me sa biu
Below: Two other Fiji anthems that have been aimed at nationhood building.
Celebrate Fiji 
When looking back all we can see
God's wondrous mighty hands
How he sustained our lovely isles
In tough times of our plight
Some nations had abandoned us
We stood our ground with guts
Let love and trust empower us
With truth we shall advance
No one should ever dictate to us
Just how we should advance
Let's celebrate Fiji
Do so with pride and dignity
Let's all get reconciled with smiles
Our differences be set aside
Success respect is what we hope
Be our desire is what we hope
Be our desire and goals
Kind eyes and smiles kind words and deeds
The world demands to see
Some say "Fiji the ways the world should be"
Let's celebrate Fiji
Vaka itaukei
Ni raici lesu qoroi tu na liga ni Kalou
Sa maroroi Viti mai sa noda isasabai
Veibula dredre sa dau donui
Kalou sa dau inuinui
Qaravi dinata Kalou qo
Sa dau noda idrodro
Sa inuinui ga ni bula oqo, Jisu Karisito 

Smiling faces different races
Holding hands into the sun we roll
Look at us now just look at us now
Flying free
One Fiji for you and me
This is the time now for peace and unity
Fly your flags up high fly them
Through the skies
Fly Fiji free
Fly Fiji free
In unity, this is how we should always be (2x)
2. Fiji the way the world should be
Its not impossible
It depends on you and me
Blessing grant we sing o God of nations
All the isles of Fiji our plea for unity

Editor's Note: A recent report showed poverty in rural areas has increased from 61 percent in 2003 to 71 percent in 2009 but that urban poverty had declined from 28 percent to 19 percent during the same period.  The largest share of the poor - 42 percent - are in the western division with the research team saying the rural western division requires a full 33 percent of all poverty alleviation resources in Fiji. 


Anonymous said...

Best solution for eradicating poverty is to dismantle the army.Huge savings here, enough to pay off some debt. Return Fiji to rule by law and representative democracy. Get expatriate to head the army as locals get sucked into politics.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, I cannot believe this! Is our nation turning into a very big St Giles? Why not adding a line...and we all praise our dear leader, the fastest man on the cassava patch...

mark manning said...

The Regime should bottle this crap and sell it as fertiliser !

mark manning said...

I'll bet the Soldiers and their families are the only ones, including Regime supporters, who are not living in poverty in Fiji at the moment !

ex Fiji tourist said...

This propaganda is what you would expect from a coup cheerleader - the band master's wife.

I can just picture the scene around the dinner table after a 3 course meal and 2 bottles of fine Australian wine:-

band master: The people are starving. They have no bread. What can we do?

mrs band master: Let them eat cake.

band master: No that's for the officer's mess.

mrs band masteL: I know, they can sing a song to take their minds off their empty stomachs

Anonymous said...

Even by regimes increasingly erattic standards this is truely bizzare?

Anonymous said...

Where have I seen this before?

...Straight out of PRC handbook - only problem being?...

Anonymous said...

Nationalist songs during dictatorships are a propaganda gimmick borrowed from brutal regimes such as Nazi Germany,North Korea and Communist China.

Anonymous said...

This Dr Tokasa Leweni, is she Leweni's (army)wife?

Jake said...

The best solution to alleviate poverty. Its been a long time coming.

ex Fiji tourist said...

Poor silly joke [aka the max, amigo, &&&]

It is amazing that the green goons change the name of the duty operative but the same dribble comes out of their computers.

Whilst joke has had 3 solid meals in the other ranks mess, it seems to forget that there are thousands out there who will not have much to eat because the useless gready military have stolen all the food.

Joke is pathetic and a true believer in north korea and burma;;; failed staes.

Anonymous said...

To "Mark Manning", what are you smoking? Making comments like that about "...the Soldiers and their families are the only ones, including Regime supporters, who are not living in poverty in Fiji at the moment..." Of course there is still poverty, a lot of it, but if you actually took the time to care and visit the country on the ground you would see some really pro-active work, all based around a strong public service who are interested in stopping Government waste and focusing on need. Grow up or at least keep your silly comments for your hypnotized subjects.