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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fiji's woes show up on rugby field with officials struggling to find World Cup money

What has gone so wrong in Fiji that rugby officials can't stump up the funds for next year's world tournament in New Zealand? Somebody has dropped the ball, big time!

Fiji is having to turn to a national lottery to raise 700,000 Fiji dollars needed to particiatpe in next year's rugby World Cup, but thanks to lack of money, tickets are not selling.

The tickets are being marketed at 20 Fiji dollars but with an estimated 25 per cent of the population living beow the poverty line, World Cup tickets are out of their range.

Rugby officials have been trying to sell the tickets in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States, but it is now being reported that the Fiji Rugby Union has delayed closing the lottery because it hasn't reached its target.

Officials are now also trying to sell the tickets via a local drive, with the lottery director, Kenneth Zinck, admitting ticket hawkers are going from village to village to boost sales.

Reports say patriotic fans are also being urged to support the national team.

Coupfourpointfive says where is the funding that should've come from this illegal government for rugby? Why should Fiji citizens be forced to save the nation and its rugby players from this sorry situation? If the regime is doing as well as it says it does, let it sort out this money woe. 

The ordinary citizens of Fiji should not have to step up to bail rugby out. They have their families and children to worry about. If the regime is as flush as it makes out, thanks to its alliances with China and co, it should get busy and find the money to ensure Fiji's rugby team have a smooth path to next year's competitive event.


Anonymous said...

You barking up the wrong tree 4.5.
Ask Keni n Gavoka what happened to the $24 million offered by Vodafone over 3 years which included funds for the World Cup preparation. Dig deeper n you'll find out why FRU rejected the $24m ,,,,it was all in the media,,,just do some research please before you comment. The coup is wrong but try to be impartial and professional and dont blame the govt for everything.

mark manning said...

Frank's illegal Regime is not a Government, it's a dictatorship !
Do some research of your own anon !

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@11.57am Any shortfall for the World Cup should be met by the regime, not ordinary citizens already struggling to make ends meet.-C4 Editor.

Anonymous said...

$20 ticket prices not the problem -
suggest root deterrent lies in cost of airfares & accomodation.

Jake said...

Bainimarama is running a legitimate government considering there isnt any constitution.

Whilst all laws concerning the governing of Fiji at the moment is done through decrees we must not loose sight of that fact.

Anonymous said...

After our sensational success at the Commonwealth games we are on track for another triumph in Fijian sports history. Perhaps the team should be kept at home as the there is a high risk that the players make a runner like thousands of other able Fijians who are disgusted by the criminal mob that has taken our once proud nation hostage.

Anonymous said...

Why should the govt meet the shortfall when they didn't stuff up? Why should the people meet the shortfall when they didn't stuff up?
Mark n Pacific Media - stop being blind folded and ask who rejected the $24 million from Vodafone? My guess is both of you are not even aware of rugby issues or for that matter have even touched a rugby ball!!!If you dont know the issues in rugby don't comment.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Or perhaps ask the military to give them some spare change from the lost millions.

sara'ssista said...

It is interesting to note that while this regime is so very quick to blames anything negative on previous elected governments, opponents or incompetent public servants or meddlesome judges, they are never that quick too actually say some of their own problems are their own fault. For a military regime... they are nicely comfortable with politics aren't they ??

Anonymous said...

Will be happiest to hear of FRU's total collapse from no paisa.Yaayy! Cannot deny that sporting sanctions can be a very effective measure against the military junta esp. in singling out rugby. No WRC! Look at it as a short term pain to a long term gain.

Jake said...

Who needs rugby when we are busy building the economy et al.

Anonymous said...

One only has to look closely at whats been happening at Fiji rugby house for the last 5 years. Just before the 2007 Rugby World Cup, Fiji Rugby got hit, people got blinded by the achievements on the field in 2007 that they forgot about what was really needed to be done off the field. AGM's have been sabotage by greedy, cashless individual who have got no clue about sports management, let alone having no idea what the rugby players of Fiji really needs.

Firstly, lets look at the sponsorship side of things in brief. 2 great companies fighting for the right to be advertised world wide. Sad when one is being sidelined because "their bid came in late"...ppfffttt. yet the one that got approved have got strong internal link inside rugby house at management level that handles all relevant sponsorship enquiry. 2che`.
Secondly, in terms of merchandise, Kooga through Tappoos who is the distributor of Kooga Fiji and Nike Fiji contributes less than 80k in cash lieu per year, and supplies all "relevant" apparel and equipment to bring their total sponsorship to 350k per year. Thats a combine value of cash in lieu and equipment which I feel very sorry for FRu as they still cant get enough apparel to clothe their Northern Hemisphere Tour every year. I ask FRU, why it couldn't ask Kooga for at least 500k in cash lieu since they make more than that from the sales of the FRU logo on the replicassold worlwide, especially when Kooga just signed a 1 mill (AUD, = 1.8mill FJD) deal with the ARU.

Thirdly, for the case of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, why should the public and the government bail the woes of a pathetic organisation. Why cant one query, how many officials will be actually on the touring party in ratio comparison to the actual playing group, the technical support group and the medical team. I look at the selling of these so called tickets, its been planned hastely without consultations of Kaiviti community world wide, which shows lack of faith, trust and network on the FRU management side. And now they are trying to organise the damage that they have done by getting a group to hop around the globe, using the funds already collected to sell more tickets. Where is the logic in that.

This is going to be one of the challenging world cup for Fiji rugby. Not only in the field but also off the field.

As a christian, we have been blessed with abundant rugby players, this is known all over the world. its a sin when you don't cultivate and nuture your blessings to bless others with what you've been blessed with.

Cheers with a lady Artois.

Oh am French, excuse the bad english.

Anonymous said...

Jesus has nothing to do with sports. Any kind of competition. That is the snake/serpent called satan's strategy. A true christian will not be involved in sports nor advocate it.