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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Honest mistake or another case of manufactured cosiness?

It seems that "We Need to Talk" was really "We Did Not Even Talk".

Australia's Foregn Minister, Kevin Rudd, has been quick to kill the Fiji Sun story that yesterday said he sought the illegal regime's Inoke Kubuabola ought in New York and that there was a thawing of relations.

The myth was promoted by the Fiji Sun under the headline "We Need to talk" in a story that claimed Rudd had approached Kubuabola and they had shook hands.

Rudd has dismissed the story - and the claim he said "we need to talk."

A statement from his office says Kubuabola introduced himself as the Foreign Minister of Fiji AFTER shaking hands and there was no substantive discussion.

Rudd's statement said Australia, along with New Zealand and the rest of the international community, remains resolute in calling for a prompt return to democracy and the rule of law in Fiji.

The pro-regime paper either had a base case of wishful thinking, got it wrong or Kubuabola tried to pull a fast one but got caught. A day before, the FijiVillage had run a story with a photo of him with US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, also in New York, and the unlikely line that the US was ready to engage.

Revisit that photo, folks, and you will see that it looks too chummy to be true.  Meanwhile, here is what the Sun wrote. By the way, the story was revisited by Islands Business who ran the Rudd and Clinton stories together.

THE SUN STORY: 'There are signs that Fiji's icy relations with Australia could be thawing. The positive development came at the United Nations Assembly in New York when Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd approached his Fiji counterpart Inoke Kubuabola for a chat. Ratu Inoke told the Fiji Sun this was a positive sign for Fiji. Mr Rudd approached Ratu Inoke following his remarks at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. He was congratulated with a handshake by Ratu Inoke. Ratu Inoke said he had a meeting yesterday morning with Mr Rudd following his presentation. He said in the course of their brief meeting Mr Rudd told him "We Need to Talk."


Tears for Fiji said...

And this has been the illegal's line all along...We (the illegals) can LIE to the public by publishing what we want them to hear, but the PUBLIC or our opponents WILL not and CANNOT publish or say anything against us because it will be taken as breaching the terms of the PER.

But least do they know, that the Fiji public and the international world are more intelligent than they are collectively.

Anonymous said...

We need to talk because Akuila Uate will be slected in the Kangaroos team....please send our appreciation to the Votua village in the Coral Coast for such a talent!

If Fiji Sun thinks it means for the Labor government's recognition of the regime, then I think its editor and reporter must be high on dope!They should just focus on improving their reporting services and not doing "cut n paste" from internet sites to their newspaper which is pathetic!

mark manning said...

I f Kevin Rudd wanted to seek out the illegal Fiji Foreign Minister, he would only have to follow the stolen $20 notes and that's where he and the others would be !

Anonymous said...

This ruddy fella is in fact duplicitous, this fella and his ilk dont like being told off by what they know to be the truth by a honest Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

This ruddy fella is in fact duplicitous, this fella and his ilk dont like being told off by what they know to be the truth by a honest Bainimarama.

mark manning said...

You already said that, you already said that !

TheMax said...

Baimarama and honesty are poles apart.

Fiji Guy said...

This ruddy fella spoiling it for Bhaini who is genuinely trying to improve things for Fiji. Bainimarama is in a different class to this lot

Anonymous said...

Time for non-believers to give fredom bloggders a chance?

Anon said...

@Tears for Fiji. Good on Rudd for setting the record straight.

Anonymous said...

@ M&M.

Heard anything your side about missing $200m in freshly printed $20 notes?

From that gathered so far - seems some showed up in Nadi airport via AUS gov sanctioned money exchanges in Sydney - same day they were reported stolen from Kings wharf Suva?

Noticed how story has mysteriously disappeared from Fiji media?

Coincedence? Khaiyum was in money speculators HQ (Switzerland)at this time?