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Friday, October 15, 2010

Illegal government 'fesses up to 'losing' Independence papers

The set of papers, on which the Pacific nation's first constitution was based, were presented to the Fiji government by the Prince of Wales on Oct 10 1970. 

These included the Fiji Independence Order, which marked the country's release from British rule.

Ms Ikaniwai told Fiji's FBC News that several government departments had been contacted during the long search. She said that several offices that could have held the documents had been checked, but to no avail. 

She said officials had scoured the records and contacted government departments without success trying to locate the document, which was originally handed over by Prince Charles in 1970.

The government has since accepted that the papers have been lost and contacted the British government, which provided a photocopy of Fiji's Independence Order. 

The announcement that the historic papers have gone missing comes during a week of celebrations in Fiji to mark 40 years of independence from Britain. 

The country's illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, used the occasion to justify a slew of controversial political reforms. 

Since taking power in a 2006 coup, Bainimarama has abrogated the country's constitution, sacked the judiciary, imposed sweeping new controls on the media and said he would not hold democratic elections until 2014. 

Australia and New Zealand remain concerned at the actions and deterioriating relations with Fiji.-Telegraph.co.uk and AsiaOne


Jake said...

Ask Qarase or Rabuka or the bakewa's that robbed the country blind.

Maybe some dipstick used it as toilet paper same as that corrupt and one sided constitution.

The Prime Minister Sir Bainimarama did the most honourable thing when he abrogated that piece of toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

UK Reaction.

Nice try but unfortunately your on your own - much as we like you - were not having you back.

Veli said...

Oi lei! let us find da bloody document, may be after that, everything can back to da gud old days of vei digidigi and palimedi.

Anonymous said...

oilei just check - aiyaz has trashed it. we all same now yarr.

who cares, fiji will remain same, plenty kutu leaders.

Anonymous said...

The Deed of Session is not only a contractual promise between the British Royal family and the Fijian Chiefs but also a momentary piece of Fijian history which we can peer into to identify the sovereignty over Fiji that Fijians held at the time and also their lifestyles.

There could be a few plausible reasons why someone would want to get rid of the document in this day and age but the main reason would be to destroy any evidence of Fijian sovereignty over Fiji.

Like any good Sherlock Holmes investigation we must identify the most likely suspects who would have a motive to commit such a horrendous crime against the Fijians. This motive is of course the common argument of the doctrine of “terra nullius” to cliam sovereignity and as used by recent migrants who settle in countries such as Fiji that have an indigenous population.

DOS case overview.

The Deed of Session is always viewed by Fijians as the evidence of their sovereignty in Fiji. This sovereignty was handed to Queen Victoria with the understanding that the interests of Fijians would safeguarded and at independence in 1969,there were expectations that sovereignty would be handed back to the Fijians via the Bose ni Turaga.

The prevailing view amonst Fijian of what happened at the London talks at the time was that Fijian sovereignty was sold for “ten pieces of silver” by the colluding parties present.

Furthermore, poast independence evidence of Fijian sovereignty has been systematically watered down by opposition migrant parties in Fiji through constitutional and statutory laws and the “rewriting” of Fijian ownership and identity.

The main suspects
1.Kai Idia –this group would have a strong motive for destroying the DOS document because of their post independence push for equal “settler” status, equal ownership status, equal identity and most importantly equal opportunity to politically control Fiji.

2.Kaivalagis –this group has long rooted colonial links to the first unelected PM..and especially his siblings and they feel that they co-own the Gold mines, qoliqolis, tourism industry,the country and the Fijians.These elitists still view themselves as being bestowed the right to govern over the Kaiviti…as the colonists did and to keep political control and sovereignty away from them.

3.Kailomas-half this group still think they are group 2 and the other half still deny their weak vasu status in order to get by in Fiji.But thank heavens,the recent Kenneth Zinck training runs around the oval at QEB has changed that thinking for some.

4.Bainimarama – group 2 thinks his name is literally the chosen one born to safeguard the interests of the Queen in Fiji…and that is taken to mean them and their indentured labourers (refering to group 1). Group 2 & 1 has always worshiped suspect 4 since 2006 and Bainiqueen has always “wanted to break free” from Fijians. He hates the GCC and anything that may lend credence to Fijian self determination.

In summary, all groups can be found guilty of trying to suppress the fight by Fijians for their rightful claim to sovereignty over Fiji and group 1,2 can be identified as the main masterminds for the disappearance of the DOS.

Suspect 4 is just the kaiviti ulukau who carries out the criminal deed and like the naked emperor does not realise when he is being hoodwinked of his heritage….luvenisala!!!

TheMax said...

If someone finds da document please paste chilly on it before passing it on to braka Jake. He can use it as toilet paper.

Joe said...

What good is that piece of paper for you when you trampled on it since 1987? Bloody hypocrites. Do you want to translate it into chinese or what? Taking over a govt is one thing, but maintaining governance is another. It is not your cup of tea. Do the right thing, and go back to barracks, the ideal place for you, with respect. This game is not for you Frank, and you just cant change the rules of the game and blame the whistle blower for all your forward passes.

Anonymous said...

Object most strongly at anti regime supporters attempt at using this oppurtunity too once again slander our proclaimed saviors - insinuating that most if not all are no school illiterates?
Imagine Frank suffered traumaticly during childhood - big move - Gau Tailevu? & although having set himself a naval career he's somehow finished up as both leader & comander of a land army & a country respectively remains one of Viti's great unsolved mysteries?

Anonymous said...

anon 8.45;

U R slak ass... KaiIndia comments are out of context. If you disagree then maybe you should work out whose efforts brought you out of sulu's into pants and tie today.

It would have been another 100 years of bush man are PNG still evident today without Indian sweat money generated to sort you guys out for the fruits you are enjoying today.

Give some respect to the facts.

Anonymous said...

From aNON 8.45 TO aNON 5.41PM

What ,no thank yous for my investigative masterpiece?

By the way,Indains did not bring Fijians out of the sulus..we are still wearing them today.

However, you should be thankful that the goodness of Fijians brought you out of the slums of Calcutta so that you could afford pants.

You owe everything you have today to Fijians and their country...you ungrateful migrant.