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Friday, October 8, 2010

Josefa Rauluni 'victim of immigration scam'

Media in Australia are reporting today that Josefa Rauluni, who committed suicide at the Villawood detention Centre last month, had put his faith in a church minister. It's being said he gave the minister $2,000 to get him out.

Tthe ABC: The Australian Immigration Department is investigating a number of visa scams within the Fijian community.
Josefa Rauluni committed suicide at Villawood Detention Centre last month just before he was to be deported back to Fiji.

Now, the ABC's Lateline program has uncovered evidence indicating he and his family were victims of a migration scam.
The family claims that prior to his death, they paid $2,000 to a man who promised he could get Mr Rauluni out of Villawood.
His brother, Tevita Rauluni, says the man claimed to be a religious pastor within the Fijian community. "He rang me and he said, I put the money in, he'll help them get out of Villawood," he said.

Immigration Department spokesman Sandi Logan says a number of similar cases are being investigated. "We currently have a number of investigations afoot in a number of communities where these allegations have been made."
Refugee advocates say increasing numbers of Fijians are seeking asylum in Australia to escape Fiji's military government.


Jake said...

Typical native preacher always out to make a quick buck.

Whats the bet he was of Qarase's or Rabuka's beneficiaries who thought he could take a little of Fiji with him.

Send this man to Bainimarama, the boys in green would know exactly what to do with him.

Anonymous said...

Tale of the S's.

Stay - Starve - Salako.

Wonder if the increasingly marginalised sugar farmers & their vulnerable dependents are aware of this current vacuume in AUS asylum (immigration) policy?

Anonymous said...

Linguistics misunderstanding.

Someone confused by pray & prey?