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Friday, October 1, 2010


Coupfourpointfive has been told Mahendra Chaudhry has been arrested and is to be locked up overnight at Rakiraki police station after meeting with more than a dozen farmers today in Vunikavikaloa, in Ra.

It's believed six people are being interviewed separately at the Ra police station tonight.

Included in the group is the former National Farmers Union president, Sanjeet Maharaj, and the NFU branch and owner of the home where the meeting was believed to have been held, plus his son.

Chaudhry's driver is also one of those believed to be detained tonight.



Anonymous said...

Quick throw the key away.

Anonymous said...

this is just a publicity stunt , if police are doing their job get him behind bars forever for looting same farmers money collected.

Jekesoni said...

Ahhhh, so what now Chaudhry, see how vulnerable you get when you go against your ex...If there was a time for you to rethink your stand, now would be the most appropriate.
Whatever you have on frank and aziz you had better come out with it.

Anonymous said...

Now its starting.... the chaotic break up of alliances, institutions, economy, FSC, law and order, morality frauds are cascading out of control.......SURE SIGNS OF dictatorship getting into trouble, telling us that it may implode.

Lets hope. it does not cause uncontrolled disorder and break down in our society

TheMax said...


Nah Soni he was one of them...so there is nothing new he can come up with, accept to confirm that he was part of the planning team which incidently would also point the finger at him.

You see Voreqe is way smarter than what people think and he is the best thing that has or will ever happened for Fiji. That includes the born leader two timer heading the Police and Prison.

Anonymous said...

how come Frank's Robin Hood and lapdog vayeshnoi's ,master who famously declared coup was 'God Sent' has beem made out to be a rogue in the eyes of the taliban sponsored AG???? Is NFP involved in this through AG's dad???

Sugar high said...

So he's got the bolos to take on the regime that something.

Cane master said...

So's if he is so smart why did he meet with farmers and put himself in the firing line of his former cohorts. Cos there's certainly no love lost between them is there

Anonymous said...

The muslims community is behind the Indian leader's arrest and torture. He is the TRUE LEADER who can take the cassava patch coward head on and not leader NFP losers who hide in Samabula Office and drink grof everyday.....hahaha