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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Natapei to be commended for having guts to say 'No' to Dictator Bainimarama

The prime minister of Vanuatu is right to be worried about the damage the Fiji dictator, Voreqe Bainimarama, will cause the Melanesian Spearhead Group if he gets his hands on the chairmanship.

Natapei has the wisdom to see that gifting the leadership to the junta leader will annihilate the integrity and the democratic principles of the MSG, something the naive enthusiast Danny Phillips doesn't want to acknowledge for his own reasons.

New to the job, Phillips has been too quick to put his hand up to support Bainimarama, disregarding the reasons for Natapei and other regional and the international leaders being suspicious of the self-appointed Fiji military leader.

Phillips should heed the warnings of the Fiji Democracy Movement, because it accurately reflects the concerns the people of Fiji have about Bainimarama. As the Movement has said this week, to hand the chairmanship of the MSG to Bainimarama would be a crime. It endorses the illegal regime, and undermines the concept of democracy and the rights of the people of Fiji.

The Movement also alerts the MSG to Bainimarama's self-styled leadership style of brutality and violence; his track record for manipulation, destruction and corruption. The Movement is right; the MSG does not need the brutal Bainimarama to taint it and taint it he will.

Natapei is to be commended for showing guts regarding the ill-conceived plan to install Bainimarama as chair of the MSG. The MSG will live to regret allowing the Fiji Dictator to have the power, friends and recognition he so desperately craves since he was shunned by the Pacific Forum and the Commonwealth. Let him remain in purgatory until he is punished for his crimes against the people of Fiji.

Picture: Vanuatu leader, Edward Natapei (left) and Danny Phillips (top right).


mark manning said...

Edward Natapei, a giant among men :-
A Ripple of Hope......


"It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."

Jake said...

The true test of a leader is whether he has the intestinal fortitude coupled with a spine of steel this cannot be said of Natapei for this man is handicapped by his weakness and filled with high ambition as was evident with him placating to the whims of A/NZ last year.

Fiji now has a true leader in Bainimarama a man with very high moral principles unlike the morally bankrupt government of old where the catch phrase was facilitating the appropriation.

I then ask this so called duplicitous and mendacious Democratic Movement to whose benefit they are fighting for if it’s not the people.

It is a known fact most if not all participants in this movement was ardent members of the morally bankrupt SDL party, not one of these dejected members have in the past nor currently expressed serious concerns for the peoples welfare.

They seem to be driven by their desire to once again plunder not only the innocent Fijian people but the entire nation.

They are a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

...the only solution to Fiji's current political problem is for the dictator to seek forgiveness and reconciliation with all the people of Fiji including the victims of the coups...lets build on a new Fiji that forgets the past and sacrifice for the future of our children children

sara'ssista said...

I am thrilled that Danny has such a very broad and morally flexible view of democratic principles. I do hope he keeps them when his soldiers take over his elected office and run his country for 8 years on the pretext of 'reform'. This is the problem. He is quick to provide support but wouldn't want the same to happen in vanuatu. How quick these floks are to trade away the rights of others in other countries and give support to a regime that takes its lead from china, burma and zimbabwe on how to run a militocracy and have the gall to claim that human rights and democracy don't really suit the pacific way as the locals are too stupid to know they are being manipulated (apparently even by the military)

Anonymous said...

The Vanuatu leader is a beacon of hope for Fiji. Illegal juntas like Fiji must not be encouraged by neighbouring states.Michael Somare, look after your brother Papua next door, don't worry about supporting the criminal leadership in Fiji. The new Solomon Island leader is sick in the head.

Kalavo said...

Haw, haw: Jake is spewing thunder and brimstone. But can he provide evidence of his allegation? and for that matter; the virtues of Bainimarama? He must be Bainimarama's pet dog.After living for so long in white man's country under white man's democracy and fighting for their course, Joke has certainly changed to virtually whorship dictatorship.

Tadu said...

I would hate to see the tip of Jeke's nose.

Coup 4.5 said...

Anion at 10.03am@ We certainly want the best for our children and the future generation of Fiji but there is no negotiating with this illegal government. Bainimarama and co won't return to the barracks voluntarily; they have had a number of chances to do this and have not taken the opportunity. Why? The life they lead and the power they wield is too heady to relinquish. So we swing between offering them amnesty and forgiveness - basically, doing it their way and letting them have an out without losing face - or hoping that somehow or someone takes them to task and metes out the punishment they deserve. It's unfortunate but very much a grim reality, that neither option give us th desired win-win situation.-C4 Ed

Bhaini the mongoose said...

It is a pity the useless cowardly Fiji military do not have leaders like Natepei. Bainimarama is nothing but an indo-Fijian puppet who pees his pants in the dark. A mongoose dancing girl and a coward.

Anonymous said...

Jake, I was just looking through Matavuvale where they had pictures of the recent FDFM workshop. There was only on known SDL there, Simi Kaitani. The rest, apart from Tui Savu who used to be an SVT Party executive, seems all apolitical to me. Unless you have information that the public are not party too, it is better you shut up and continue brown nosing Bai!!

mark manning said...

@ Jake
you are an anarchist and of little consequence in the overall scheme of things.
I was @ the FDFM strategy meeting @ Bankstown that morning, as can be seen from the photos of Tui Savu in matavuvale.com
I'm not not nor ever have been a member of the SDL party in Fiji.
The FDFM is not about politics, it's about Democracy only, something you and the insane dictator have no concept of.
It's really sad to know that people like Jake, who sound intelligent, aren't bright enough to know just where this Regime is taking Fiji.
Have any of Frank Bainimarama's supporters thought of the long term consequences of a dictatorship and the spread of poverty etc. in Fiji.
Are any of the Regime's supporters feeling guilty of or even aware of the damage they are doing to their fellow citizens ?

Jake said...

Anon @ 2.36am.

Allow me to inform my dear tribade do not be fooled by what you see or be persuaded by it, for you see it’s all an illusion full of delusive directions which lacks good moral values, but most importantly what you see is full hallucinatory ideals concocted by the few that will have detrimental effects on the many.

Jake said...

Nothing more treacherous than to have an assemblage gathered in the name of Democracy, let the truth be known whilst most will make declarations to the effect that it is apolitical the majority begs to differ.

Nothing more inconspicuous than human intentions, for the unprincipled minds never rest.

I may be of little consequences in the greater scheme of things but one thing is for certain I will not maculate the memories of those brave Fijian men who fought and died on the battle fields for our freedom by flying the Fijian flag upside down.

Vusi said...

Jake see u in Nakasi

Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for the people of vanuatu as their LPG is about to be hijacked by Australia. gauge that with the amount of aus-aid diverted to Vanuatu, ever since they discovered LPG....lol!