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Sunday, October 24, 2010

National Provident Fund announces raft of changes



  1. What about the loan to the FSC?

  2. All very well and good - but where's the money coming from?

  3. It sounds like the funds are drying up and the Regime is going to start trying to double dip and lend from borrowed money.
    Now that's really taking the country forward.

  4. These are to encourage people who are at retirement reaching age to end up having less balance in their account so that there is less value left for super annuation, hence there will be less to be paid out and no real value left to have it ongoing. This less money balance left over will encourage a total withdrawal so that encourages the objectives of the fund to be met.

    This is to not serve the purpose for which it really is for!!!

    God bless the retirees.....


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